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Teach Youth Players How to build play from the back

This is the first of The Youth Coaching Series E-Books designed for coaches operating at the youth level. This e-book provides coaches of U11and U12 a comprehensive plan in how progressively teach youth players how to build play from the back in the 9v9 game format.


PHASE OF PLAY Building play from the back in a 3-4-1 EXERCISES # 4 SESSION PHASE Team Tactics AGE GROUP U11-U18 7v4+K with progression Duration: 10-20 min Area Size: Half Field Equipment: Balls. Bibs, Cones Players: 12 Exercise Objectives Organization This game is a phase of play structured in grids in 7v4+K simplified game situations. Divide field in 5 zone (3 central A,B,C) and 2 wide (D) In B there is a 3v1game situation of 3 defenders vs 1 attackers. The key is for the 3 defenders to keep a triangle shape. In C there is now a 2v1 situation. With 2 passing options in this zone. both midfielders have to find a suitable position within the space to receive the ball with no pressure. In D there are 1v1 situations with the opportunity to have another player joining in the attacking team to create a 2v1.The wingback needs to learn how to move in support of the ball when in possession of the closest defender or midfielder. In this structure, players learn how to keep distances and can focus on the on the technical tactical responsibility of the situation on hand. The A Zone is for the Keeper In the B Zone 3 central defenders play against 1 attacker In Zone C 2 midfielders play against 1. In Zone C players play 1v1. Play starts with the keeper. Defenders must stay in their own zone. All players stay in their own zone. Only 1 attacker at a time is allowed to move in an adjacent zone to support Attackers can score in any 3 goals, while defenders score on the main goal . PROGRESSION 8V5 Coaching Points Safe possession is priority Score as soon as possible Supporting angles and timing of passes Players can use the goalkeeper as supporting player Look to advance the ball in safe areas 7v4+K 8v5

FINAL GAME Building play from the back in a 3-4-1 EXERCISES # 5 SESSION PHASE Team Tactics AGE GROUP U11-U12 GAME 9V9 Duration: 25 min Area Size: Half Field Equipment: Balls. Bibs, Cones Players: 18 Exercise Objectives Organization The final game of a training session should be 9v9 aimed at developing the objective of the session closest to the game format played, in this case the 9v9 structure. It is not always possible to have 18 players in a roster, therefore a modified small sided game could be developed instead. 2 teams play 9v9 in a regulation field. Play always starts from the keeper. 1point is scored when a team advances the ball from the keeper past the midfield line. 1 point is also awarded fro a goal The .coach can put in conditions designed to bring out the topic objectives. Remember not to over coach, and to use a coaching methodology appropriate to the age group Coaching Points Moving the ball forward safely. Quality passes is key Provide support options to the ball carrier. Receiving the ball facing the direction of the opposition Safety first goal NOTE: Coach Methodology of :STOP-DEMO-REHARSAL AND LIVE sequence can be used.