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Pegasus Post: January 30, 2018

Pegasus Post: January 30,

TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2018 Locally Owned A Star Media Event Star Media A godwit tale Author’s new book on Brighton’s famous flock Summer salmon Light and tasty meals for long balmy evenings Sunday 18 March 2018 Page 5 Page 7 Midge solution stagnates Residents lose patience as swarms get bigger • By Sophie Cornish BROMLEY residents continue to be frustrated by midges due to the length of time measures to solve the problem are taking. City council manager of operation three waters and waste Adam Twose said the Integrated Midge Management Plan should show a reduction in the number of midges over time, as the various aspects come together. The plan to manage the midge plague includes methods such as earthworks, civil installations, vegetation planting/screening, objective sampling of midge numbers, and chemical control. One of the Bromley wastewater treatment plant’s oxidation ponds was drained recently, a new method which aimed to expose and dry sediment at the bottom of the pond to kill the larvae in the early stages of the midge life cycle. However, the installation of infrastructure to drain the second pond may not be ready until the 2019-2020 summer season. Shortland St resident Janet Profit has been calling for a solution to the midge problem since 2007. In spite of one pool being PEST: Bromley resident Janet Profit swats away the midges that invade her Shortland St property. drained this summer, Mrs Profit said the problem is worse than ever due to the hot temperatures. “They drive you insane . . . some days are absolutely diabolical,” she said. Along with her neighbours, Mrs Profit claimed they are suffering from “MD – midgey depression.” On some days, she is unable to open the windows in her home without a midge invasion, forcing her to use air conditioning to keep cool. This drives her power bill up higher than it would usually be in winter, she said. Coastal-Burwood Community Board member Tim Baker agrees PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER the problem is worse than ever due to the weather. “They’re worse than they’ve ever been before, I’ve seen swarms of them and they’re terrible,” he said. •Turn to page 4 YOUR LOCAL GARAGE • All vehicle repairs • Oil changes and services • Brakes • Loan car available • Tyres, punctures & batteries • W.O.F • Tune up VERY FRIENDLY SERVICE AND ADVICE Your LocaL GaraGe NEW BRIGHTON AUTOMOTIVE Phone: 03 388 3630 40 Hawke St (behind Z Petrol Station)