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In LOVE with Humanity

A tribute to some of humanity’s greatest Heroes; 153 men & women who have chosen, via their brave words &/or noble deeds, to reflect the deeper Greatness residing within us all

Hero #015: Bagel Jesus

Hero #015: Bagel Jesus It is not the ―magnificent‖ or the ―awesome‖ or the ―incredible‖ deeds of Kindness that will save us, but rather a massive coming together of thousands of Loving acts ―small‖ and ―unassuming‖ and seemingly ―insignificant‖ … So, the question has now shifted. Instead of asking yourself when you will discover your vocation or find your purpose, it is time to ask yourself what can you do to help save Humanity with your life right now? What tiny act(s) of Goodness will you show the world today? 24

Hero #016: Bai Fang Li In 1987, Mr. Li retired from his pedicab driving job and returned to his village, where he saw many children working in the fields because they couldn't afford education. At that time he was already 74 years old, and yet he decided to go back to his job anyway. And he did so until 2001, often working long shifts (sometimes 24 hours at a stretch), just so he could make enough money to pay the main installment for the children's school fees. He obtained a cheap accommodation close to the railway and would often wait 24 hours a day for customers, eating simple food and wearing only second-hand clothes. At the age of 90 he paid his last installment to the local school and finally retired -- again. In 2005, he passed on peacefully at the age of 93. ―A hero is somebody who is selfless; who is generous in spirit; who just tries to give back as much as possible and to help people. A hero to me is someone who serves people and who really deeply cares.‖ ~ Debi Mazar 25