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WHITE WINES South Tyrolean Eisacktaler Riesling „Aristos” d.o.c. Winery Eisacktal – Klausen straw-colored with a green shimmer balanced and clearly defined aroma with hints of peach full-bodied and harmonic in taste 0.75 lt. € 32.00 South Tyrolean Sauvignon „Indra” d.o.c. Winery Girlan – Girlan light yellow with green highlights delicate aromas that bring ivy leaves and elderberry flowers to mind well structured with lively acidity and a persistent finish; dry 0.75 lt. € 29.00 South Tyrolean Terlaner Sauvignon „Winkl” d.o.c. Winery Terlan – Terlan bright yellow with light green reflections in colour complex bouquet, with hints of apricots, elder and stinging nettle full-bodied and complex with a long lasting taste 0.75 lt. € 31.00 South Tyrolean Sauvignon „Lafòa” d.o.c. Winery Schreckbichl – Girlan golden yellow in color very intense fruity notes, acacia flowers and sage, associated with fine wood flavors a wine with pithy acidity and pleasant finish 0.75 lt. € 37.00 South Tyrolean Terlano Sauvignon „Quarz” d.o.c. Winery Terlan – Terlan a clean, concentrated floral nose reminiscent of elder and acacia flower with hint of sage fresh and distinctive on palate with nicely rounded fruit, light oak spice and a crisp finish 0.75 lt. € 45.00 12

WHITE WINES South Tyrolean Chardonnay „Altkirch” d.o.c. Winery Schreckbichl – Girlan pale yellow with green reflexes in colour with delicate, floral aromas and flavour, with hints of exotic fruits such as pineapple, and mango, a concentration of mellowness and vivacity on the palate 0.75 lt. € 25.50 South Tyrolean Terlano Chardonnay „Kreuth” d.o.c. Winery Terlan – Terlan brilliant attractive straw yellow the aroma is built of exotic fruit components such as passion fruit, star fruit and citrus, with the overall impression in the nose rounded off by spicy minerally notes of flint this Chardonnay is harmonious on the palate, with soft and creamy elements minerality and a salty finish 0.75 lt. € 32.00 South Tyrolean Chardonnay „Cardellino” d.o.p. Vineyard E. Walch – Tramin greenish-yellow in colour with a delicately fruity aroma, dry, fresh and racy on the palate reminiscent of pineapple, banana, apple, pear, citrus fruits, caramel, villa and butter Chardonnay enjoys universal appeal 0.75 lt. € 33.00 South Tyrolean Chardonnay „St. Valentin” d.o.c. Winery St. Michael – Eppan golden brown in colour strong fruit aroma with distinctive notes of vanilla delicate and tasty bouquet 0.75 lt. € 35.00 South Tyrolean Gewürztraminer d.o.c. Winery Ritterhof – Kaltern straw yellow in color fruity bouquet with tinted strength and spice very full on the palate, very long finish 0.75 lt. € 28.00 13