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GME Supply Product Catalog Version 18.1

GME Supply is North America's premier outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, industry, and construction.


GROUNDING \\ CADWELD BOTTOM FEED CABLE TO VERTICAL PIPE DOWN MOLD SEALER Ideal for sealing hot or cold molds to retard leakage. T403 - $19.99 PART WIRE PIPE WELD PRICE 194 GMESUPPLY.COM SIZE SIZE METAL WIRE SIZE VSC-1V-V3C 2 Strand 1-1/4”-4” #45 $103.00 VSC-1T-V3C 2 Solid 1-1/4”-4” #45 $103.00 VSC-1T-V5C 2 Solid 4”-6” #45 $103.00 Electronic Igniter VSC-2G-V3C 2/0 2”-4” #90 $103.00 Initiates the reaction of the metal crucible, includes a 6’ VSC-2Q-V3C 4/0 2”-4” #115 $103.00 lead that attaches to the ignition strip and 8 AA batteries. PART WIRE PLUSCU - $121.50 SIZE TOP FEED CABLE TO VERTICAL PIPE UP HANDLE CLAMP Used for most molds, includes flint igniter. Offset handle reduces labor time and can fit in a smaller hole. L159 3” - $54.99 L160 4” - $60.99 PART VFC-1V-V3C VFC-1T-V3C VFC-1T002-V3C WIRE SIZE 2 Strand 2 Solid 2 Solid 45° PIPE SIZE 1-1/2”-4” 1-1/2”-4” 1-1/2”-4” WELD METAL #65 #65 #65 PRICE $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 PART WIRE SIZE ANGULAR CABLE DROP TO CHAIN HANDLE CLAMP VERTICAL STEEL SURFACE Secure molds to vertical pipe, 20” chain for pipes up to 4”, PART WIRE WELD PRICE includes flint igniter, can be used with or without chain. B160V - $129.99 B158 20” extension chain - $16.35 VSC-1T SIZE 2 Solid METAL #65 $103.00 OVERHEAD VERTICAL TAP TO PART VERTICAL STEEL SURFACE CATHODIC PROTECTION ADAPTER SLEEVE PART WIRE WELD PRICE Used to build up smaller cathodic protection conductors for SIZE METAL a proper fit into the required mold. CAB1331H - $1.00 VFC-1T 2 Solid #45 $103.00 FLINT IGNITER Available separately, but included with each handle clamp. T320 - $6.99 WIRE TO VERTICAL PIPE STRAIGHT DOWN T320A Replacement flints (10 pack) - $5.95 PART WIRE SIZE PIPE SIZE WELD METAL PRICE VBC-1V-V3C 2 Strand 1-1/4”-4” #65 $103.00 PART WIRE VBC-1T-V3C 2 Solid 1-1/4”-4” #65 $103.00 SIZE VBC-2G-009 2/0 1-1/4”-3-1/2” #90 $103.00 ADAPTER SLEEVES Changes 2 stranded molds to 6 stranded, 25 pack. VBC-2Q-003 4/0 1-1/4”-3-1/2” #115 $103.00 B112 - $6.99 B140A Wrap sleeves (50 pack) - $32.00 HORIZONTAL WIRE TO HORIZONTAL PIPE PART WIRE PIPE WELD PRICE PART RUN SIZE SIZE METAL WIRE NYLON CABLE TIES HAA-1T-162C 2 Solid 1-1/4”-2” #45 $59.99 MOLD CLEANING BRUSH Useful in removing slag from molds, especially vertically split. T394 - $7.79 HAA-1T-350C 2 Solid 3”- 4” #45 $103.00 CABLE TO STEEL THROUGH CABLE TO TOP OF GROUND ROD ROD WELD METAL PRICE GTC-161T 2 Solid 5/8” #90 $103.00 GTC-181T 2 Solid 3/4” #90 $103.00 GTC-162G 2/0 5/8” #115 $103.00 GTC-162Q 4/0 5/8” #115 $103.00 CABLE TO CABLE PARALLEL SPLICE WIRE SIZE HORIZONTAL END TO END WELD METAL WELD METAL PRICE PTC-1T1V 2 Solid to 2 Strand #65 $103.00 PTC-1T1T 2 Solid to 2 Solid #65 $103.00 PTC-2G1T 2/0 to 2 Solid #90 $103.00 PTC-2G2G 2/0 to 2/0 #115 $103.00 PTC-2Q1T 4/0 to 2 Solid #150 $103.00 PTC-2Q2Q 4/0 to 4/0 #200 $103.00 PRICE SSC-1T 2 Solid #32 $103.00 SSC-2G 2/0 #65 $103.00 RUN AND TAP OR 3-WAY TAP WIRE WELD METAL HORIZONTAL CABLE TO HORIZONTAL BUS BAR WELD METAL WELD METAL PRICE LJC-EG1V 2 Strand #65 $103.00 LJC-EG1T 2 Solid #65 $94.29 LJC-EG2G 2/0 #90 $103.00 LJC-EG2Q 4/0 #65 $103.00 PRICE TAC-1T1T 2 Solid 2 Solid #45 $103.00 TAC-2G2G 2/0 2/0 #90 $103.00 Many more options available. Call a Gear Expert ® for more information. PRICE HAA1T 2 Solid #45 $62.89

INDUSTRIAL COATINGS 101 Cold Galv Cold galvanizing compound is a single-component zinc coating used to protect bare steel from rust and corrosion. Although it is applied like paint, it is not. It gives the same protection as hot dip galvanizing. The higher the zinc content, the higher protection against the elements from rust and corrosion. The zinc bonds to the steel to form the protective layer, and the higher the zinc content, the better the coverage and protection. SURFACE PREP The surface must be clean, dry steel. Use a steel brush to remove any existing rust on the surface for the entire area that will be covered in cold galvanizing compound. Also, remove any chemicals, dirt, grease, oil, silicon, etc. from the surface before applying cold galv. APPLICATION Cold galv can be painted on using traditional brushes, rolled, and even sprayed using a thinner. Aerosol coatings are also available. We recommend a disposable brush like the 3” chip brush. Be sure to review the conditions for your particular brand of cold galv, but most of the compounds can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions. Humidity can even intensify the athodic action and acceleration of the protective formation. SHIPPING Cold galvanizing compound can only be sent via ground or LTL. It is not allowed in the air system due to its category 3 classification for flammable liquids. Tower Paint TowerPlex coatings are designed and formulated to be durable, long-lasting protection for galvanized towers and other metal surfaces. They’re 100% acrylic and meet all federal standards for aviation safe colors. The alkalinity of the paint etches into the zinc in galvanized surfaces unlike other ordinary enamel paints, so it actually forms a chemical bond to the tower. PRIMER The paint works best with its matching primer. You’ll want to prime any rusted areas. If you plan to spray on the paint, a full coat of primer is recommended. APPLICATION Before applying prep the surface in a similar fashion to cold galv. The paint can be applied between 50° and 110° Fahrenheit. Coverage is different for every situation, but theoretical coverage is 588 sq/feet per gallon at 1 mil dry. It can be applied using a brush, mitt, or spray. Ideally a full wet coat is applied overlapping 50% each pass to avoid dusting. The paint should dry overnight, and avoid painting if a freeze or rain is possible in the next 24 hours. COMPLIANCE Use a color chart to test whether your tower needs to be painted. They are specially designed charts calibrated with color swatches which meet the FAA guidelines for aviation safe colors. All products referenced in this article can be found on pages 196-197. { Watch the video on our Youtube channel

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