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NIKKO 2018


HARMONIC MOTION TEA CUP 240cc L11.4S9.5H6cm 240cc SAUCER 14cm D14.1H2cm 12050-2020 12050-2001 ESPRESSO CUP 120cc L8.7S6.7H6.7cm 120cc SAUCER 11cm D11.1H2.4cm 12050-2100 12050-1361 COFFEE POT 12050-6452 1100cc L22S12.6H20.4cm 1100cc BASE L22S12.6H18cm COVER D11H5.6cm 12050-6450 12050-6461 COVERED 12050-6165 SUGAR BOWL 250cc D10H10.7cm 250cc BOWL 250cc D9.6H6.7cm 250cc COVER 10cm D10H3.8cm 12050-3309 12050-6164 TEA/COFFEE CUP 260cc L11.4S9.5H6.8cm 260cc SAUCER 15cm D15H1.9cm 12050-2030 12050-2031 CUP 430cc L13.5S11.1H8.2cm 430cc SAUCER 15cm D15.2H1.9cm 12050-2156 2200-2139 COFFEE POT 12050-6447 650cc L20.6S11.8H17.1cm 650cc BASE 12050-6445 L20.6S11.8H13.3cm CREAMER 12050-6180 110cc L10.3S6.9H6.9cm 110cc COVER 7cm D7H3cm 12050-3175 COVER D10.6H5.5cm 12050-6446 COFFEE CUP 12050-2000 200cc L10.1S8.2H6.8cm 200cc BOUILLON CUP 12050-2280 340cc L14.3S11.2H6.8cm 340cc COFFEE POT 12050-6442 350cc L16.8S9.8H14.2cm 350cc CREAMER 12050-6182 250cc L13.4S9.7H6.9cm 250cc SAUCER 14cm D14.1H2cm 12050-2001 SAUCER 15cm D15H1.9cm 12050-2031 BASE 12050-6440 L16.8S9.8H11.8cm COVER 10cm D10H3.8cm 12050-6164 COVER D8.6H4.6cm 12050-6441 TALL COFFEE CUP 180cc L9.7S7.7H7.7cm 180cc 12050-2080 MUG 320cc L11.3S8.8H9.8cm 320cc 12050-3170 TEA POT 800cc L23S12.8H15.5cm 800cc Perforated 12050-6462 SUGAR 12050-6838 HOLDER 12.5cm L12.6S7.4H4.3cm SAUCER 12.5cm D12.5H2.4cm 12050-1362 BASE 12050-6460 L23S12.8H11.6cm COVER D11.2H5.4cm 12050-6461 TEA POT 500cc 12050-6458 W/STRAINER L17.7S11.4H12.5cm 500cc Stainless Steel Strainer BASE 12050-6455 L17.7S11.4H9.5cm SALT D5.2H7.8cm PEPPER D5.2H7.8cm 12050-6657 12050-6658 COVER D10.3H4.5cm 12050-6456 32 33

FOAM No.11780FINE BONE CHINA FOAM PLATE 30cm 11780-4102F D30.1d15.5H2.7cm PLATE 27cm 11780-1750F D27.7d14.5H2.4cm PLATE 24cm 11780-1751F D24d12H2.2cm PLATE 24cm D24.2H2.3cm 11780-1722F PLATE 30.5cm D30H2cm 11780-4122F WAVE PLATE 24cm D24.2H2.3cm 11780-1775F PLATE 30.5cm D30.4H2cm 11780-4124F FLAT PLATE 21cm D20.8H2.2cm 11780-1752F FLAT PLATE 18cm D18H2cm 11780-1753F PLATE 30cm 11780-1460F D30.8d19H2.7cm PLATE 12cm D12.2H1.5cm 11780-0112F An internationally acclaimed chef collaborated with Nikko to produce Foam. Tableware designed by a cook for cooks. 34 35