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Liver Function Fatty

Liver Function Fatty liver disease Alcohol damage Gallstones What do we test? • Liver enzyme: ALT • Enzyme that helps the liver function properly. It goes up when the liver is damaged which can be because of a recent illness or heavy exercise. • Bile enzyme: ALP • If it’s raised it often indicates a problem with the gallbladder. • Creatine Kinase (CK) • This enzyme is found all over the body but is increased with muscle damage. • GGT • An enzyme that gets high with long-term heavy drinking. What are we looking for? We are making sure the liver isn’t damaged or struggling to do its job. If it is, we’ll refer the client to their GP or, if it’s really serious, to A&E. Liver markers are great for trends, so they can be monitored over a long period of time. They will respond to changes in lifestyle so your clients can see improvements over time as they adopt healthier habits. How does it help me? 1 = safety 2 = results driven personal training 3 = lifestyle advice Safety: Lifting heavy weights will causes muscles to break down and liver enzymes to go up. Small rises are normal and are actually expected. Weightlifters and body builders often have higher enzymes than other people and this isn’t a problem. The one to look at here is the CK (creatinine kinase) and that’s where you can help us with some education. Really high levels of CK – over 1,000 IU/L, will prompt us to warn your client about a dangerous condition called Rhabdomyolysis; a condition where so much muscle has been broken down that the kidneys can actually become damaged. If your client has done a heavy weight workout he/she should wait 48 hours before taking the test to ensure we get a baseline CK level. This helps us make sure they’re safe. 4

Results driven training: Fatty Liver Disease Fatty liver disease is on the rise. It’s a condition where your liver is infiltrated with fat which can cause permanent damage and ultimately liver failure. The classic patient tends to be obese, middle aged or older, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They possibly smoke and possibly have type 2 diabetes. We’ll see the damage in the liver due to their raised liver enzymes. We’ll also typically see raised fat and cholesterol levels in their blood. What’s important is that it has been proven that you can reduce the level of fat in your liver (and thus the danger), through diet and exercise. Both cardio and resistance training have proven benefits. You can work with your clients to help them reduce the level of fatty liver disease. The results could be life-changing. Of note, resistance training may not see weight loss on the outside, but it has been proven to get the fat out of the liver, so the liver function test gives you a marker of improvement that the mirror might not. Lifestyle Advice Having these blood tests as a tool at your disposal can help you to improve your clients’ lifestyle through trends. Clients can visibly see an improvement in their numbers over time via their personal online Medichecks dashboard. You’re also in a powerful position to help the client get healthier through advice about cutting down alcohol, cutting down on fatty foods and fast foods and increasing their exercise levels. The blood tests help you back up what you’re saying with evidence. For heavy drinkers you may also have more of a role than you think. Many people won’t see their GP about this for a variety of reasons but you might just be able to find a way to work with them that others can’t. Take home message Liver function tests can be trended over time to see improvements. 5

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