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Brazspice - Our Complete Spice and Nuts List 2018

Welcome - Brazspice International Spices is a specialist in the Supply & Distribution of Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon and Cassia since 2002. We bring you your selected Quality Spices from the world best growers at cost-competitive levels. We are working to include you in our selected group of returning customers.


VIETNAM PEPPER ​( delicate, citrus flavor to foods ) Black Pepper FAQ 300gr/l, 350 gr/l,400gr/l, 450gr/l, 500gr/l,550gr/l Spiral Cleaned 500gr/l, 550gr/l ASTA 570 gr/l, 580 gr/l ETO 500gr/l, 550gr/l, 570 gr/l Steam Sterilized 500gr/l, 550gr/l, 570 gr/l, 580 gr/l Ground Black/ White Pepper from 14 - 120 Mesh Size White Pepper 630 G/L Double Washed/ Spiral Cleaned/ Steam Sterilized Pinheads Black Pepper​ - 80% > 1mm - 1.5mm - 2mm Sieves Sterilization ETO ​( means Ethylene Oxide Sterilization process) USA allowed - Europe NOT allowed. Treatment available for: - BLACK PEPPER 500 g/l Recleaned - BLACK PEPPER 550 g/l ASTA - BLACK PEPPER 560 g/l ASTA - BLACK PEPPER 570 g/l ASTA - BLACK PEPPER 580 g/l ASTA - BLACK PEPPER JUMBO (5MM) Steam Sterilization​ We are able to offer steam Sterilization​. Extra cost involved. Only Cleaned and Asta peppers can be steam-sterilized.​

INDONESIAN PEPPER ( sweet, smoky, and yet "woodsy" fragrance. ) Andaliman Wild Pepper Whole Cubeb Pepper Whole Long Pepper Whole White Pepper Whole/ Ground 100% Black Pepper 500 gr/l - ​550 ​gr/l - 570 gr/l - Whole - Ground 100% INDONESIAN PEPPER ORGANIC All our Organic Spices are; Certified Organic Pesticide free Certified under Control Union Certified USDA and EU/ Halal/ Kosher/ FDA Certification Steam Sterilization Black Pepper - 550 ​gr/l​ Whole Black Pepper - 550 ​gr/l ​Whole SS Black Pepper - 570 ​gr/l ​Whole - Upon request Black Pepper - 570 ​gr/l​ Whole SS - Upon request Black Pepper - Ground - SS Black Pepper - Cracked - SS

Brazspice - Our Complete Spice and Nuts List 2018