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P.O. Box 851 Windermere,

P.O. Box 851 Windermere, FL 34786 I choose I choose I treatment choose treatment on my on time. on my my time. time. I choose I choose I Orlando choose Orlando Health. Health. Choosing treatment Choosing on my treatment Choosing time for my treatment on minor my emergencies time on my for time my minor for my emergencies minor emergencies is just a click away. is just a click is just away. a click away. Orlando Health, the Orlando leader in Health, emergency Orlando the care leader Health, in Central in the emergency leader Florida, in has emergency care a new in Central care in Florida, Central has Florida, a new has a new online scheduling online tool that scheduling allows online me to tool check-in scheduling that and allows tool select me that an to allows estimated check-in me to and check-in select and select estimated an estimated treatment time so treatment I can wait time home treatment so until I can my wait time so to at I be home can seen.* wait until And, at home my with time until six to my be time seen.* to be And, seen.* with And, six with six conveniently located conveniently ERs, including conveniently located Central ERs, Florida’s located including only ERs, Level Central including One Trauma Florida’s Central only Florida’s Level only One Level Trauma One Trauma Center, you’ll have Center, teams of you’ll highly Center, have trained teams you’ll physicians have of highly and teams top trained of emergency highly physicians trained physicians and top emergency and top emergency care close when it care counts. close when care it close counts. when it counts. That’s why I choose That’s Orlando why That’s I choose Health. why Orlando I choose Health. Orlando Health. Not an actual patient. Not an actual patient. Not an actual patient. *For patients with conditions *For that patients are not life- with *For conditions limb-threatening. patients with that conditions are not life- that or are limb-threatening. not life- or limb-threatening. Source: The Leapfrog Group Source: Hospital The Safety Leapfrog Score Source: Program, Group The Leapfrog Fall Hospital 2017Group Safety Hospital Score Program, Safety Score Fall Program, 2017 Fall 2017

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