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FEATURES Listings include full contact information for manufacturers, including URLs, email addresses, and social media contacts when available. Maintains historical perspective. Notations indicate companies that are no longer in business and brands that are no longer in production. BENEFITS Advanced search and export features and quick and easy digital ways to view, store and export the data you find. GALE DATABASE RELATIONSHIPS Portion of content included in Business Insights—all active companies CONTACTS: Peggy Geeseman, Content Developer *PRICING AND PUBLICATION DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE For more information, please visit the Gale, Cengage website at

Business Rankings Annual 2018 Published by Gale Pub Date: October 2017 Edition Year: 2018 Gale Directory Library e-ISBN: 9781410326218 Price: See tiered pricing Print ISBN: 9781410326164 (4 Volume Set) Price: $710.00 At A GLANCE: Released annually. Includes 5,000 business rankings in the most relevant and timely subject areas, covering the previous 12 months. International in scope Approximately 75% of these rankings are continuations from previous rankings, making it easy to identify trends and perform historical analysis. Ability to search by name, description, NAICS and SIC codes, and subject category The Cumulative Index, available in the print edition, lists all index items contained in all editions of Business Rankings Annual (1989 through 2018). This handy reference tool allows users to gain historical perspective on the subject, company, brand, etc. of their interest and allows users to quickly locate the exact information they require. Useful tool for corporate strategists, marketing and sales professionals, investors, business students, and librarians MARKETS/AUDIENCE: Primary Users: Corporate strategists; marketing professionals; business consultants; investors; librarians and students; academic/university libraries. SAMPLE SEARCHES (GDL): Ability to search by name, description, NAICS and SIC codes, and subject category Search the current and historical releases of BRA to study changes in rankings over time Sample searches: o Business Students or Marketing professionals can run a search to find out how the world’s top beverage brands compared from year to year o In the solar energy field? Easily find out who North America’s top solar contractors are. o A student doing research on people with disabilities and the job market can run searches identifying the top companies and government agencies that for the disabled.

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