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Beyond123 Catalog Spring 2018

Beyond123 Catalog Spring 2018

magical eye candy With a

magical eye candy With a simple twist it magically transforms The magic of Lollipopter was founded in principles of nature, math and physics! 2 ✓ interactive kinetic toy ✓ stress reliever ✓ stylish sculpture ✓ desktop home decor

A0433 Mango Fandango (clear tube) A0434 Sugar Plum Shuffle (clear tube) A0439 Huckleberry Spin (gift box) A0440 Green Apple Turnover (gift box) A0413 Mango Fandango Translucent (gift box) A0414 Sugar Plum Shuffle Translucent (gift box) Lollipopter clear tube and gift box editions ages 9 - 99 | SRP $25 A0415 Huckleberry Spin Translucent (gift box) 3

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