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Independence Day 2016

Sarah Ann Sutliff I ll

Sarah Ann Sutliff I ll have the cupcakes for 4 please n layer cake too. Wormhole Bistro Da kupkaekies an laeer kaek fur for, heer ya be, Auntie Sarah an da familie! Sarah Ann Sutliff Thank mew Pookie Daphne Definitely want a slice of blueberry pie! A cup of Starlie's coffee with cream would really be good with it. Daphne And some kitty milk for JoJo, please. Wormhole Bistro Wun niez slaiz da blooberries pai, da kup da kaffee, of korze Starlie's speshyul blend, an sum da kitteh milkie fur Jojo, heer ya be, Auntie Daphne! Pleeze endshoee! Daphne Thank you so much Troubie, JoJo and I will enjoy these. Have a lovely evening. Wormhole Bistro Ya be wellkomm, an dank ya, Auntie Daphne an JoJo! Me be lookin forward ta da show dat owr dragons hab purrmiz uz... Daphne Thanks for the reminder. >^..^< Len Abeyta Blueberry pie looks wonder. Tanks. Wormhole Bistro 4. Juli 2016 · Here bes sums mur serts dat me purromises mew! Sums Cupcake Kitty Cake, sums Blooberry Cupcakes, sums Frozen Strawberry Cake, ans sums Chocolate Souffle. Der bes lots ob whippie cweams ans hot fwesh Cawfee too

Precious Jezzie Dese be pawtastic Wormhole Bistro Fank mew Miss Jezzie and The Bandits Johanna Duffek-Kowal (burps descreetely) And up into the next round... I'm soooo glad there are no calories here! Wormhole Bistro MOL ans pecially on da day likie tuday Auntie Johanna Johanna Duffek-Kowal Right...! Liz Reeve Wunnerfull! I'm going to try it all! A pity Cleo is already sleeping. Wormhole Bistro Mabel's Girls are packin sum da taek home bokses... Liz Reeve She will love that! Janie Devaux Kitty cake and strawberry cake for 25 please . Wormhole Bistro Twentee-faif taimz da kitteh kaekie an da straeeberries kaekie, me get rite ta wurk, Auntie Janie!

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