10 months ago

Independence Day 2016

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oh,

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oh, I think I'll help myself to some deviled eggs for starters! Garcon, could you please get me my usual big mug of coffee? Wormhole Bistro (serving the coffee) Certainly, Madam. Please enjoy. Janie Devaux Bacon wrapped sausage and bacon wrapped chicken for 25 please . Wormhole Bistro Shad paws obers 2 platter wiff Bakum wrapped Snausages ans da Bakum wrapped Chickie enuff fur 25, me gunna habs sum drinks out bery soons Auntie Janie Nicki Czalbowski Flick The kitties and I will help ourselves to sum debiled eggies and cheese wiff crackers (lexi & Stretch are asking for sum bakum wrapped chickie pieces,Where is his brother,I have lost him!!!) I will have an icy latte and the kids can have 1 nipsy cola each--Has anyone seen Stretches brother!! Wormhole Bistro One serving of deviled eggs and cheese with crackers, one plate of bacon wrapped chicken filets, one glass ice coffee latte and two glasses nipsi cola, Madam, and the brother of young Sir Stretch seems to have discovered the playground. Nicki Czalbowski Flick Oh wow!!! He needs to tell me when he leaves, not used to young ones Wormhole Bistro Mr Louie bes otays der awlways bes sumpawdy rounds tu makie shurs da no wittle one gets hurts Auntie Nicki but him shuds habs tells mew him waz goin out splorin tho Nicki Czalbowski Flick Yes,He gave me a few more grey hairs--Lexi is a clinger,doesn't let me out of her sight--I assumed he'd hang close..Now that I know,he will wander off, I'll watch him closer Dawn Barela YUMMY!! I love deviled eggs!! I fill my plate with a little bit of everything!! Liz Reeve Yes Dawn! Deviled eggies! Liz Reeve I'll have the deviled eggies for Cleo and me. And then I'll have a bit of everything!

Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Hai, Auntie Liz an Cleo! Girls already is getting your order... Oh, one of Mabel's Liz Reeve Thank you...Cleo is quite hungry today. Pookie & Starlight Yeah, dem mousies be niez ta nibbel on, but not enuff as regyular noms... Liz Reeve Yes yes Pookie! Nicki Czalbowski Flick Cleo got any stuck in your pocket--I haven't had mousie in ages.. Liz Reeve I got some left...but mama took it away from me!!! She doesn't like it to see me eating mousies! Pookie & Starlight Oh yes, dem hoomins be kaind of funnee baut dat... But me hab da bowl da baekd mousies fur ya, ladies! Not kwait da oridshinul stuff, but at leest da mousies... Sarah Ann Sutliff We will have a bit of everything! Wormhole Bistro Shad brins tu Auntie Sarah's table da platter wiff da Chickie, Snausages, Debiled Eggies ans da Cheeze n Crackers tu habs

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