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Maga Woman Magazine - issue #1_Final

Maga Woman Magazine is the magazine for women over the age of 45. No fluff in this magazine, it is full of useful information that will help you move into your next stage of life. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, the Maga Woman Magazine will help you do that.

Menopause 101 Written by

Menopause 101 Written by Angela Counsel Menopause always seemed to be a scary thing until I reached that stage in life. When I was studying to be a naturopath we really didn’t cover much of what happened when women reached their mid-stage of life. 10 Maga Women Magazine

We did learn about hot flushes and the best herbs to use but I now realise there is so much more to know. Over the past few years I have not only personally experienced a shift in my hormones I have also spent a lot of time learning more about menopause and how it impacts the lives of women around the world. Let’s Define what Menopause is Let’s start by clarifying some terms that are often mixed up and misunderstood. Firstly menopause simply means cessation of periods and is used retrospectively after a woman has not had a menstrual period for 12 months, it is simply a moment in time. The time period before this is known as peri-menopause and the time after is known as post-menopause. The combined peri and post menopause transition can last up to 13 years 11 Maga Women Magazine

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