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UNIMIG Cat 2017 low res


PROTECTIVE SAFETY WEAR Welding Gloves Welding Gloves UNIMIG Professional Series Welding Glove These Quality general purpose welding gloves are made of heat and flame resistant selected shoulder split cowhide. The standard feature of these gloves include a full sock lining for added comfort and Kevlar stitching with welted seams for added durability Part-No UMWG6-L UMWG6-XL Description Welding Gloves, Blue - Large Welding Gloves, Blue - X Large Welding Gauntlet XA Professional Series Welding Gauntlet The innovative design of these gloves include an outer shell made from the finest side split cowhide which makes them more ­ pliable, durable and heat resistant. Featuring “Wide Body” sizing pattern which is 8% roomier than other large gloves. ­ Continuously welted seams, Professional series lining, patented palm and thumb reinforcement and seams sewn with Kevlar thread throughout the glove make the Xcel-Arc Professional Series Welding Gloves the most comfortable and durable glove on the market. Try the “Worlds Most Comfortable Welding Glove” today. Also conveniently available as a Left Hand pair only. Part-No UMWG1-L UMWG1-LL Description Welding Gloves, Brown, Large Welding Gloves, Left / Left , Large Heat Reflective MIG - TIG - Plasma Glove XA Professional Series Heat Reflective TIG Glove The unique design of this glove provides a wide Aluminized PFR Rayon heat reflective knuckle strap offering prolonged, superior radiant heat protection during welding. The unique 3-dimensional finger construction offers unrestricted dexterity and sensitivity of fingers. The glove construction pattern offers an excellent fit and the materials used are specially processed for superiorpliability. An air cushioned palm with sweat absorbent lining gives extra comfort and grip. These high quality gloves are made of special tanned cowhide, they are oil & weather resistant, pliable and long lasting. All seams are sewn with Kevlar thread for better flame and spatter protection against seam burnout. Part-No UMWG2-L UMWG2-XL Description Heat Reflective Welding Gloves - Large Heat Reflective Welding Gloves - X Large TIG XA Professional Series Soft Touch TIG Glove This unique design provides a protective layer that moulds to your hand and feels like your own skin. Especially developed for the TIG operator, these gloves are constructed out of 3 types of leather, a “split deerskin” palm for excellent finger tip sensitivity “goat skin” back for dexterity and heat protection and cowhide cuff for durable wrist and forearm protection. 100% Kevlar stitched for strength and better protection against seam burn out. Professional Series Soft Touch TIG Welding Gloves are the ultimate TIG glove. Part-No UMWG3-L UMWG3-XL Description XcelArc TIG Welding Gloves - Large XcelArc TIG Welding Gloves - X Large 127

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