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UNIMIG Cat 2017 low res


MIG / ARC ACCESSORIES Coolant, Antispatter, Nozzle Dip, Pliers UNICOOL Industrial Coolant 5 litre Unimig UNICOOL is a balanced recirculation system and torch coolant. It has been formulated for use with MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Plasma Welding and Robotic Systems. Its thermal stability properties make it an excellent choice for use with high performance torches. When used in conjunction with a regular coolant system maintenance program, UNICOOL will eliminate ­ damaging mineral deposit build up and will prevent clogging of the cooling system. This will extend the life of pumps, seals, gaskets and prevent costly downtime. It is suitable for use in warm and cold climate conditions. It contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that will help extend the life of the cooling system components. It is classified as a non-dangerous product. Part-No: UNiCOOL UNIGUARD ANTI-SPATTER SPRAY Part-No: UNIGUARD 5 UNIGUARD 20 • Reduces downtime for cleanup tasks • Non-toxic, biodegradable • Non-flammable • Ozone safe • Uniform spray with no bubbles • Paintable , contains no silicones • User safe • Eliminates need for grinding unwanted spatter • Economical • Base metal corrosion protection Water Based Weld-Spatter Agent UNiGUARD Anti-Spatter Spray is water based, paintable, cost effective and non-flammable agent for the prevention of weld-spatter adhering to metal surfaces during the welding process. UNiGUARD Anti-Spatter Spray has outstanding performance preventing spatter sticking to a wide range of steels, including mild steel, stainless, steels and aluminium. UNiGUARD Anti-Spatter Spray avoids the need for mechanical abrasion or grinding of weld spatter following welding. It contains corrosion inhibitors for base metal protection. UNiGUARD increases the life of torch components saving time and money. Eliminates spatter build up which results in poor gas flow causing pitting, porosity and burnbacks. UNIMIG NOZLE DIP GEL Part-No: UMND UNIMIG Nozzle Dip Gel is an advanced, non toxic, nozzle dip gel for the prevention of spatter adhering to sensitive components of welding torches, including the interior and exterior of MIG nozzles, the end and outer surfaces of contact tips and positional and fixtures. MIG PLIERS Part-No: UMMP Designed especially for MIG / MAG Welding Torches 146

ARC ACCESSORIES Chalk, Testing Spray Engineers Chalk & Engineers Split Chalk. Engineers Chalk Used For Marking Steel In General Engineering & Boilermaking. • 75mm Long 10 X 5mm Split Chalk • 75mm Long 10 X 10mm Part-No: CH751005 - Split Chalk CH751010 Magnetic Particle Testing Spray Description: DUBL-CHEK BO-1 is Black Oxide No.1 black magnetic oxide suspended in a highly refined light petroleum oil. The suspension responds to magnetic leakage fields created by discontinuities in ferromagnetic material. Particles rapidly collect at leakage fields producing black indications ­ DUBL-CHEK CP-2 is a specially formulated, fast drying, low odour white paint that provides a high contrast background for interpreting magnetic particle results. CP-2 enhances the visibility of indications under visible light conditions when the background material has a similar colour to the particles. When dry, CP-2 is resistant to wet suspension fluids. ­ Part-No: BO-1 (Black Oxide No.1)­ (White Paint) Part-No: CP-2 Non Destructive Testing Spray Description: D-100 developer consists of refined white particles suspended in isopropyl ­ alcohol that produces enhanced sensitivity for locating tight flaws. D-100 developer pulls ­ flaw-entrapped penetrant to the part surface for display against a white background by solvent and capillary action. Complies with low sulfur and low halogen requirements. Description: DP-50 is water washable visible penetrant used to locate cracks, laps, pores, lack of bonding, and similar surface flaws. DP-50 can be used on nonporous parts including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, ceramics, and glass and some plastics. Referred to as the ­ visible dye penetrant method or color contrast method of inspection and can be used for weld inspection. Description: DR-60 Cleaner-Remover is used in the penetrant process to remove excess penetrant from part surfaces. It is a manual wipe on and wipe off material and is recommended for small areas. DR-60 may also be used for generally cleaning oily, dirty surfaces. DR-60 is especially suitable for cleaning prior to the application of inspection penetrants. Complies with low sulfur and low halogen requirements.­ Part-No: D-100 (Developer)­ Part-No: DP-50 (Penetrant)­ Part-No: DR-60 (Cleaner) 147

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