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Suregrip Series SR9 ERGO

Suregrip Series SR9 ERGO TIG TORCH 5 3 125A AIR COOLED TIG WELDING TORCH Rating: 125A DC, 90A AC @35% ducy cycle. 8 7 6 4 2 9 10 11 13 12 * Wear Parts Identification Next Page 17 15 16 14 Torch Model Description Part Number 4m 8m SR-9 Suregrip Tig Torch Package c/w 2m Gas Hose SR-9-4MCP50 SR-9-8MCP50 Spare Parts Part Number Description 1 WP9 Torch head Standard WP9F Torch head flexible 2 41V24 Back Cap Long 3 41V35 Back Cap Medium 4 41V33 Back Cap Short 5 UER1MS Momentary Kit 6 UERSWL4 Trigger Lead 12.5ft UERSWL8 Trigger Lead 25ft 7 UERSP1 Screw Pack 8 UERH100 Small Ergo Tig Handle 9 UERKJ100 Small Knuckle Joint 10 UERLC100-08 Leather Cover X 0.8mt 11 UERJK100 Jointing Repair Kit 12 UERNCS-32 Neoprene Cover X 3.2mt UERNCS-72 Neoprene Cover X 7.2mt Part Number Description 13 UERCO100-40 Sheath X 12.5ft Inc Leather Cover UERCO100-80 Sheath X 25ft Inc Leather Cover 14 10004667 7 Pin Plug C03023 2 Pin Plug C03052 5 Pin Plug - Digital 315ACDC 15 ML3550H-M “SurelokTM” Housing Small 16 USL57Y01AR Power Cable X 12.5ft SurelokTM USL57Y03AR Power Cable X 25ft SurelokTM 17 UML1025-916-M-G7 10/25 Dinse Connector - gas hose UML3550-916-M-G7 35/50 Dinse Connector - gas hose 208

Suregrip Series SR9 ERGO TIG TORCH Standard Front End Parts Part # Description P598882 Cup Gasket Qty2 Part # Description P13N26 Collet body 1.0mm Qty2 P13N27 Collet body 1.6mm Qty2 P13N28 Collet body 2.4mm Qty2 P13N29 Collet body 3.2mm Qty2 Part # Description P13N08 Alumina nozzle 6.0mm Qty2 P13N09 Alumina nozzle 8.0mm Qty2 P13N10 Alumina nozzle 10.0mm Qty2 P13N11 Alumina nozzle 11.0mm Qty2 P13N12 Alumina nozzle 13.0mm Qty2 P13N13 Alumina nozzle 16.0mm Qty2 Part # Description P13N21 Collet 1.0mm Qty2 P13N22 Collet 1.6mm Qty2 P13N23 Collet 2.4mm Qty2 P13N24 Collet 3.2mm Qty2 Part # P45V42 P45V43 P45V44 P45V45 Description Gas Lens Body 1.0mm Qty2 Gas Lens Body 1.6mm Qty2 Gas Lens Body 2.4mm Qty2 Gas Lens Body 3.2mm Qty2 Part # Description P53N58 Gas Lens Nozzle Ø 6mm #4 Qty2 P53N59 Gas Lens Nozzle Ø 8mm #5 Qty2 P53N60 Gas Lens Nozzle Ø 10mm#6 Qty2 P53N61 Gas Lens Nozzle Ø 11mm #7 Qty2 P53N61S Gas Lens Nozzle Ø 13mm #8 Qty2 RedNeck RNK-9-150 KIT SPARE PARTS Part # RN-20H-180 Description 180˚ TIG Torch Head w/gasket Part # RN-20H-90 Description 90˚ TIG Torch Head w/gasket Part # RN-20H-70 Description 70˚ TIG Torch Head w/gasket Part # RN-150NC Description RedNeck 150A Flexable Neck Coil Part # RN-150TB Description RedNeck 150A Torch Body 9&17 Series ©All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of ©Uniarc® the copyright holder. 209

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