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UNIMIG Cat 2017 low res


DC TIG HF TIG AC/DC TIG RAZOR MIG 350 SWF Synergic Smart Set Over Temperate control MIG/TIG/MMA - 350 Amp DC Inverter Welder OFF Welds: Steels, Stainless, Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminium, Copper ON FEATURES Switchable VRD MMA DC Stick IOamp VRD 240 Volts Single Phase Voltage Reduction DC TIG Device Standard MIG AC/DC TIG Over Temperate control Lift Arc TIG Soft Touch Dial I5amp PLC PFC VRD Voltage Reduction Device 240 Volts Single Phase Synergic Smart Set MMA DC Stick Power Factor Correction Power Line Controller HF TIG Spool Gun / Push Pull 4GR 4 Geared Roller Drive I5amp 240 Volts Single Phase Standard MIG/MAG OFF IOamp 240 Volts Single Phase ON MIG/MAG with Gas I5amp & Gasless function Switchable HF TIG VRD 240 AC/DC Volts TIG Single Phase 240 Volts Single Phase Duty Cycle 40% @ 350Amps Spool Gun 4GR DC Lift arc TIG 4 Geared Roller Drive Synergic Smart Set Duty Cycle DC TIG 40% @ 350Amps HF TIG Plasma Cut IOamp Spool Gun / Push Pull Pulse MIG HF Plasma Cut 4GR P MMA 240 Volts Single Stick Phase mode Duty GWR Cycle 40% @ 350Amps OFF Standard MIG/MAG Spool 4 Gun Geared / Push Roller PullDrive Over Temperate control Electrodes Geared Wire Drive ON up to Synergic 6.0mm Pulse Program I5amp Switchable VRD 240 Volts Single Phase Spool Gun & Push Pull ready AC/DC TIG Ideal for Aluminium work IOamp AC/DC TIG Synergic Smart Set IOamp 240 Volts Single Phase MMA/TIG Stepless Amperage control Digital Amperage Display VRD Indicator MMA Stick mode - 20 ~ 140 Amps Duty Cycle 15% @ 140Amps Digital Voltage Display Australian Standard Standards MIG 4GR Lift Arc TIG 4 Geared Roller Drive Pulse MIG VRD PFC Power Factor Correction PLC Soft Touch Dial Touch Button Voltage Reduction Device Standard MIG/MAG Power HF Line Plasma Controller Cut Digital Display P Australian Standards CNC Lift Arc TIG Synergic Spool Pulse Gun Program PFC CNC Connection Power Factor Correction Touch Button Push Plasma Pull Ready Cut GWR Australian Standards Geared Digital Wire Display Drive CNC CNC Connection Touch Button Spool MMA Gun DC Stick Over Switchable Temperate VRD control Spool Gun / Push Pull GWR Geared Wire Drive Manufactured in compliance Soft Touch Dial Plasma Cut to AS/NZ60974.1 MMA DC Stick PLC DC TIG Pulse MIG Power Line Controller Over Standard Temperate MIG control P MMA DC Stick Synergic Soft Pulse Touch Program Dial PLC Power Line Controller Standard Pulse MIGMIG/MAG Push Pull Ready 4GR I5amp 4 Geared Roller Drive P 240 Volts Single Phase Synergic Pulse Program Standard MIG/MAG HF TIG GWR Push Pull Ready 4GR Geared Wire Drive 4 Geared Roller Drive Spool Gun Standard Plasma MIG/MAG Cut GWR Geared Wire Drive Spool Gun / Push Pull For consistent smooth wire feed DC TIG HF TIG AC/DC TIG with Synergic using Smart Set longer MIG Torches. Crater Current OFF Plasma Cut HF Plasma Cut Standard MIG Spool Gun Pulse MIG Control ON IOamp Voltage Reduction Device HF Plasma Cut Push Pull Standard Ready MIG Spool Gun Synergic Smart Set 240 Volts Single Phase HF Plasma Cut Technical Data Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph) 415 -3 +/- 15% Duty Cycle @ 40°c MIG / TIG / MMA 40% @ 350 Amps P­ ­­ 100% @ 221 Amps Output Current Range MIG 50A/16.5V - 350A/31.5V Output Current Range MMA 20A/20.8V - 350A/34.0V Rated Power MIG (KVA) 12.8­ I ieff MIG 24.0 Amps­ MMA 26.0Amps Wire Feeder Type Separate Gear Driven 4 Roll Protection Class IP21S 1Insulation Class F Dimensions Power Source (LxWxH) 595x280x440mm Weight Power Source 41 Kg PDimensions Wire Feeder (LxWxH) 2Years 630x235x420mm 3Years Weight Wire Feeder 14 Length of Interconnecting Cable 10m ­ Spool Gun / Push Pull AC/DC TIG Synergic Pulse Program Synergic Smart Set Pulse MIG Push Pull Ready Spool Gun HF Plasma / Push Cut Pull Synergic Pulse Program Year WARRANTY Pulse MIG 2T/4T Selector WARRANTY MIG/TIG/MMA Selector Switch Gas Check Button Inductance Control WARRANTY Push Pull Ready Digital Display Soft Touch Dial Plasma Cut HF Plasma Cut Overview CNC CNC Connection The MIG350SWF is an inverter-based MIG welding machine with added MMA and DC TIG function. This is an industrial machine Geared Wire Drive Synergic Pulse Program equipped with a separate 4 roll gear driven wire feeder and 10m interconnecting cables. The 2Years MIG function allows you to weld with Solid wires, Fluxcored Gas and Gasless wires. Adjustment of Voltage & Wire Speed at the feeder makes for easy setting of welding ­ parameters and gives the convenience of remote adjustment from the power source. Crater Current setting delivers perfect finishing of the weld, the electronic Inductance offers fine adjustment of the arc characteristic and Burn Back adjustment leaves the wire out ready for the next weld. Wire Inch and Gas Check provides set Push Pull up Ready of wire feed and gas setting without wastage of wire or gas. Added MMA welding capability delivers easy and high quality welding using electrodes, including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. Connection of the 26V TIG torch provides quality lift arc DC TIG welding of steel, stainless steel and copper. Ideal for heavy and structural ­ welding applications, general engineers, maintenance workshop, rural workshops. Designed and built to our specification. ­ Certified to - AS/NZ60974-1 1 MACHINE PACKAGE: KUMJR350SWF UNI-MIG 350SWF Multifunction Welding Inverter, SB36 4M Sure Grip MIG torch, 10M Arc lead Set ,­ UNI-MIG Twin Gauge Argon Regulator, 10M Interconnecting Cables, Trolley with tool box 2Years draw 3Years 48 PLC Power Line Controller GWR P Year WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY (Power Source)

RAZOR MIG 350 SWF MIG/TIG/MMA - 350 Amp DC Inverter Welder Torch Spare Parts - Machine Options & Accessories 300A AIR COOLED MIG WELDING TORCH Rating:300A CO² 270A mixed gas EN60974-7 @ 60% duty cycle. 0.8 to 1.2mm wires QTY 1 1 Part Number Description SNK36 Swan Neck Assembly QTY 2 2 Part Number Description PCGD36 1 Gas Diffuser 2 3 4 5 QTY 10 4 Part Number Description PCT0009-06 Contact Tip Steel (0.6mm) PCT0009-08 Contact Tip Steel (0.8mm) PCT0009-09 Contact Tip Steel (0.9mm) PCT0009-10 Contact Tip Steel (1.0mm) PCT0009-12 Contact Tip Steel (1.2mm) PCT0009-16 Contact Tip Steel (1.6mm) PCTAL0009-09 Contact Tip Aluminium (0.9mm) PCTAL0009-10 Contact Tip Aluminium (1.0mm) PCTAL0009-12 Contact Tip Aluminium (1.2mm) PCT0005-08 Contact Tip Steel M8 (0.8mm) PCT0005-09 Contact Tip Steel M8 (0.9mm) PCT0005-10 Contact Tip Steel M8 (1.0mm) PCT0005-12 Contact Tip Steel M8 (1.2mm) PCT0005-16 Contact Tip Steel M8 (1.6mm) PCTAL0005-08 Contact Tip Aluminium M8 (0.8mm) PCTAL0005-09 Contact Tip Aluminium M8 (0.9mm) PCTAL0005-10 Contact Tip Aluminium M8 (1.0mm) PCTAL0005-12 Contact Tip Aluminium M8 (1.2mm) PCTAL0005-16 Contact Tip Aluminium M8 (1.6mm) QTY 2 3 Part Number Description PCTH36M6S Contact Tip Holder M6 (Short) PCTH36M8S Contact Tip Holder M8 (Short) QTY 2 5 Part Number Description PGN36CYL Cylindrical Nozzle PGN36CON Conical Nozzle­ PGN36TAP Tapered Nozzle Torch Model Description Part Number ­ ­ 3 Mt 4 Mt 5 Mt SB36 Suregrip Ergo Torch Package SB36-3M SB36-4M SB36-5M Drive Roller x2 ROLLER DIAMETER: 30/22 Page reference: 260 30mm 10mm V Groove Drive Roller - Steel Wire 22mm Knurled Drive Roller - Flux Core Wire U Groove Drive Roller - Soft Wire TIG Torch 26V-4MCP50 TIG Torch Option­ Page reference: 204 Machine Options Torch Aluminium Kit KALPJR250/3504WD­ Aliuminium Kit Option ­ Page reference: 149 Spool Gun PLSP240A 240A SpoolGun ­ Page reference: 184 Push Pull PPLU36-42V-8M PUSH PULL Torch Option­ Page reference: 166­ 49

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