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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

The UJAAMA is aimed at

The UJAAMA is aimed at Continental and DiasporicAfricans. Discussiontopics focusedon issues concerning the Black community such as media images o B a J,j {) Ie. Black women in music. syste ic racism. etc. e club provides Blackstudent! witha senseof community within the largerJarvf ulation. It has been xtremely successful this year a many students. old and young found itabsolute necessar that they participate. UJAAMA Members: Debbie Y.. Lisa M.. Naila C. Marsha K.. Syreeta R.. Esi M.. Marina I.. Allison G.. Neikeisha J.• Sandra E . Prisca L.. Rukiya B.. Dishawn J.. Susan J.. Oscar K.. Ausil G.. Cordell L J. L __---' :A'EOPJUEAGAJINSfDJfSCRJl.MJ!NA1l0N ng HlSfORY This newlyfoundedclubofJarvis Collegiatehashad a successful start. Although only in itsfirst organizationalyear, the HistoryClubhasdone many things fromdiscussions to field trips. Much more is expected for the nex chool year with fresh and original ideascoming inallthe time. MilicaJankovic ., l.d.Di ., Am y S., Lily T., Jessica W.• MUlloy H., rc e Ie S., Claire Y.. Rac hel S.• and Ava Sczurko. staff sponsor. Here in spirit: Melisa D.. Niem Ttl H.. Jessica N. .\Iembers: "mica Brooke T.. Steven M, Anika, Nick 1., en•.Mr. Lazare (Sponsor) Q

DECA "'- .......-.....; -"0 Members: S r Young M., Mr. Lander. DEBATING SOCIETY Helen Racanelli ~I em b e rs: KimT.• ClifM .• JulieR.•BrianY.,Andrea M.,Georgina M.. Debra M., Chris 5., Helen R. (president), Paul H. (VP), Sonya M. (coach), Ms. Mazurkiewicz. SCHOOL REACH What has...? Synchronized buzzing Racing beart/ r ;) Chaoticanswers ~f c s tat i c~.h Hard questions ~ ~ , i n~qpp

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