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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

F I E L n F R o L I [ K

F I E L n F R o L I [ K I N 6 Jarvis returned to senior competition in 1995 with a good contingent ofj unior players, but only five experienced senior ath letes. Despite losing five games , the team was competitive on the field , but the lack of experience caused breakdo wns and inco nsistency in play at crit ical moments. The team finished the season on a positive note with a victory over Eme ry Co llegiate. Mr. Munn Jarvis baseball came into its own this year with a trip to the playoffs for the first time in years. Though we were beaten by N.T., our 7· 2 regular season record was enough to be proud of. Thanks go out to the coaches. Mr. Lazare and Rosh, for putting their time and guidance into the team. We're all looking forward to creating our own field of dreams next year. Simon Strauss MEN'S FOOTBRll Back Row: Manny Dennis, Micheal Chamber/an, Demetri Cveskovic, Igor Tcherniak, Alistair Oldfi eld, Nial Kopplin, Jesse Rock, JeffMcNab, Steve Osmak, Matt Lim, Matt Weed, Kun Wah Mak, John Mangal. Front Row: Kabir Bains, Omar Oma r; Chris Warne, Jake Toms. Alex Gardner, Danny Lee. Gilberto Gandra. Greg Wanger. Kamran K.. Alvaro Aluarez. Danny Morton. Jim Seta, Philip Silua. Tackled 8 )' Nothern: Zoes Giannoyus, Calum Parrott, Tony Tam, Fraser Williston. Jesse Wright. MEN'S BRSEBRll Back Row: Tamar Marcos, Gabrie l Ng. Danny Lee. Yakos Spiliotopoulos, Mr. Lazare (couch), Nick Fothergill. Jake Toms, Kamran Khadem, Tony Tam. Front Row: Carlos Pineda. Sham Sohal. Matt Feagan, Ali Khadem. Signed With Baltimore: Ennis Blentic. Xiwei Fong, Simon Strauss, Abinyah Walker, Ari Kanapathy, Adam Merrick, Faisal Meboob. Matt Raincock, Peter Venetas, Gregorio Jimenez.

WOMEN 'S FI ELO HOCKEY Back Row: Miss McQueen (coach). Rachel Stokes. Karren ~. Lilly Lazare- Greene. Luky Corfu . Anna Cohen . Katie ,WcCown. U:. Nelson, Lidja Puteris. Nyranne Martin, Sarah Schmocker, Leah Kid, Sarah Geisbrecht, Esme Markle. Feryl Said. Sara Cohen. Heather McDonnell. Jessica Finne); Jennifer Trail, Peter D'Cru: (coach). Front Row.. Marie-Laure Knapp. Jackie Chretien. Rebecca Moiese, Nina Corfu. Jessica Price. Karen Sionim, Tanya Ngo, Alejandro Gonzalez Jordan MlIs:yn.rki, Kendra Duhelaa r: Mary Beth Keefe, Rebecca Ng. Growing the Grass: Melanie Feliciano, Ann Luedeke , Mye ra Woest'. WOMEN'S I CE HOCKEY Through blood, sweat and tears (not to mention anger control problems. foul language. and death threats) the field hockey team had a great season. Thanks to Ms. McQueen and Peter, coaches extraordinaire, for making us run around the track 'til we ju st about threw up. Anna Cohen S T I c K Back Ro w: Katie Kenny: !' Corfu, Soraya Hutchinson, Caragh Titherington, Jesse Wright (coach). Ms. McPhee (coach). Front Ro...·: Kim Tsoi, Anna Cohen. Jessica Price, Maria Knapp. Anne l'.fmher, Kale Bens-wdmot. Learn ing to Figu re Skate: Larkin Macken::ie·Ast. Sarah Schmocker, Helen Buie, Danny Morton (coach). Niall Kopplin (coach). "She shoots, she scores !" That sound co nstantl y echoed the arena; unfortuantly it was usually directed toward the other team . Well, we had fun. and that's all that counts. Thanks to Mrs. McPhee. super coach. always willing to drive players home from George Bell area. Even though we said we'd get 'em next year last year. this year we mean it! Anna Cohen I T - '. " 29 . ~. •

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