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Jarvis Magnet - 1996


S T WOMEN'S TENN IS R o K E o F L U [ K Buck Row: Martina Simko. Mrs. Schindler (couch). AIr. Buchanan (coach), Nyla Maharaf. Vania l.oh, Middle Row: Cindy lit, Hall Nguyen. Cum Ngo. Jacqueline Quach. Carrie Fiorillo. Judy Leung. Leesa Kwong. Front Ro w: Lesley Puckett. Diane J/.I: Shirley Chou. Nada Galala, Priscilla Hung. Connie Lee. Lilly Teng, John lHmg (coach). A' Ball-girl Training: Nada Gatalo. Priscilla Hung. Connie lee. U /(v Ieng, John nong (coach). The women'stennis team had an outstanding year. We unrelentlessly ranover everyone In ourway to the8 Division championships. Congratulations toall the players and specialthanks to John, Mr. Buchanan and Mrs.Schindler fortheircoaching, guidanceand car rides. Nada Galalo ' .e. JO ~ o 0

MEN'S lINNIS Left 10 right: Mme. Gallop, Hieu Tran. Andrew JlcCrobie. Gorgiun Shaikh. Mr. Bell. Deion Aralihalli. Gone Fishing: Taro Murata; YUSII! Mukadam, Asia Ania, Mark Fiorillo. WOMEN'S SW IM TEAM Back Row: Bronwyn Taylor. Maja Skiba. Visnja Soronda. Sabine Johnson. Janri Ctephan. Alison Rogers. Marianne Gibeault. Second Row: Cindy Cooper (coach). Jacquelyn Hodgson-Dewin. Jaqueline Martyn. Front ROI+': Leigh Amsoo, Celina Jennings, Jessica Connolly, bearded woman, Lauren Cook, Jenny Kozelj, Caroline Corbit. Walking the Plank: Linsay Barton. Clara Dasilva. Rose Driscoll. Allison Freeman; E\'O Hu, Nicole Klement, Alina Kuscharska, Jessica Martin. Gilah McHugh. Laura Noack. Sarah O'Connor, Maia Renihan. Jessica Roder, Alexandra Stevenson. Sara Tahvildari, Yelena Timchenko, Andreanna Whitt}", Emma Wiechula. The Jarvis Men's TennisTeam enjoyed a dynamic seasonof competition in Division 8. Perfect faJl weather enhanced our spirit. New and enthusiastic playerscontributed to a fine season. We thank our coaches for givinguptheirtimeand fall tennis season to make this team possible. We owe you Mme. Gallup and Mr. Bell! Thank-you! Once again the talent of thisgroup of buff gorgeous and skilled women have achieved above and beyond the call of duty. This amazinggroup reached great heights. withelevenswimmers receiving medals. Congratulations are in order for these women, proving that the impossible is possible. SWIM TEAM. SWIM ! o I F F E R E N T S T R o K E S ~

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