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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

o U N K I N 6

o U N K I N 6 WOMEN'SSENIOR BASKETBALL This year our senior girl's basketball team had only two returning playersfrom last season; therefore it was very young and inexperienced. The girlsplayed hard and put ina lot of effort, and as a team, improved greatly. Bythe end ofthe season, the girls were really working welltogether. Everyone'sreturning next year, so they should have a great season, and they're looking forward to it. Edith Buie and AmandaBittner Back Row: Kieva Richards, Sarah Ctuer: Mala Sihota. Mr. Keenan (coach). Edith Buie, Michelle Yam, Amanda Bittner. Front Row: Marsha Ng-You. Wiping Up the Dribble: Roxanna Goodhall, Rebecca Puesta. Sara Rodrig uez. WOMEN'SJUNIOR BASKETBALL n o N U T S Tryouts forthe girlsjunior basketball team started the second week ofschool. There were at least 30 girls trying out for a team of 15. The talented girls who were picked practised endlessly and it showed as we lost only one game during the season. We made it to the semi-finalsand lost against thechampionshipteam. The team ended up being the third best in the city. Congratulationsgirls! Rukiya Bernard Back Row: Ms. Lloyd (coach), Maruta Ancans, Greta Lynn, Jasmine Burns, Jeananne Gosseen (manager), Noha Elzomor. Jennifer Bittner. Rukiya Bernard, Katie Kenny, Susan Jordan. Front Row: Lindsay Anderson, Anastassia Tsivtsivadze, Dina Knoransanee. La Toya Hall, Bilkees Khan, Liley Shannon Naomi Greckhol. __• ITIIJ . ~. '1'1

~ MEN'S SEN IOR UOLLEYBALL Bad Row: Jason Beauchene (coach), Clayton Auo, Long Ly, Mugabt' Walkel; Kent Lee, Bien Luu, Tom Kri ener (coach). Front Ro ....: Mike Lee. Minh Ngan, William Wang, Peter Kim. Ben Cuong. Ned Stojie. This year's youngand powerful volleyball team hadan outstandingseason with a recordof sixwins and only two losses. The team attended two tournaments, placing fourth inoneand comingout as championsintheother. A special thanks goes to Jasonforthe great coaching and allthosewho supported the team . ChingChing! Kent Lee S I o E MEN'SJUN IOR UOLLEYBALL o Back Row: Cis Phanthasomchil (coach ), Ho Lun Huynh, Jason Hong. Micheal Kissi. Abinyah Walker, Gabe Ng, Amhony Fang (coach). Front Ro ...·: Ton)' Hua, Josh Lam, Phil U , Yang Le, Darryl Seunath. Comingoff a great season last year, this year's Junior's were looking for successonceagain. With many new faces and new coaches, we played quite well ending the season with a 6 and 2 record but losing to Northern in the play-downs. Many thanks to Cis and Ant hony for coaching us and hope to see them back next year. Also to Mr. Kreiner for running such a great program this year. HoLunHuynh U T

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