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Jarvis Magnet - 1996


WOMEN'S SOCCER K and I C amazingly K KING I N G The stylin' moves of a rocki n' veteran crew the speed and youth of promising roo kies are about to combine to produce an unstoppable POSSE that will be impossible to beat . Our aggre ssive defense and fabulously fast offense will inpre ss eve n the SOCCER himse lf. Carlos. Caroline Co rbit Back Row: Carlos (coach ),Jenny Sliwka,Jessica Price, Luky Corfu, Maria­ Laure Knapp. FronrR o w: Caroline Corbit, Courtney Entwistle.Jessica Connolly, Liz Nelson.Anna Cohen. Headtng out: Megan Smalley, Nyranne Ma rtin, Celina Jennings. MEN'S SOCCER B A ended C K The season started with a couple of careless losses. but ended with more wins and ties. The team was very unfortunate as we up in 5th which was not good enough to make the playoffs. But. at (he North ern Soccer tournament we ended up the consolation win ners wit h a 4-0 win. Thanks goes out to the coachi ng staff. Zalman Samji Back R o w: Robert Patraulea.Amety the cheerleader.Alex Morales, Mohamed Astani;Emesto Granillo, Zahman Samji, Denis Sazdanovic, Kevin Salehi, Carlos (coach). Front R o w: Ismail Kanduru, Michael Papathanasakis; Esoyos Negasn. MauriceA maro, Emmanuel Lamptey, non -member; Marco Grazzini. Slick in ' Their Ifair Back (like Carlos): FuoadA nashara;Draien Bratic, Derek Kaiser,Yang 110 Lee,Sohail Mirza. Vassil Nikolov: Sebastian Ostenda;Nathan Roden, Spencer Maybee.

MEN'S SWIM TEAM Back Row: Vendran Lnaa.Mladen Skakavac,VladimirStrabac, Mike Pavlin, Nendad Kovacevic.Gilberta Gandra's lIair, ChrisBennett, Long Ly. Fm,,' Row: Fraser Williston, Drazen B ratic. Captured by za-za Gapooh: Carl Baglio, Ross Buin.Sam Craven,Andrew Elliot, Gregory Elliot.Alexander Gardner, Rodante Guiltenno.Iason Leong, Lukas; Mad ejcyk.Timur Maltaric,Vassil Nikolov, ChrisWarne. WOMEN'S SYNCHRO Back R o w: visnia Soronda, Clarada Silva, Ms.Misko (coach), Jessica Martin. Fron t R o w: A riel Michael-Yale,Amy Sedgwick, Michelle Girard.Amanda Bittner. Taming the n ake: Lydia Heliopoulos,Jin Lee,Jacquelyn Ilodgson­ Dewitt, MaryBeth Keefe, Heather McDonnell,Jessica Roder, A lison Freeman. Lilly Lazare-Greene. etc. The Jarvis men's swim team trained welly hard every morning. braving the sub-arctic poo l water. Most of our musical members of the team swam hard. But unfortunately we lost many of OUf strong olympic athletes to the dreadful king za-za Gapooh. godof slacking. We would like to humbly thank the coaching expertise of all our coaches for help ing wit h what ream we had. " PLlVAJ L1.JENA GUZ JCO" The difficu lty of getting up early each morn ing to get 10 schoo l at 7:00 only to float upside dow n in the pool with yOUT legs sticking out of the water doesn't sound too much fun. but it is. We've had a very successful season due to our energy. dedication and desire to succeed. Thanks a lot 10 coach Misko for getting up eac h morning ( 0 join us at the poolside and for he lping us out - we all improved gre atly. Thanks to the learn members for a great time. Amanda Bittner M u 5 c L E B o u N D - . 139 00=0

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