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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

F A E E A s B I A D s

F A E E A s B I A D s The '96 Badminton team was an enthusiastic team of energetic and dedicated young women . We started out stumbling and gasping for air, begging our immovable coac h, Terrence Lam, for mercy. Everyone contributed to the team, and we made it to the TSSWAA badminton tournament finals. Many thanks especially to Ms. Misko and Mrs. Johnson. Without their support and sponsorship, the Girl's Badminton team would not exist. WOMEN'S BADMINTON Back Row: Anne Mather, Big Bird,IrisChow, Thuy Pham, Sue Cheng,Terence Lam (coach). Front R ow: Helen Buie; Woody Woodpecker, Vania Loh,Cam Ngo. Flying South: Jacqueline Quach,Shirley Chau. Chris/ina Wong, Christine Hy, TanyaNgo,JessicaWong, Ms. Misko (staf/sponsor), Mrs.Johnson (staffsponsor], etc. Cam Ngo - --- MEN'S BADMINTON Last year's team successfully smashed their way to the finals. From this experience and the addition of new players, we have set high and realistic hopes of winning this year's championships. A spec ial thanx goes out to Mr. Keen an and Mr. Wood for their time and effort. Allen Chan Back Row: Yang , Mr. Keenan(coach), Allen Chait,Don Ping Fang, Morgan Lam, TerenceLam, Bobby Lee,Peter Kim,Jason Hong,Wilson Lam, Corneliusthe Rooster, Terris Preston" Luan Do. Front Row: Sherman Lam,StanleyChua.Jeffery Lam, Michael Trail. BirdWatching: Paul Chan, William Wang, Ming Ngan.

FR.lEN6. STUDENT CDUNC IlS Paddles Up! The English and French Side student councils came together forfun. excitement and Lake Ontario water, creating a great team "Fire on Water". We may not have wo n any awards, but with pictures in both the Toronto Star and the Sing Tao Daily, we were the team with the most media coverage and we all know that's what reallycounts! SusieVan Damme SEN lOR MULTI CUlTURRl CLUB Dragon Boat Rac ing has caught the wave and has become popular across Metro Toronto. Fifteen high school teams raced in the Jun e 1995 competition. The Jarvis Senior team placed an impressive fifth over all. Congratulations to all the members for their hard work and dedication. JUN lOR MULTI CUlTURRl CLUB The JarvisTigers were thejuniordragon boat team representing the Jarvis MulticulturalClub for 1995. The SensationalTIGERS cameARST in the High SchoolDivision B Final to winthe Hong Kong TouristAssociation Cup for 1995. It is because of the members' hard work and dedication that they were as successful as they were. n R A G o N B o A T R A C I N G - -. \\ [ill] Oo l!!!!'o

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