8 months ago

Jarvis Magnet - 1996


J.C.I. Pep-Rally

Simon the Magnificent endures multiple tests of his greatness. This year's installmen I of the J.c.1. January rally contained a bit of ... well PEP. From the amazing G.A.C. " vtacarena'' to the zesty J.c.1. Bulldog. from the awe-struck spectators 10 the invincible President. it was a pep-rally for the ages. The B.A.A. did an extremely stylish job on this one. Although we had to suffer through an elaborate tease courtesy of the Boys Swim Team and despite the fact that our Senior Bulldogs lost at the end of the afternoon. they performed with the grace and style of pure winners. Everyone who came out 10 chear their team had an enjoyable pep-experience.

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