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Jarvis Magnet - 1996

GEMINI .{iemini (May 2

GEMINI .{iemini (May 2 1-June 21 ) Entertaining. versatile. win)'. logical, spontaneous and charming. The kind of person you would love hate. K.Keenan (Hist.) L.Roti (Hist.) B.Bartlett (CFJ) M.Ouchterlony (Guid.) CANCER Cancer (June 22-July) A vulnerable. domestic homebody with a great sense of family. Not your jet set material. H. Zawdeh (CFJ) R. Buchanan (Phys) B. Dunfield (Math) LEO Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Creative. enthusiastic. full of determination. Always the centre of attention- a real ham in a cat. ~~ Top: (across from top left) B. Rahim-Hahn (Spt.Stafl) T. McPhee (Geog.) C. Nash (Geog.) M. Misko (Phys.Ed) Bottom : (across from left) P. Gilbert (Resource) R.lhu (Mod.) J. Mazurkiewic (CFJ) C. Reade (CFJ)

'.. ' ~ , V IRGO o/irgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) Discriminating, finicky, very meticulous and analytical. Simply stated - a picky. worry-wart. D. Sutherland (Hist.) R. Greig (Math) A. Wood (Hist.) C. Gionet (Mod.) A. Johnson (Sp.Ed.) P. Stark (Bio.) ~1. McCuaig (Bus.) D. Bell ,- (Phys.) '­ - S. Eyasu (Chem.) J. Burak (Drama) C. Paredes (Hall Mntr.) L. Sparham (Art) A. Celhoffer (Music)

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