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Jarvis Magnet - 1996


~~" ~ CAPRICORN Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) An ambitious practical person who will climb to great heights. It's the climbdown that's hard for this sign. J. Arden (Math) T. Llyod (Eng.) D. Ashurst (His!.) E. Pasloske (Guid.) B. Schroeder (Bio.) AQUARIUS Jlquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) This one is a revolutioary. The Aquarian is inventive. original and very unconventional. Don't let this person borrow money. --. I , T. Sidey (Engnr.) H. Pohani (E.S.L.) P. Spearin (Phys.) B. Browne (Eng.) J. Archer (Classics) T. Gentles (Art) D. Munn (Phys.Ed)

ie aiso '[{It Unknoions 'llnatciata These are the type of peop le who like to conceal themselves (and their astro logical signs) in an element of mystery. Be wary of this sign. the most elusive of the zod iac. - D. Caldwe ll (Eng.) S, Dahlin (Reso urce) I. McIntyre (HisL) J. Turn bull (Lib.) M. Richardson (Hist.) R. Ancans (Eng.) F. Crane (Eng.) A. Gotsi s (Hist.) R. Larsen (CaL) A. Hutchinson (Caf.) K. Gialousis (Caf.) A. Kotisrilos (Caf.) 'Evasive Staff9vfembers: Once again. Mr. Mutton and Ms. Beaucbamp. and Head Caretaker Mr. Ramirez. refused to be a part of the Magnet Yearbook. Well. here's to traditions.

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