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Just How Many Forms Can Protective Packaging Take?

Just How Many Forms Can Protective Packaging

Just How Many Forms Can Protective Packaging Take? When you require packaging that will enable you to transport or store all manner of goods without them sustaining a scratch, you might initially presume that your needs are relatively simple. In some cases, those needs may very much be simple. However, many of those who purchase protective packaging from ourselves here at Simpson Packaging have rather more complicated requirements, and the great news is that we can cater to them all. Bubble wrap, for instance, is among the most obvious types of protective packaging, in part because it is simply so versatile, being a good option for almost any and every type of job. That’s why it’s so handy that we give our customers a vast choice of bubble wrap options, in widths ranging from 150mm to 2400mm. Heavy-duty, flame retardant, self-adhesive, UV resistant and even anti-static versions of our bubble wrap are all available. Then, there are the other variations on the bubble wrap formula that we have in stock, and which further demonstrate its fundamental effectiveness at protecting even the most vulnerable items. Bonus Bubble, for example, can be bought from us in double-length 200-metre rolls, while if eco-friendliness is a particularly urgent priority, you may be thankful for our biodegradable bubble wrap, which can be safely deposited in landfill sites, in the knowledge that it will naturally degrade over time. However, there are also many potentially invaluable forms of protective Packaging Suppliers that owe nothing to bubble wrap. Our single-faced corrugated paper rolls, for instance, are ideal as affordable general-purpose protective packaging, and are available in standard 75-metre-length rolls and widths ranging from 50mm to

From Bonus Bubble To Voidfill, Not All Of Our Protective Packaging Is Obvious