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KMedic Product

KMedic Product Information Instrument type/name: Raw material: Note: Main function: Bone Screws Bar stock certified implant stainless steel For complete information on the entire Fracture Fixation system please consult the book AO/ASIF Instruments and Implants (Texhammer/Colton Springer Publishers). To fasten together fractured bone segments and to affix bone plates. Where used mostly: Orthopedic surgery (fractures) Important product features: Useful hints in usage: They are manufactured in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Screws come in various sizes and types, and are designed for bones of different size, type and quality. Screw sizes are determined by the outside diameter of their threaded section. It is very important to chose the proper type of screw for the procedure. Screws are not self-tapping and require that a thread be cut before insertion. Washers are available to prevent screw heads from sinking into bone. An internal fixation device should never be reused. Special care instructions: Other comments: Instrument subtypes: Cortical Bone Screws Cancellous Bone Screws Malleolar Bone Screws B103

Bone Plates Narrow Compression Plate KM 76-026 3.8mm 12mm notched ends to hold tension devise 25mm between slots oval slots 16mm between slots B104

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