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The following provides

The following provides an abbreviated look at our QA instructions to check performance criteria for specific product groups: 8.1 Scissors Perform cutting tests with our testing material. Scissors must not snag the test material. Scissors must not bind when cutting appropriate layers. The heavier the scissors, the more layers of material they must cut. The blades must run smoothly, without much hesitation in the closing process. Check for burrs, especially at the tip of cutting edge. If present, hesitation will usually result when closing the scissors. Make sure screw lock is secure and proper play exists when opened. 8.2 Forceps Check against a light source to ensure that no substantial amount of light passes through closed jaws. Do clamp tests by pressing the jaws together on a plastic surface. The impression on the plastic should be clear and consistent. Teeth must fit together closely. Jaws must be aligned correctly. Ratchets must engage crisply, yet smoothly. When ratchets are engaged at the first ratchet they should not open when the instrument is lightly tapped against the edge of a table. 8.3 Needle Holders The jaws of needle holders must close tightly so that little or no light shines through the front 2/3 of the closed jaws. Must hold suture material. Do ratchet and clamp tests as with forceps. 8.4 Retractors Check ratchets for proper holding action. Check tips for sharp, blunt or semisharp edge. Check all edges for nonfunctional sharpness. Make sure mechanisms work smoothly, e.g., thumb ratchets, etc. Check holding power with ratchet engaged. Make sure ratchet teeth engage properly. A15

8.5 Cutting Forceps Perform cutting tests with the appropriate testing material. Generally, cutting forceps are required to cut cleanly with the front half of the jaws. Make sure tips close properly from the top to the middle of the jaws. Make sure cutting edges don't spread at the very tip when jaws are closed. 8.6 Pin and Wire Cutters Perform cutting tests with the appropriate pin or wire according to maximum capacity etched on instruments. 8.7 Implant Management Instruments Instruments used to implant wires, screws and plates are subject to very strict dimensional and functional inspections because they have to mate in the field with a variety of other implants and instruments, often made by different manufacturers. A screwdriver which does not fit the head of a screw is useless. For many of these instruments a dimensional standard (ISO) exists which KMedic strictly adheres to. See charts at the beginning of Section R in our Orthopedic Sourcebook for a guide on how the instruments fit together. 8.8 Dimension Overall Length Overall length is measured with different tools, depending on the tolerance required. It is possible that some instruments will vary as much as 1/2" from the length specified in the Sourcebook description. This is true only in cases where the overall length is not critical. Thus an instrument listed as 6" long may actually be between 5 1/2" and 6 1/2" long. This variance is industry convention, and is the result of metric European sizes being rounded off when converted to inches. To ensure pattern consistency, we also compare the overall length to our master sample or drawing to verify the correct length. A16

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