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KMedic Product

KMedic Product Information Instrument type/name: Tissue Forceps Raw material: Surface: Stainless steel Both hot-forged and cold-stamped blanks are used. Silk matte satin finish Main function: To grasp and handle soft tissue Where used mostly: General surgery Important product features: Tips usually have teeth and/or serrations to hold tissue securely. Some varieties have delicate, atraumatic serrations in order to lessen the impact on the tissue held. They are available both in a ring-handle and tweezer-type design. Useful hints in usage: Special care instructions: Other comments: The most popular models are the Allis KM 43-112 and the Adson KM 39-066. B39

Needle Holders Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, serrated KM 41-270, regular KM 41-302, with TC insert stainless steel jaw detail groove tungsten carbide insert jaws box lock shanks ratchet finger rings B40

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