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KMedic Product

KMedic Product Information Instrument type/name: aka: Olsen Hegar Needle Holders Needle Driver, Drivers Raw material: Surface: Main function: Where used mostly: Forgings from stainless steel They are available with and without TC inserts Silk matte satin finish Gold-plated handles identify the Tungsten Carbide tips To hold and guide suture needles securely for suturing. This is a combination scissors and needle holder, which speeds up the suturing process. Veterinary, podiatric and dental surgery, where assistants are often not available Important product features: Useful hints in usage: Special care instructions: Tungsten carbide inserts in jaws are harder than needle steel. Precision-milled inserts provide a nonslip grip. They have exceptional durability. The jaws of a TC needle holder can be replaced when worn. The jaws of regular stainless steel needle holders cannot be replaced; in many situations the TC needle holder is therefore the more economical choice. Shorter ones are used for working close to the surface. Longer ones are for deeper cavities. The smaller the needle, the smaller the jaws of the needle holder. If the needle is too large to be held securely, select a larger size needle holder. Otherwise, the needle may slip, or the needle holder may be overstressed, causing fatigue or breakage. Delicate needle holders are easily overstressed if used with a needle which is too long⎯choose the appropriate size. Other comments: The most popular model is KM 41-428. Instrument subtypes: B45

Microsurgical Instruments Micro Scissors KM 44-018 delicate cutting edge grooved grip area double leaf spring B46

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