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Trampoline assembly, maintenance, safe use and how to deal with kangaroos



Assembly, maintenance, safe use and how to deal with kangaroos

by n ocosp orts

TIP for enjoying your trampoline for many years





Read the assembly instructions carefully.

Material damage caused by incorrect assembly is

not covered by the warranty. In case of uncertainties

during assembly, contact the team at

Trampoline Center.

Set up the trampoline horizontally.

Make sure that all the feet are in contact with the


Secure the trampoline against high winds.

Storm damage is one of the most frequent causes

of damage to trampolines. You can purchase

suitable anchors from Trampoline Center. We are

happy to advise you.

Sweep snow off the trampoline.

You have purchased a quality product that is suitable

for all kinds of weather and does not need

to be disassembled. So that it has a long service

life and is not overloaded, you must remove any

snow off the trampoline. If you install a tarpaulin

cover, you must make sure that the water can

drain away.






Check the trampoline regularly for wear and


Special nets and stitching on the jumping mat can

become brittle as a result of UV rays and can tear

under load. Brittle material must be replaced for

reasons of safety.

Make sure it is used correctly and prevent

damage to the materials.

Fireworks, embers and sharp objects can

damage the jumping mat. Sitting and standing on

the side pads leads to increased wear and tear.

Clean and maintain the

trampoline side pads.

Only use recommended products for cleaning

and UV protection.

good care of kangaroos.

If a kangaroo spots your trampoline and wants

to have a jump, make sure that you offer it some

warm milk and lots of fun…


in safety

Respect and consideration

are the best protection

against accidents and injuries.

Remove shoes and jewelry

Only one person on the trampoline at a time

Always jump in the center

Do not stand/sit on the edge

Do not jump off the trampoline

Never jump intentionally onto the net

Anchor sets

To secure the trampoline

against high winds

Basketball hoop

Is mounted to the net


For even greater fun on the trampoline.

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