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New Diversity Abroad

New Diversity Abroad Israel Scholarships Diversity Abroad & HebrewU are offering new co­branded scholarships to students from underrepresented groups who attend HebrewU in the 2017­2018 academic year. We will award five scholarships of $7,500 each for semester­long study and ten scholarships of $5,000 each for summer study. Funds will be applied as a tuition credit, and any remaining balance will be disbursed directly to scholarship winners following arrival in Jerusalem, either via wire transfer or check. See the summer scholarship See the semester scholarship Upcoming Summer Programs Arabic Immersion Program Summer isn’t as far off as you think! If you’re interested in doing something different this year – like exploring Israel and the Middle East while earning academic credit from Israel’s leading university – check out our courses. We offer exciting options in Israel and Middle East Studies, Language Studies, Religious Studies, Social and Political Sciences, Business and Legal Studies, Education, and STEM subjects. Starting this summer, our Arabic Immersion Program will have a presemester intensive course for beginners. This four­week course will offer 80­100 hours of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and include cultural activities, excursions, and a homestay weekend. If you don’t have a background in Arabic, you can take it during the summer or winter, and start the fall or spring semester at the intermediate level!

At HebrewU, you can take part in field trips, learn new languages, attend seminars, discover the country through social and academic activities, and meet other fascinating people from around the world! Apply by May 15. Check out our Summer Programs Additionally, semester studies at intermediate and advanced levels will now cover both MSA and Amia Arabic (Levantine dialect), with an additional course in Islam and/or Palestinian society. The semester program also includes: Family stay weekends in the Arab village of Abu Gush Field trips visiting different Arab communities in Israel (Muslim, Bedouin, and Christian) Weekly “Coffee House” meetings to practice conversational Arabic with Arab students from HebrewU Clubs such as Arabic Music Appreciation, the Arab World through Film, and Arab Folk Stories Learn more about the Arabic Immersion Program New Diversity in Education Courses A new range of undergraduate study abroad courses is now available through HebrewU’s School of Education, which provides lots of exciting new options for multiple majors, including education, early childhood education, psychology, Israel studies, and more. Courses (all taught in English) include: Cultural Pluralism or Multiculturalism: A Socio­ Psychological Perspective The Arab Society and the Arab Education System in Israel Teaching Other Religions in Israeli Education Multicultural Civic Education: The Case of Israel History of Israeli Education: Between Segregation and Integration Inclusive Early Childhood Education Reply to Keri for more information Connect with HebrewU Alumni Check out our page on GradTrain to get in touch with HebrewU alumni – and get a behind­the­scenes take on their experience studying in Jerusalem! Talk to alumni and learn more about HebrewU programs