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What Is the Method of White Listing a Domain on Office 365?

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With automatic filtering

With automatic filtering service, ong>ofong>fice 365 ong>ofong>fers excellent security for your email account. It effectively blocks spam or junk messages. As a result, your mailbox stays clean and safe. Though this filter is indeed helpful, it may also block some auong>theong>ntic or genuine users. Your friends, family members, colleagues and clients may get blocked by this feature ong>ofong> Office 365. This is ong>theong> reason why you should understand or know method to white list an email sender. So, how can you do it? In ong>theong> following section, you shall obtain step by step guidance. You can also call Office 365 support to seek help or assistance in this regard. .

•Open this song>ofong>tware on your computer and ong>theong>n navigate mouse cursor on “Admin” drop-down box. Thereafter, go to “Exchange” section and ong>theong>n click on “Mail Flow” option. •Now, you need to press “+” sign button and ong>theong>n press “Bypass spam filtering”. •A blank field can be found on screen, seeking a name which has to be entered by user. This is ong>theong> process ong>ofong> naming an exception rule so that this rule can easily be recognized later. Users may also want more personalization on certain rules. Thus, naming is important for staying organized with exceptions for this song>ofong>tware’s spam filter.

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