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Hm-Wm-«p-I-c-bp-sS ]-c-tZ-h-Xbm-b sN-«n-Ipf-§-c A-½bpsS C-ã-h-gn-]m-Sm-Wv Ip«n-tbm«w. G-ähpw Nn-e-th-dn-b- Xpw A-½-bp-sS G-ähpw hen-b h-gn-]m-Spam-b Ip¯n-tbm-«w k-aÀ-¸n-¡-pXv Ipw-`-am-k-¯n-se `-c-Wn-\m-fn-emWv. Ip¯n-tbm-«-¯n-sâ sF-Xn-ly-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v {]-Xn-]m-Zn-¡p- I-bm-sW-¦n H-m-a-Xm-bn, tIc-fw `-cn-¨n-cp- H-cp cm- Pm-hv cmPyw ap-gp-h-\p-Å kv-{XoI-sf t{Zm-ln-¡p-am-bn-cpp. cm-Pm-hm-b-Xn-\m-b {]-P-IÄ-¡v C-Xn-s\ F-XnÀ-¡p-hm \pw I-gn-ªn-cp-nÃ. A-§-s\-bn-cn-s¡ H-cp a-lÀ-jn B tZi-¯v h-cn-Ibpw {]-P-IÄ A-t±-l-t¯m-Sv C-Xn-\v H-cp ]-cnlm-cw Im-W-W-sa-v D-WÀ-¯n-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. a-lÀ-jn A-hÀ-¡v \m-ev ]m-Z-ap-Å Km-\-§Ä D-]-tZ-in-¡p-Ibpw A-Xn-\v tN-cp- \r-¯-¨p-h-Sp-IÄ Im-«n-s¡m-Sp-¡p- Ibpw sN-bvXp. kq-cym-kv-Xa-\w I-gn-ªv hnf-¡v I-¯n-¨v sh-¨v `-{Z-Im-fn-sb ]-c-tZ-h-X-bm-bv I− v Cu A-\p-jvTm-\w Xp-SÀ-m Cu B-]-¯nÂ-\n-v H-cp \n-hmc-Ww D- −m-Ipsa-v A-cp-fn-s¨-¿p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. Ip¯n-tbm-«-¯n-sâ D-Xv`-hw C-{]-Im-c-am-sW-v ]-d-b-s¸-Spp. c- −m-a-Xm-bp-Å sF-Xn-ly-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v ]-d-bp-I-bm-sW- ¦n Ip¯n-tbm-«-¯n-sâ B-Ka-\w tI-c-f-¯n \n-e-\n- n-cp- B-tbm-[-\-I-e-I-sfbpw A-`y-mk-co-Xn-I-sfbpw A-h-ew-_n-¨p-Å-Xm-sWpw ]nÂ-¡me-¯v A-Xn a-X-]- chpw km-aq-ln-I-]-c-hpam-b ]-e I-em-co-Xn-Ifpw Iq-«n-bn-W- ¡n D- m-b-Xm-sWpw ]-d-b-s¸-Spp. F-¦nepw hf-sc hy-Xykv-Xam-b a-sämcp sF-Xnlyw Iq-Sn-bp −v. `-{Z-Im-fo `-à\m-b H-cp cm-Pm-hv A-t\-I-\mÄ X]-Êv sNbv-Xv tZ-hn-sb {]-Xy-£-s¸-Sp-¯p-Ibpw X-sâ cm-Py-s¯ {]-P-IÄ-¡v B-bpÊpw B-tcm-Kyhpw tcm-K-hym-[n-I-fn \n- v ap-àn \Â-I-W-sa-p-w B-h-iy-s¸-Sp-Ibpw sN-bvXp. X-sâ tZ-i-t¯m-Sp-Å `-àn-bn k-´p-ãbm-b tZ-hn cm- Pmhn-t\m-Sv C§-s\ A-cp-fn-s¨-¿p-Ibpw sN-bv-Xp. \n-sâ tZi-s¯ H-cp ]p-{X-s\ kz-´w ]p-{Xs\-t]m-se h-fÀ-¯p- Ibpw B-`-c-W-§fpw h-kv-{X-§fpw AXp-t]m-se th-Z-imkv-{X-§fpw ]Tn-¸n-¨v ]-¯v hb-Êv Xn-I-bp-t¼mÄ Ah-s\ F-\n-¡p _-en-\Â-In-bm cm-Py-¯n-\v kÀ-Æ-iz-cy-§fpw e-`n-¡p-sa-v ]-d-ªn-«v tZ-hn A-{]-Xy-bm-hp-I-bpw sN-bvXp. C-tX-Xp-SÀ-v cm-Pm-hv {]-tXy-I-co-Xn-bn Nn-«-s¸-Sp¯n-b A-\p-ãm-\-cq-]-am-Wv Ip¯n-tbm-«-sapw ]-d-b-s¸-Spp. F-§-s\-bm-bmepw Ip¯n-tbm-«w FXv Cu-iz-c-{]o-Xn- ¡p-th- −n-bp-Å H-cp A-\p-ãm\-I-e B-sW-p-Å-Xn H-cp kw-i-b-hp-anÃ. Ipw-`-am-k-¯n-se in-h-cm-{Xn-\m-fn cm- {Xn-bn A-½-bp-sS ap-¼n hn-f-¡v sh-¨v B-cw-`n-¡p- sN«nIpf§cA½ {]hmkn tkhmkanXn IpsshÁv `cWnImgvNIÄ 2018

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