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2. Scope of Work (v1.2)

ITFC Website Enhancement

ITFC Website Enhancement Project - The location of regional offices, country gateway office, and branches is displayed in a google-like map, having pin locations with full address and contact information. 4.2.9 Disclaimers The Company shall include in the footer design, two links for i) Privacy Policy, and ii) Terms of Use (Website / Datasets). ITFC shall prepare the legal text, and publish it in the page format as per the accepted branding guidelines, in the template provided by the Company. In addition, the disclaimer shall mention ITFC for copyright notices; such as “© 2018 International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, All Rights Reserved”. No other notices shall be placed in this section. 4.2.10 Social Media - The Company shall embed Social Media in the website design, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This promotes the website’s ability to broadcast the social networks connecting ITFC, and can socially interact with the users, allowing them to share content of interest. - The website users shall be able to view live tweets directly from the Home page. 4.2.11 Sitemap - The Sitemap section displays ITFC complete website structure along with the hierarchy of all website pages. The user can use the sitemap to navigate through website and locate a desired page. - The Sitemap update is dynamic, and automatically adjusts to new pages in the website, without the need for any special administrator maintenance activity. 4.3 Special Requirements 4.3.1 Website Hosting & Administration - The Company is required to select a world-class cloud Provider, the “Provider”, to host and manage the website technology infrastructure, such that the virtual servers (VPS) feature redundancy, high-availability and proactive security, unlocked server CPUs, low server pings, a minimum of dual 10Gbps fibre optics links, intelligent routing, automatic failover (not more than 30 seconds to restart) and load balancing to keep the server secured, at highest uptime and maximum throughput. Some examples for top providers include, amazon web services, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, etc. However, ITFC, at its discretion, may decide to keep the current web hosting setup for the website, and delay its migration to the cloud for a later engagement. - The server must be scalable, where it will be initially setup with the minimum specifications required for the official launch. Based on load analysis, specifications can be later increased to suit any demands for increases in the service needs and traffic to the server. - All the infrastructure services required to run and maintain the website must be managed by the Provider, including hardware administration and optimization, firewall and security appliances, including DDoS detection and prevention, response time, latency, service down and regular backups and restore. - The Company will perform the initial setup, configuration and tuning of the website. - ITFC shall be able to utilize an online support ticketing system to communicate any issues to the Company. Severity levels shall be logged and monitored as per the agreed “Response Policy & Severity Levels”. Page 10 of 15

ITFC Website Enhancement Project 4.3.2 SSL Certificate The website shall be secured with an SSL Certificate to guarantee visitors their connection is secure, and pronounce the authenticity and identity of the website owner. ITFC will secure the actual certificate, where the Company will undertake implementing the certificate in the website 4.3.3 Website Content Administration ITFC’s website administrator will have control over the deployed website site and shall perform various administrative tasks, such as: - Add/Edit new content and delete or modify any of the existing content. - Add/Edit new subjects for “Documents”. - Add/Edit new types for “Trade Finance” and “Trade Development”. - Add/Edit new type for “Event”. - Perform full user administration functions, including access levels and passwords. - Maintain the home page banner, selecting the images, hyperlinks and associated text. - Monitor user access log and website statistics. - Coordinate and collaborate with the Company any technical issues and reported bugs. 4.3.4 CMS Upgrade The current website utilizes an old version of Drupal CMS, which is mainly used for content authoring and security. The Company is required to upgrade the current Drupal CMS to the latest version for efficient control over the website’s content and enhanced security features. 4.3.5 Full Text Search The full content of the website needs to be indexed for full-text and keyword searching. Searchable content includes, HTML pages, databases, pdf documents and any content that can be indexed for search & retrieval. The upper right area of the header is a popular location for search boxes. 4.3.6 Database Engine The website has content that needs to be handled by a database management system (DBMS). ITFC recommends the use of well-established open-source database engines, that are reliable, scalable, secure and robust, such as MySQL. 4.3.7 Print, Export, E-mail and Social Media Icons - All the website pages, or as agreed with ITFC, will have the ability to utilize a printer-friendly format. - Where convenient, such as for financial and tabular data, an export feature shall be added in the page to allow exporting the page content to various file formats, such as Excel, Text, PDF, etc. These pages will be agreed with ITFC and approved during the analysis and design phase of the project. - The Company will include social media icons to allow the website users to share the content of any page to Facebook and Twitter. - In addition, the user can also send the content of any website page by e-mail, using a simple form with fields for From, To, Subject and any message the user wants to transmit to the receiver. In this case, the webpage will be prepared in a format suitable for sending by e-mail. Page 11 of 15

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