11 months ago

Debtfree Magazine January 2018

SA's Free Debt Counselling & Debt Review Industry Magazine. We discuss Bitcoin, Steinhoff, amending the National Credit Act and more in this issue.


FINDING BALANCE IN 2018 Did you feel overwhelmed by all your responsibilities in 2017? Were you desperate just to make it to the holidays? How can you avoid losing your balance, feeling rushed, burnt out and overly stressed this year? Most people feel overwhelmed these days by all the demands put on them by their home life and work responsibilities. Stress has become the new “norm”. In a 2015 survey on the topic, people from 8 different countries reported that they struggled to keep up with all the demands on them, both at home and at work. Respondents from USA reported working an average of 47 hours each week and 20% of all respondents said they work 60 hours or more a week.

Do you feel that if you are not working at the office, you are working at home? Are you feeling off balance and unhappy? As a result of this pressure, most of us try to take a break each year (like in December) but these days it seems like even when you are relaxing, there is just not enough time or that it feels rushed. This can leave you feeling like you need a holiday after your holiday! When you are regularly rushing from one task to the next, you can easily become stressed. Stressed employees (and employers) deliver poor quality work, and are more likely to argue with colleagues and lose sales. How can you avoid becoming overly stressed in 2018, and how can you find better balance this year? Let’s first talk about why we fall into the trap of trying to do too much, too quickly.

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