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Debtfree Magazine January 2018

SA's Free Debt Counselling & Debt Review Industry Magazine. We discuss Bitcoin, Steinhoff, amending the National Credit Act and more in this issue.


FINDING BALANCE IN 2018 BALANCE IN 2018 A good example of balance is a tightrope walker. They need to be focused and relaxed in order to remain safe. So, focus on what you really need this year and you will see you don’t need to spend all your time fixated on work, to the detriment of everything else. If you work hard but know where to draw the line, you will be far less stressed. Don’t let other people influence you to provide for them or impress them. Figure out what is really important to you, and work towards that as a family. If you strike a balance between your financial needs and your personal goals you will be much happier. Happier people are more productive at their jobs, and enjoy better relationships with their families and friends. Make a conscious decision to keep work, recreation, family and finance in its proper place this year. 2018 can be a great year for you, once you figure out how to strike the right balance.

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