Selwyn Times: January 31, 2018

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Swimming challenge

Rolleston mum conquors

Lake Taupo

Fun for kids

Busy week at holiday


Sunday 18 March 2018

CRUNCH: Courtney

Jones, 19, is one

of eight former

Lincoln High School

students to come

up with the idea

of hangi-flavoured

potato chips, which

are now being sold

in supermarkets




• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

FORMER Lincoln High

School students have produced

a Kiwiana flavour of potato

chips that are being sold in

supermarkets nationwide.

It has taken two years for

Courtney Jones, Hannah

Page 4 Page 17

Crisp idea makes it to the end product

Long, Sarah Freeman, Nilani

Ekanayake, Owen Hill, Jordan

Smyth, Tom Essenberg and Annabelle

Wilkinson to get their

hangi-flavoured chips to the

supermarket shelves.

“We wanted to hit that sort

of Kiwiana flavour. Something

that represented to us what New

Zealand is like to us and what

summer is like to us,” Miss

Jones said.

Timaru-based Heartland

Potato Chips have produced

the new limited edition product

which is now on sale.

Miss Jones, who is now studying

at Canterbury University,

said the flavour is nothing like she

has ever tried before in a chip.

Heartland general manager

Charlotte Bowan said while

the new flavour was difficult to

define, she described the flavour

as having a “smoky, meaty,

vegetable taste.”

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views will

be sought

on putting


in water

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

THE PUBLIC will have their

say on whether Selwyn should

have its water chlorinated or not.

The district council’s water

asset manager Murray England

told Selwyn Times the option of

universal chlorination across the

district’s water supplies will go out

for consultation in April.

It will seek public opinion on

the contentious issue as part of

the Long Term Plan 2018-2028

consultation process.

It comes after a decision was

made last week for Christchurch’s

water to be temporarily

chlorinated to prevent the risk of

it becoming contaminated.

Christchurch’s city councillors

voted to chlorinate its 56 pump

stations after an assessment of

underground well heads found

some with cracked surrounds and

inadequate seals.

Mr England said every water

supply in Selwyn has an approved

Water Safety Plan which identifies

potential risks to a water supply

and has measures that are

required to mitigate them.

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new residents

every week *


residents now

living here

1300 sections



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under construction



parks and reserves


Faringdon’s numbers

are growing.

The stats stack up. Rolleston is the fastest growing town in NZ with

the most buoyant local economy. It’s here you will find Canterbury’s

most sought after residential development. Fact is, Faringdon is an

overwhelming success and the community is flourishing. Be part of

the success story - come out and do the math; bottom line is you’ll

find you’re home.

New stage 23 now selling.

Sections 400 to 887m 2 from $166,000.

Call Bruce Harvey 0800 667 849

or visit www.faringdon.co.nz

Visit our info centre, corner Goulds and East Maddisons Rds.

Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm - 4pm.



Faringdon Home

News Team

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2 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

from the editor’s desk

THERE’S ONE nice, happy ending story

on page 13 today.

Hank, the border collie cross we

featured over Christmas has found a


Hank was on our front page promoting

the Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust’s 2018 calendar. He wasn’t in it

– only canines that have been rehomed make the cut.

Hank had been at Dogwatch since October, and the people

who run the deserving organisation needed a family with the

patience to take him – Hank has a few quirks.

That’s not uncommon in dogs that end up in the pound;

they’ve usually been pushed from pillar to post before they get


So a new start for the two year-old, who also has a new name:

Gus. Good stuff. – Barry Clarke

get in touch



The Christchurch Star Company Ltd

PO Box 1467, Christchurch



Spate of thefts from cars

Owners of vehicles in Rolleston are urged to make sure

the doors are locked and valuables removed from sight.

Page 5

our people

Bugman loves backyard critters

Find out why Lincoln University ecology tutor Mike Bowie

became interested in insects.

Page 10-11

picnics in the park


Family fun in Lincoln, Tai Tapu

New World Rolleston’s picnic in the park will be held at

the Lincoln Domain on Thursday, and then in Tai Tapu

on February 8.


Georgia O’Connor-Harding

Ph: 364 7438



Lynette Evans

Ph: 364 7434


Page 43

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Wednesday January 31 2018 3


Further chance for

Darfield to support bus service


In Brief





• By Georgia O’Connor



the chance to show if they really

want a bus service in Darfield

and West Melton.

Red Bus Ltd has given the

green light for a bus service to

run from Darfield through to

West Melton and Christchurch.

The trial

follows a successful


between public


advocate Bus

Go Canterbury



and Red Bus

last week.

Bus Go


conducted surveys with West

Melton, Darfield and Ellesmere

residents on bus services running

to Christchurch.

It received 68 responses for

West Melton, 64 for Darfield

and 100 survey responses for


The Ellesmere bus survey

closed on Monday and Bus Go

will look to meet with Environment

Canterbury and the district

council over a new service.

BACK UP AND RUNNING: Red Bus Ltd has agreed to trial

another bus service from Darfield via West Melton through to


The West Melton and Darfield

bus trial will commence on February

7, and if it does not receive

enough patronage, it will end on

March 9.

Red Bus stopped operating

its bus service in Darfield in

December due to increased costs

and falling patronage.

The new Darfield trial aims to

find an alternative solution to

the former service.

Bus Go co-founder Nick

Stoneman said he is hoping to

let as many people know as possible

about the bus services so

people can use it.

“It is a use it or lose it scenario,”

he said.

Red Bus chief executive Paul

McNoe said given the effort

by Bus Go and survey number

results, Red Bus felt there was

an opportunity to re-test the


But he said it is a commercial

service which is not subsidised

by Environment Canterbury or

the district council and needs to

“stand on its own two feet.”

Mr Stoneman said all three

surveys Bus Go had undertaken

have received positive responses

with people liking the work they

have done.

The Darfield and West Melton

bus service will be working to its

old timetable for now.

Mr McNoe said there may

be some minor tweaks to the

timetable which will be updated

on Red Bus’ website.

The timetable can be found

at https://www.redbus.co.nz/


Mr Stoneman said the fare for

the bus service will go up by 50

cents in comparison to when the

old service was running.

In a bid to get more people

using the service, Red Bus will

be giving gold coin donation bus

rides around Darfield as part of

the township’s community day

on Waitangi Day next week.


think the West Melton and

Darfield bus service trial will

be successful? Email your

views to georgia.oconnor@



A 20-year-old has been charged

with excess breath alcohol after

he crashed off Tai Tapu Rd

on Sunday and recording 723

mcg/L. The Tai Tapu resident

was driving home from a

function when he drove off the

road before crashing through

shrubbery and stopping near the

Halswell River at about 2.55am.

Constable Herb Inwood said the

car stopped about 6-7m from the

river between the Tai Tapu golf

course and the village. He said it

appeared the car was not going

fast and drifted to the left of the

road slowly.


The Sheffield Volunteer Fire

Brigade was called out after

a silage cutter caught fire on

Wednesday. The incident took

place in a paddock on Minchins

Rd at 11.30am. Sheffield chief

fire officer Neville Croy said the

operators had fire extinguishers

on the machinery and had 99

per cent of the fire contained

by the time fire service arrived.

The Springfield Volunteer Fire

Brigade was also called as a

safety measure but was turned



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Working hard for our communities

If you would like to sign up for

my newsletter please visit:



P 03 344 0418

E selwynoffice@parliament.govt.nz

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penguins, the swimming beach and

shipwrecks, all on the island that’s

only 15 minutes from Christchurch!

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Service and authorised

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4 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



Rolleston mum swims Taupo

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding


has glided her way through

her biggest challenge yet –

successfully swimming across

Lake Taupo.

Hannah Drury, 39, swam from

the south to the north end of the

great lake – covering 41.5km in

the marathon swim.

She is the latest and first

swimmer of the year to achieve

the FortyPointTwo Lake Taupo

Marathon Swim.

Mrs Drury completed her

swim in 14hr 9min – starting at

5.30am and finishing at about

7.39pm. “I just wanted a challenge

really. I had taken up open

swimming in January last year.

“I was really enjoying it

because I am normally a pool

swimmer. I heard (about) people

doing this and thought maybe

I could train for that and do it

myself,” she said.

Mrs Drury said the conditions

for her swim on January 20 were

perfect with 5 knot winds, no

waves and 20 deg C.

The rules of the marathon say

Mrs Drury could stop to eat and

drink, but could not touch the

boat of her support crew or she

would be disqualified.

“At about six hours, I remember

saying to my support crew

DETERMINATION: Rolleston mother Hannah Drury back in

the water at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre after her 41.5km swim

across Lake Taupo.


‘do you think I can really do

this?’. They were like ‘yes, yes, yes

you can’ and they gave me things

to think about for the next half

hour,” she said.

After conquering Lake Taupo,

Mrs Drury said she was “absolutely

exhausted. I collapsed into

a heap on the floor but then I was

fine after a minute or two.”

Leading up to the event, she

spent about 10 months training

at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre

and in oceans and lakes.

From November last year, Mrs

Drury started training in open

water, including Lake Hood,

Lake Pegasus, Corsair Bay and

Cass Bay.

She said she had great support

from her husband, and her two

boys aged 5 and 7 were at the

beach waiting for her at the end

of her marathon.

“My boys were quite excited

about me doing it . . . they said

‘you did good in your swim

mummy, well done’”.

Since 1955, swimmers have

endured their way across Lake

Taupo after Margaret Sweeney,

of Auckland, became the first

person to successfully cross the


Chips on the shelves

•From page 1

The idea was first formed

when the students were in their

last year at Lincoln High School

in 2016.

They were taking part in the

Young Enterprise Scheme – a

high school competition aiming

to teach young people about the

risks and rewards of going into


As part of the competition, the

students legally registered their

company as Parareka Ltd before

approaching Heartland about

creating their own chip flavour.

“We were sitting eating chips

. . . we thought: ‘Oh what would

happen if we made some chips

and try to scenario it,’ and it sort

of blossomed from there,” Miss

Jones said.

While the students learnt it

would be unrealistic to meet

the Young Enterprise Scheme’s

competition deadlines for creating

their product, they were

determined to carry through on

the project.

Ms Bowan said the students

put a comprehensive proposal

together before she invited them

to Heartland’s Timaru factory to

see how chips are made.

An even further descriptive

proposal was presented to

Heartland’s flavour house before

the students undertook market

research within their networks

using a sample product to ensure

the consumers liked the flavour.

After nearly two years of designing

the flavour, the students

had their final product.

Miss Jones said Heartland was

“amazing” to work with and she

cannot give them enough credit.

Ms Bowen said it was cool the

students could come up with

this unique idea which the company

embraced. New Zealanders

spent $157 million on potato

chips in 2015.

•HAVE YOUR SAY: Will you

be trying the new hangi

flavoured chips? Email your

views to georgia.oconnor@


Our gorgeous range of..

sandwiches, paninis, bagels,

scones, slices, muffins,

quiches, sausage rolls & pies,

coffee and more!


Gorgeous Food

specialist bakery



7am - 1.30pm

66-68 Springs Rd Ph: 344 6044 Email: gorgeousfood@xtra.co.nz

Open Monday-Friday 6am-3.30pm www.gorgeousfood.co.nz

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 5


Spate of thefts from cars

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

POLICE ARE pleading for

residents to remove valuables

and to lock their vehicles after a

spate of thefts in Rolleston.

Police received 15 reports of

cars being broken into between

Thursday night and Friday

morning in the west area of


Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said

the thefts were likely to have

happened between 3am and

4.30am and police were aware

there are some break-ins unreported.

He said police want to make

a plea with people to lock their

cars and remove valuables.

“We are pretty disappointed

because we are still finding

people are leaving their vehicles

unlocked with valuables in

inside including car keys and

house keys,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Stills said

there was even a fairly new utility

truck which was left unlocked

with the keys in the glovebox. It

was stolen and dumped nearby.

Police were uncertain if one or

more people were involved in the


Senior Sergeant Stills said

inquires are progressing with police

chasing up a couple of leads

BREAK-INS: Several vehicles in west Rolleston were damaged

last Friday when they were broken into by thieves.

and have already spoken to one

person of interest.

He said as far as he was aware

nothing of significant value had

been stolen.

•Any suspicious behaviour

can be reported to Rolleston

police by phoning 347 9248

or report anonymously via

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.


you noticed anything

suspicious around vehicles

in Rolleston? Email your

views to georgia.oconnor@


•From page 1

The Water Safety Plan was last

reviewed in April 2015 and due

for a review in early 2020.

Castle Hill, Malvern Hills

Dalethorpe, Springfield and rural

water supplies in Glentunnel

and Dry Acheron already has its

water chlorinated.

A district council

spokesman said the

schemes chlorinated

are generally rural

supplies or supplies

where water is taken

from a river or near

river intakes.

Mr England said the

district council is also

awaiting the Government’s

decision on

the recommendations

from the Havelock North drinking

water inquiry.

Mayor Sam Broughton would

not give his view on on chlorination,

saying it was dependent on

what residents and the Canterbury

District Health Board have

to say along with direction from

central government.

District councillor Pat

McEvedy said the district

council must protect people’s




Council to consult

on chlorination



Fire rages, homes at risk

health if it is at risk.

He said he thinks it will be a

policy driven by central government.

“I am not a fan of chlorination

because if we have clean drinking

water and it is secure and

safe, then I really think in

general New Zealanders support

non-chlorination,” he


District councillor

Craig Watson said it is

about science leading the

conversation rather than


“A lot of councillors

in Christchurch were

dead against chlorination

which was fair enough

too because we like our

fresh unchlorinated water.

But at the end of the day it was

a health and safety risk and the

science said they needed to chlorinate

in a temporary fashion

and that is the same way we work

in Selwyn,” he said.


think Selwyn’s water should

be universally chlorinated?

Email your views to georgia.




Scorch Broadband

0800 726 724 www.scorch.co.nz

Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace

W: www.meareswilliams.co.nz

T: (03) 374 2547

M: 021 148 6221

E: rcg@meareswilliams.co.nz

E: am@meareswilliams.co.nz

E: kcw@meareswilliams.co.nz

Brent loves reading

the newspaper.

So we designed an extra wide bench for him

to stop his paper falling into the sink.

Start your own story

03 348 1994 | www.peterrayhomes.co.nz

6 Wednesday January 31 2018

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Your Local Views

Malvern Lions’ history



Lions Club


Tony Mitchell

writes about

the history of

the club

THE Malvern Lions Club was

established in 1971, and will

celebrate 50 years as a service

club to the local and wider

community in September 2021.

The club’s foundation

president was the late Ramsey


Mr Gibson and existing

member Colin Stott, played

leading roles in getting the club

chartered. The club has two

other charter members in Roger

James and John Inch, but also

has a good balance of experience

and age, with many younger

members joining the team in

recent years.

Optimum membership numbers

are maintained at about 50-

55. As a charitable organisation,

the club receives many requests

for financial and other support

from the community.

According to our resources,

the club responds by making

monetary grants and by providing

a range of other assistance

each year to several individuals,

FRIENDS: The Malvern

Lions Club at a convention in


groups and organisations from

the local area, the Canterbury

province and nationally. Emergency

grants are also made at

the board’s discretion.

The main source of income for

the club is through members catering

at several events that take

place throughout the Malvern

area. The club’s catering facilities

have been updated in recent

years to provide a very high and

efficient standard of service, of

which club members are very


Other typical activities include

running casino nights for organisations

as fundraisers, selling

pea straw, organising an annual

golf tournament for a worthy

recipient, publishing a phone directory

every few years, assisting

with the Coast to Coast event,

and helping with street appeals

in support of other charities,

among other things.

The success of the club is due

to the dedication and willingness

of its members to get

behind the leadership, and to

freely make themselves available

to support fundraising events

and activities. Members derive

great fellowship and enjoyment

from working on the various

projects, and through having the

privilege of supporting many

people, community projects

and organisations through our


To maintain optimum membership

numbers, the club’s

board approves, as required, the

induction of new members who

display a commitment to community

service, and who have

the enthusiasm and resources

to participate regularly in club

meetings and projects.

Monthly meetings of all members

are held at the Coalgate

Tavern where we have been

exceptionally well hosted and

catered for since 1971.

district council asked

families – including that

of Lisa Hurrell who was

murdered in 1998 – to

clean up the ornaments

left at its burial

sites, or the

memorabilia will

be removed

Gill Hubert – We

had a couple of things

on our father’s grave

and we had to remove


ManaEddie Hayes – As

much as I understand how

important a grave is to a family

(my mother died suddenly when

she was 44), I do understand

the council’s perspective. Some

grave sites can be very cluttered

and it would make it very difficult

to maintain the grounds.

Anna Louise

– Not on the grass in

front of headstone?

People may trip? Who

the heck’s walking

on a grave in the first

place? You never walk

on a grave.

Russell Olds – As

far as I’m concerned, the family

have paid for that plot so they

own it . . . plenty of flowers is



The district

council has

asked families

to clean

up items


grave sites.


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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 7

A reader reacts to Fulton Hogan’s

controversial plan to open a quarry

off Dawsons, Curraghs and Jones


Philip Colegate – I read of yet another

planning case where residents wishes

are being ignored in favour of commercial

interests. This time it is anticipated that

Fulton Hogan wish to extract gravel in

Templeton and in due course will apply

for consent from the district


The residents are naturally upset

and getting together to object

to the forthcoming application.

District councillor Mark Alexander

has advised the residents

to form a registered association,

raise $150,000 and retain experts

to represent them with a view to

getting some restrictions on the


We recently received similar advice

on another, smaller planning case, being

quoted $50,000 to fight an application to

conduct a commercial business on rural

land. We four neighbours who objected

found the prospect unattractive and

trusted the district council to look after

our and the district’s interests. Wrong.

Clearly Cr Alexander considers that

Fulton Hogan will be granted consent

when it applies and it is only open to

residents to try and get some limits imposed

on the level and time of operation.

Residents in Christchurch believe that

they will also be affected and are supporting

those in Selwyn.

I believe that as the Selwyn ratepayers

elect their local councillors, they should

ask each and every one of them to clearly

indicate if they support or object to this

activity. This time it may be a quarry but

there are a number of other examples

where residents opinions have been

ignored in favour of commercial development.

Who may be next as the system

considers that the benefits to residents

from the new business more than outweighs

the detrimental effects? Tell that to

the residents in Templeton.

This case will clearly proceed when Fulton

Hogan submits its application.

It will be notified to those that the

district council consider affected,

they will object and demand that

the case is heard by a planning

commissioner. The district council

will choose the commissioner

who will hear all the evidence and

what the council planning experts

Mark recommend.

Alexander In arriving at their decision the

commissioner will bear in mind

cases elsewhere and that their opinion

is subject to appeal to a higher authority

if the aggrieved party has the financial

resources to do so. Fulton Hogan clearly

do, but the residents?

There has to be a better way where residents’

rights are protected (after all their

house is probably by far their largest asset)

yet balanced to ensure that commercial

development is not restricted. Perhaps

Fulton Hogan should buy all the property

surrounding the proposed quarry? It can

then either sell it on with the benefit of

a quarry nearby or hold it until work is

finished and sell it at that time.

We elect our district councillors to

protect our district and it is time for them

to declare where they stand so that we can

remember come the next local election.

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per couple

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Sunday Buffet

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accompanied by live music.

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8 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



still being



• By Emily O’Connell

WEST MELTON teen Maddie

Collins is continuing to be

closely monitored in hospital

following a potentially lifesaving

kidney transplant.

Maddie, 14, and her family

were told on January 16 their

five-year wait for a kidney

match had been found.

They flew from Christchurch

to Auckland where Maddie

underwent the initial operation

at Starship Children’s Health.

Her mother Sarah Manson-

Collins said hospital staff would

like to get Maddie into Ronald

McDonald House in Auckland

as soon as possible, but she still

needs close monitoring.

“We are just trying to find the

right kind of fluid balance and

she has lost a lot of weight so we

are just juggling lots of fluids

and everything that is going on

to really protect her kidney,” she


While Maddie currently

weighs about 35kg, Mrs Manson-Collins

said physically and

emotionally she is holding up


Call to identify boy racer cars

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A RISE in boy racer activity in

Rolleston has police calling for

residents to get the registration

numbers of vehicles causing


It comes after an increase in

boy racer activity in Rolleston in

the last three to four weeks.

Sergeant Alex Pickover said

the activity is taking place in

the early hours

of the morning

and is upsetting

some residents.

He said if police

can get the

registration of

the vehicles they



can follow up

the incident and

make inquiries

with the owners.

Sergeant Pickover said if anybody

is found doing burnouts,

their vehicle can be impounded

for 28 days and the drivers can

be charged with sustained loss of


But he did not wish to specify

which roads in Rolleston were

recently targeted for boy racing


Rolleston Reserve

Management Committee Jens

Christensen said he had not

heard complaints of boy racer

Artisan Homes

Builders of superior homes.

Built to last.

PROBLEMATIC: Burnout marks on Brookside Rd and Dunns

Crossing Rd (left) and Burnham School Rd in Rolleston.

activity in the area.

He said he witnessed two

boy racers last Monday night,

with one doing a “360 donut”

in an empty paddock beside the

Rolleston New World supermarket.

Resident Sue Smit said when

cycling around Rolleston, she

had noticed evidence of burnout

marks on Burnham School Rd,

near Pines Resource Recovery


She said there was a whole lot

of burnout marks on Brookside

Rd between Dunns Crossing Rd

Our new Showhome in the

new Faringdon South Showhome Village

OPEning SOOn

WAtcH tHiS SPAcE!!!


and Edwards Rd.

Mrs Smit said she noticed

circular marks near where

East Maddisons Rd meets with

Selwyn Rd.

A resident, who did not wish to

be named, said vehicles scream

between the Selwyn Aquatic

Centre and Foster Park and

in front of Clearview Primary

School on Broadlands Drive.

She said while she didn’t think

there were a lot of boy racers in

Rolleston, she came home from

holiday last week to find a large

burnout mark outside her house.


Weedons Residents Association

Committee chairman John

McKim said he had not heard of

the issue increasing in the last

few weeks, it goes in phases.

“You do hear things. You see

what is left on the tarmac after

they have been out playing merry

hell . . . there was a bit of activity

in Dawsons Rd for a while,” he


Mr McKim said it would be

interesting to see if the district

council will reduce the speed

limit on Maddisons Rd from

100km/h to 80km/h as part of its

speed limit review.

He said hopefully it will improve

the road as it is currently a

“racetrack” for truck and trailer


District councillor Mark Alexander

said while he has heard

informal comment of more boy

racer activity in Rolleston, he

had not received formal notifications

or confirmed reports.

•Witnesses can phone

Rolleston police on 347 9248

or report anonymously via

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.


think there has been an

increase in boy racer activity

in Rolleston? Email your

views to georgia.oconnor@


Phone: 03 374 9172 or Rob: 021 324 876

E-mail - robin@artisanhomes.co.nz

Winners in Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 9


Real Hope For Long Term

Back Pain Sufferers

After almost ten years in New

Zealand, Teeter Hang-Ups

have now gained a reputation

for success with long-term

sufferers of Back pain. Inversion

New Zealand was started

by Dave and Nancy Hare,

Dave had suffered over

twenty years of back pain

from Degenerated Discs and

had basically given up and

decided to just live with it. “To

me surgery was never an

option” he said “as long as I

still could walk, there was


Dave had tried everything;

every time he was overseas

he would search for anything

that could possibly help.

While on one of these

overseas trips ten years ago,

Dave discovered the Teeter

Hang-Ups. “The first time I

tried it, the pain disappeared

and I was completely pain

free for about 30 minutes,

nothing had done that” he

told me. Dave never believed

it would fix him, “as specialists

had told me it was irreversible,

I now knew I had a place

to go every time I wanted

some serious relief”.

To Dave’s surprise the more

he used the table the longer

the pain stayed away, until

after nearly three months he

was completely pain free, “I

couldn’t believe it’ he told me

“I had spent large amounts of

money on every form of treatment

available and here

was something I had never

heard of sorting it out for

me in a very short period of

time” It was then Dave

decided to introduce Teeter

into New Zealand and Inversion

NZ was born.

Over the years INZ have

helped thousands of people

get some serious relief and

have seen results in not only

backs, but necks, hips,

knees, posture, circulation,

increased height, blood

pressure and lots more.

“We have testimonials from

people with over fifty years

of back problems and even

have them in a number of

schools in New Zealand for

their special needs children”

he told me, “the blood to the

brain helps these kids and

the results are excellent”

What this means for the

aging population is that it

helps maintain the health of

the brain as we all get older.

Dave told me that he

realised that, had he not

tried the Teeter for himself

he would still be suffering, “I

would still be a miserable

grumpy bugger, living with

pain, that is why we do the

shows, people need to try it

for themselves” he told me

“most people actually get

off with the pain either gone

or considerably less” he said

“we let the tables do the




Discs: It uses gravity to apply traction,

the traction gently opens the discs and as

they open up they create suction, this

suction draws fluid from the surrounding

tissue back into the discs, re-hydrating

them. This is the key! Discs do not have

their own blood supply, they rely on transfer

of fluid from the surrounding tissue to

keep them healthy and hydrated and over

the years as discs get thinner with age, they

lose the ability to take on fluid (just like

squeezing a sponge) and they start to


De-Hydrated discs are less flexible, they are

harder, more prone to injury, they interfere

with nerve roots creating pain and

ultimately the de-hydration causes degeneration.

The Teeter Inversion table slowly

and gently brings the hydration back into

the discs, plumping them up. This brings

back lost height (most people will regain

around 2 CM of height), it separates the

nerve roots far more effectively and returns

quality of life

Muscles: A lot of pain is muscular, when

muscles are stressed they become tight

which restricts the flow of blood and lymph

through the muscles so toxins build up,

Co2 and Lactic Acid. Traction opens up the

muscles, Rhythmic Traction, is a gentle

rocking motion that stimulates circulation

and encourages blood flow through the

muscles, which clears the lactic acid into

your lymph system where it stimulates

lymph flow and deals with it. Most people

with serious neck issues see a large

improvement after only one treatment.


Recreation and Community Centre

North Terrace, Darfield

Sat 03 February 10am - 4pm


Oamaru Scottish Society Hall

10 Tyne Street Oamaru

Sun 04 February 10am - 4pm

Frank Harwood (84) of Turangi using his Teeter, Frank has been

Inverting for over eight years and has found it keeps him young

Posture: Poor posture is one of the

major cases of pain and is a major contributor

to the deterioration of the body with

age. A difference in leg length causes most

of the hip and knee issues, as they continue

to place uneven loads on the joints;

similar to the wheels out of alignment on

your car.

Trying to correct posture is extremely

difficult due to muscle memory, as it

constantly pulls the muscles back to where

they were. At a level of 40 degrees or more

on the Teeter, the muscle groups open up

and eventually come back into alignment,

using the table daily, does not allow the

muscle memory to pull them back out of

alignment and slowly the muscles start to

lose their memory and go with the flow,

allowing the body to come back into

correct posture. Then using the table once a

day will ensure it is kept there.

This is pure logic, if a machine is out of

alignment it does not last long, the only

difference between the body and a

machine is that the body is constantly

repairing itself, however if the wear and

tear on the body is greater than the body’s

ability to repair itself, it is a slow decline.

The Teeter slowly brings the body out of its

decline and allows the body to repair itself,

resulting in a far healthier life.

If you are serious about investing in your

health and really sorting your issues out,

come see us at one of our local roadshows,

you have nothing to lose and chances are, a

lot to gain.


Otago Bridge Club

100 Otaki Street, South Dunedin

Sat 10 - Sun 11 Feb 10am - 4pm



Come along for a free treatment

Here in New Zealand,

Dr Giresh Kanji, one of the countries most

respected Pain Specialists completed a PhD

on how humans experience pain and then

researched lower back pain, writing "Fix Your

Back" and then spent a few years researching

neck pain, headache and migraine and wrote

"Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Migraine",

both books are in most bookstores.

Dr Kanji discovered in the research that the

disc is the most likely source of low back pain

and Inversion showed the best results of all

the trials conducted. Three studies showed a

60% reduction in pain and one showed a

75% reduction in surgery for people with disc


Dr Kanji has personally been using the Teeter

Inversion tables for his own low back pain,

has Teeter Inversion tables at both of his

clinics in Wellington (The Sports and Pain

Clinic) and has had such success that he is

now conducting the largest study in the

World on Inversion Therapy. In his own

words, "these things are gold and inversion

should be a first line treatment for low back



Stand A70 In The Agri Centre

Waimumu road, Waimumu

Wed 14 - Fri 16 Feb 10am - 4pm


CCS Disability Action Southland

142 Don Street, Invercargill

Sun 18 February 10am - 4pm

Inversion NZ Ltd

0800 62 62 83


Come along to one of our expos and see how it

works for yourself! (See red bar for details). If you

have completely resigned yourself to having

back or neck pain for the rest of your life, then

chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.



In 2008 I had been living with a serious lower back pain for

many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and

was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of

$48,000. The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle

changes including changing my profession, which was not

practical as I own my own business.

At the Waikato Home Show I experienced a demonstration

on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare. To me

the effect was amazing, I actually experienced some serious

relief which lasted for an hour or two, I was told that the

relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table

regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time,

having nothing to lose and a lot to gain I purchased a Teeter.

Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is

as strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am

still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and

most importantly I did not have the surgery. I consider the

purchase of my Teeter has been one of my greatest

investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and

costly surgery, it has kept me in my profession and it has

brought my health back.

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Very best regards

Paul Gordon



Stadium Town Hall

1 Northland Street

Sat 24 Feb 10am - 4pm


Alexandra Community Centre

Skird Street, Bridge Hill

Sun 25 Feb 10am - 4pm

Inversion helps to:

• Relieve Back Pain

• Relieve Neck Pain

• Relieve Muscle Tension

• Stimulate Blood And

Lymph Flow

• Improve Posture

• Increase Flexability

• Reduce The Effects

Of Ageing Caused

By Gravity

Check Out Our

Website For

More Shows

Inversion NZ Ltd

0800 62 62 83


10 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Our People


Mike Bowie

Lincoln’s bugman reveals why

Mike Bowie specialises in

entomology and has lived

in Lincoln for more than 20

years. As a senior ecology

tutor at Lincoln University,

he writes a weekly column

for the Selwyn Times about

insect species found in

his backyard. He spoke to

Georgia O’Connor-Harding

How did you first come to be

interested in bugs?

I think it goes back to when

I was at primary school. I went

to Otaio Public School in South

Canterbury. A visiting teacher

came and took us out to the field

and made us aware of insects,

birds and fish I had never seen

before. He opened my eyes to

what was around us. I remember

him showing us a birds’ nest

with eggs in it and eels. It is also

probably more when I was at

Timaru Boys’ High School – I

came up to Lincoln University

on a open day and we were looking

down microscopes at insects

and it captured my imagination.

Do you have any special

childhood memories relating to


I remember once when I was

supposed to be looking after

sheep – I grew up on a farm. I

would sort of spend my time

looking in the ground and digging

up worms or looking up

at the skylarks and the sheep

would be walking past me. I was

focused more on the wildlife

around me as opposed to the

livestock. I think from an early




age my parents realised I wasn’t

destined for farming and I was

probably more interested in the

wildlife around me.

What were you like growing


I was fascinated by nature

because I had the classic bird

egg collection and I used to love

the old Gregg’s Jelly bird card

set. Any of those things you

could collect which had a lot of

different species, I guess I was a



resident and ecologist Mike

Bowie with a tree weta.


For some people, the first

thing they do when they see a

bug is run away.

That concerns me a little bit

and I wonder how much that is

the parents installing that scare

thing on children. There is not

many things we should be scared

of in New Zealand. We are quite


What do you like the most

about bugs?

There are so many of them and

we know so little about them.

When you look at them under a

microscope, there are structures

on them that you wonder what

they are for. I think they are

fascinating. There are far more

invertebrates than any other

organism around.

Do you have a favourite bug?

I think wetas are pretty cool.

One specific weta I worked with

was a giant weta at Mt Somers

that lives on sheer bluffs. There

are some really good climbing

cliffs there and the reason why

these species have survived is

because the predators can’t get

to them.


nine bands. one day.















If wet check the Speedway Infoline 03 349 7727

or www.ruapunaspeedway.co.nz or FACEBOOK Ruapuna Speedway





SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 11

he loves backyard critters

These things are quite happy

climbing up a vertical rock

face. The fact they have got the

ability to do that and predators

like rodents, hedgehogs and

possums can’t basically protects

these things. They have beautiful

colours on them. When they are

disturbed and on a bluff that is

on a slight angle, they actually

bundle their legs up and roll

down the hill like tumbleweed.

When they feel they are far

enough they put their legs out

as brakes and then they trundle

away. We had some Lincoln University

summer scholar students,

which we usually have over the

summer break, and they found

after the earthquakes a lot of the

holes the wetas had been living

in were disturbed and they had

to find new homes.

It must be a great to be able

to get outside and research new


We do get out in the field for

teaching and research and that

is a real treat for us to see new

places and discover new species.

You are hoping you might find

a new species that has not found

before. And one day someone

might actually name one after

you. I haven’t been fortunate

enough yet. It will be a only a

matter of time before somebody

has the Jacinda bug. Already

there is the pinkfloydia spider

named after Pink Floyd.

Can you give me a time-line

of your career and how it led to

you becoming a senior ecology

tutor at Lincoln University?

I started at Lincoln in about

1983. I was a technician then.

I was predominantly doing

insecticide testing and looking

at resistance in insects that had

developed due to too many applications

applied to them.

Is it humane to test insects?

It is a hard one but you don’t

need animal ethics for insects.

When you get to the likes of

a lobster or crayfish you do;

which is an invertebrate as well

but a larger one and considered

to have an advanced nervous

system. I think we need to know

what insecticide insects are

resistant to so we can actually

look at alternatives. Moths and

pests all around the world have

become resistant. It is a major


Where did your career lead to


I started looking at habitat manipulation

so it was getting away

from pesticide. What happened

was I was rearing these mites

and I became allergic to them.

We had these large colonies in

CRAWL: Unlike some other people, Mike Bowie enjoys

handling large insects like this weta.

the laboratory. Because I was

breathing them in and they were

walking all over me, I became allergic

to them. I started sneezing

and had a runny nose and itchy

eyes. I felt quite horrible. I had to

move away from working with

them. I started looking at how

we can manipulate the natural

enemies of these pests. I was

looking at using floral resources

from various flowers which bring

in parasites and predators. They

bring in or help control pests at

least in the agriculture sector.

Then I evolved into habitat restoration.

Restoring habitats that

have been damaged. The whole

Canterbury Plains used to be

forest and now we have got less

than one per cent of that original

forest remaining. I have been

working on ways to protect those

few remnants.

Can you give me a description

of what your backyard is like?

I would have to say they are

predominantly natives in there.

It is not a tidy garden. A lot of

regeneration of natives. It creates

dark corners in my garden which

allows leaf litter to be established

and insects to do very well in it

because they have got leaf litter

to live in. It increases the diversity

of invertebrates. Because I

have those insects, I have got lots

of native birds coming in. I have

got bell birds, grey warblers, fantails

and silvereyes. They all visit

my garden and I am quite proud

to have created this.

Tell me about your family?

We have got three boys. Two

of them have gone through

Lincoln University. They have

done degrees but unfortunately

it wasn’t in the science field – but

they have got to do what they feel

is best for them. My poor dear

wife Sue has had to put up with

a lot of samples of insects in her

fridge and freezer. She is often

bringing me insects. I think she

has become a good entomologist

over time.

Are you one of the people who

walk around with bugs crawling

over you?

I am pretty happy with insects

or smaller spiders to be on me. I

think it is a way of showing people

you don’t need to be scared of

the creatures.

How long have you lived in

Lincoln and what do you think

of the township?

I have lived here for about 20

years. When we first arrived, it

was sort of like a village but it

has become quite a large town

now. I think the Lincoln Envirotown

Trust has made a difference.

Being the first Envirotown

in New Zealand is something we

should be proud of.

•Backyard Critters will

resume next week


Summer Theatre


1–18 February, 7pm Weds–Sun;

1.30pm Sat, Sun and Waitangi Day

Murray Aynsley Lawn, Botanic Gardens

Two productions bring life to the classic French tale of The Little Prince in this

exciting, quirky and magical outdoor theatre show for all ages. Masks,

puppets, and large scale tricks will transform the Gardens into the

intergalactic journey of wildness and whimsy.


12 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi






In February

Check out the Summer in Selwyn

events for February!

The full Summer in Selwyn guide can be

collected from Council offices, Selwyn

District Libraries, Lincoln Event Centre or

the Rolleston Community Centre.



growing strong


New World Rolleston Picnic in the Parks

Lincoln – Thursday 1 February, Lincoln Domain, 5.30–7.30pm

Tai Tapu – Thursday 8 February, Rhodes Domain, 5.30–7.30pm

West Melton – Thursday 15 February, West Melton Domain, 5.30–7.30pm

Pop down to your local park with the family for a picnic. Live music, bouncy castles, face

painting, Pedalmania, entertainment and much more. Activities for all ages and prizes up

for grabs. Free sausage sizzle and coffee available for purchase.



PhysioMed Women’s Triathlon

and Duathlon

Sunday 11 February, Selwyn Aquatic Centre, 8am

Run or walk, individual or team – you choose. New mums’

category, loads of spot prizes. Experience the thrill of

crossing the finish line. For more information and to enter

go to www.womenstri.co.nz. Enquiries to: Barb Miller,



Music on

the Green

Rolleston – Sunday

11 February, Rolleston

Reserve, 4.30–7pm

Be entertained with live music

at your local green. Bring a

picnic and relax while listening

to an outstanding line-up of

talented musicians including

Flip Grater, Li’l Chuck the One

Man Skiffle Machine, Alex

Hardy and Joe Oliver.

Leeston – Thursday 22

February, Leeston Park,


(Picnic in the Park and

Music on the Green)

Flip Grater

Waitangi Community FUN DAY!

Tuesday 6 February, Darfield Sportsground and

Recreation Centre, 10am–2pm

Celebrate being kiwi on our national day. The Waitangi

Community FUN DAY! encompasses Selwyn’s rural history

while providing fun and entertainment for the entire family.

Lake Crichton Series Triathlon

and Duathlon

Friday 9 February, Lake Crichton, Dunsandel

A family-friendly event for all-comers to finish their

working week with a race. Enter individually or in a team,

with options of short and long courses available.

To enter visit: www.selwynsportstrust.org.nz

Spectrum Lighting and Sound

Drive-in Movies

Darfield – Friday 9 February, Darfield Domain,

7–9pm, Ghostbusters (1984) PG

Rolleston – Friday 16 February, Rolleston Reserve,

7–9pm, The Incredibles (2004) PG

Grab your nearest and dearest for a family-friendly movie

outdoors! Park up and tune into the special frequency on

your car radio.

growing strong



Colour Fun Day

Sunday 18 February, Helpet Park, Rolleston,


Want to brighten up your day? Come along to this unique

run/walk experience for the entire family packed with colour!

Faringdon Summer Skate Jam –

Tai Tapu

Wednesday 28 February, Tai Tapu School,


Head to Tai Tapu School to show off your moves. Bring your

own gear or hire for free. Coaching available with experienced

skate instructors. Prizes up for grabs for best tricks!

More Events!

For a complete list of the Summer in Selwyn events taking place

from now through to April, visit Facebook and the Council website.

Follow us on Facebook for up-to date event information.



SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 13


Hank happy in new home

• By Julia Evans


motor festival has raised

$28,000 for St John Selwyn


The Jones Road Auto

Motor Fest team presented

the cheque to the St John

Area Committee last


The festival’s principal

organiser John Winchester

spoke about the hard work

St John volunteers undertake

in their community

every day.

“I know personally that

I would not be here was it

not for St John and their

local stations,” Mr Winchester


St John Selwyn Central

area committee chairman

John Sunckell thanked

everyone involved in making

the festival a success.

CHRISTMAS came early

for Hank the border collie


After featuring as poster

boy for Dogwatch Sanctuary

Trust’s 2018 calendar

and more than two months

at the trust, the twoyear-old

was adopted on

December 24.

He starred on the front

page of the Selwyn Times

over Christmas.

So he now has a new

home – and a new name.

He is now called Gus.

His new owner said he

had come along way in a

short space of time – describing

him as a “dolphin”

in the water.

“He is very affectionate

and gaining more confidence

as he gets to know

the neighbourhood. He is

very responsive to commands

and appears a quick

and willing learner.”

“I think further down

the track when he is completely

chilled he will enjoy

his new home.”

The bright, lovely and

playful animal, according

to trust manager Pam

Howard, had been without

a home since October.

Mrs Howard said many

people had wanted to

adopt Gus, but just weren’t

a right fit.

Gus had been at the city

council pound before arriving

at the trust, and had

some “quirks” she said.

She described Gus as

“resource guarder” – a dog

that growls and snarls at

other animals and people

to stay away from an object

it might be guarding.

“He just needs an owner

that understands when

dogs have quirks you work

SETTLING IN: With time,

Gus is becoming more

relaxed in his new home.

with them and you don’t

set them up to fail,” Mrs

Howard said.

Inaugural motor festival

raises $28k for St John

find your





Call 03 354 6228 or 0274 836 265





Sunckell, Nigel Fleck

and John Winchester

with the $28,000 for St

John Selwyn Central.


Monday to Saturday

Preschool to Advanced


Classes at Halswell

Ladbrooks and Lincoln

He spoke about the

growth of the Selwyn

district and the increase in

demand it put on St John.

He said it was important

to have a variety of significant

social events such

as the motor festival on

Selwyn’s calendar.

District councillor Craig

Watson said the event had

more than 35 sponsors

and an estimated 850 cars,

trucks and motorbikes

were on show.

He said about 6000

people came through the

gate. “For year one, we

could not have been more

pleased. If the event was to

continue there is a strong

base model to work from

and a product now that

we hope sponsors will get

behind,” he said. If you

are interested in taking

part in the motor festival’s

organising committee or

sponsoring an event, call

Mr Winchester on 03 347


find your



Darfield High School Rural College, in conjunction with

Lincoln University, is offering subjects from the Regional

Diploma in Agriculture as night classes in 2018.


You can complete the Diploma in two years, or select

individual subjects for a Certificate of Proficiency.

Semester One starts ballet on Monday 12 February and the

papers offered are MGMT 024R Farm Management A

and COMP 021R Computing and Communication.

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays

from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

For some students, this course may be eligible for

Fees Free in 2018.

For further information, contact Rex Smith

03-318-8411 or 03-318-7317 (after hours)

or rs@darfield.school.nz

CheCk ouT TheSe


Come and check

out our new cafe

at the side door

Red Bird espresso,

open from 7am


Monday to Saturday

Preschool to Advanced


Classes at Halswell

Ladbrooks and Lincoln

Call 03 354 6228 or 0274 836 265






Housie @ 7.30pm

All you can eat



Kids eat $5 all day

Club night

from 4pm


Thirsty Thursday

from 4pm

Steak night $15


Spin the wheel

from 8pm


Live Music


$13 Roast all day

2 Gerald Street, lincoln

Phone: 03 325 2408


14 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi


Selwyn District Council is asking drivers to stay alert for children as schools return during the

coming week. Over 9,500 Selwyn children will be travelling to school from Monday 29 January, up

from 8,000 in 2017.

Many of these young people will be getting off and on school buses, in and out of cars and

walking, biking and scooting to and from school.

Council School Road Safety Coordinator Stephanie Hautler reminds drivers that the only time

drivers must stop for pedestrians is on a pedestrian (zebra) crossing, at a school road patrol or kea

crossing when the stop lollipops are out, and when pedestrians have a green man at traffic signals.

A crossing point is an area that has been deemed by Council as the best place for pedestrians to

cross the road. It may have kerb buildouts to shorten the crossing distance and some may have a

pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road to cross the road in stages.

Pedestrians need to stop, look and listen before crossing the road at a cross point and just like

any other section of road, vehicles have the right of way.

“I often see drivers stopping to let children cross at cross points. Although drivers may think it’s

courteous stopping in the lane, it’s incredibly dangerous and setting our children up for failure.

Children may develop an expectation that all vehicles will stop for them,” says Mrs Hautler.

Road safety educational resources for parents and children are available from Selwyn District

Council. Email stephanie.hautler@selwyn.govt.nz or phone 347 2705.



School’s back, take care

on crossings

On the roads this week

Stabilised seal repairs will be occurring on Kerrs Road, Alesbury Road, Telegraph

Road and Leaches Road. Vegetation trimming and drainage works will occur on

Waimakariri Gorge Road. A road reconstruction will be carried out on Southbridge

Leeston Road. Reseals will be carried out on Rockwood Road and Coleridge Road.

Please stop on request at these sites.

Footpath reconstructions will be carried out on Cathcart Crescent. This footpath will

be closed during these works.

Water sense over Waitangi Weekend

Formal water restrictions have not been introduced in Selwyn this summer, however, residents are

encouraged to continue using their water sense. Council thanks residents for their cooperation in

reducing water use during peak usage times (6–9am and 4–9pm), particularly over the Christmas and

New Year period.

The Waitangi Day break is another period where very high levels of water demand can occur, caused by

people returning from the long weekend irrigating their lawns. This can lead to a decrease in household

water pressure and put stress on the water network. The Council asks residents to consider not

irrigating lawns or changing lawn irrigation timing to help keep the water networks stable on their return

from the long weekend. If demand for water increases over summer, water restrictions may need to be

introduced, requiring households to avoid watering lawns at specific times.

District Plan Review launches

with heritage focus

A major review of the Selwyn District Plan is now under way, with an

initial focus on identifying heritage items that might be added to the


The Council wants to hear from the community about whether

any additional items of cultural and historic value, such as historic

buildings, places or monuments, should be added to the new

District Plan.

More than 120 heritage items are currently listed in the District Plan.

“We want to know whether there are any other assets that

people want to see protected for the district’s current and future

generations,” says Environmental Services Manager Tim Harris.

The public consultation on heritage items is the first stage of public

engagement on the review of the current District Plan.

“A district plan is essentially a ‘rule book’ which sets district-wide

rules for sustainably managing our natural and physical resources,”

Mr Harris says. “So it’s important that people get involved in the

review and have a say about what can and cannot be done on land.

“We hope to gather feedback from our ratepayers and stakeholders

this year on a wide range of topics. This will help ensure we end up

with a Plan that reflects our communities’ needs and expectations.”

The proposed District plan is scheduled to be notified in 2020.

Residents can keep up to date with the District Plan Review, and

find out about when and how they can have a say during the review,

through the Council’s dedicated website at www.selwyndistrictplan.


“To make it as easy as possible for people to share their views

and comments, we’ll be offering a range of ways that people can

interact with the review, including drop-in sessions and online

platforms as well as formal submission processes,” Mr Harris says.

Nominations for new heritage items close at 5pm on Monday 5

March 2018.

Intersection upgrade to begin

A major project to install traffic lights at the Masefield Drive/

Rolleston Drive intersection in Rolleston will begin this Thursday.

The works include cycle lanes and footpaths (both separate and

shared), as well as storm water work and road resurfacing.

This is a major project in the Rolleston Town Centre Master Plan

which will improve safety while providing for increased vehicle, cycle

and pedestrian traffic through this busy intersection. It also provides

for traffic associated with the Christchurch Southern Motorway.

Although both Rolleston Drive and Masefield Drive will remain

open at all times, there will be some disruption to traffic during the

construction period, with temporary lower speed limits and other

restrictions such as lane shifts and stop/go controls.

· Construction will occur from 7am–6pm, Monday to Sunday and

overnight from 6pm–6am, Sunday to Thursday.

· No-parking cones will be in place. The area is to be kept clear to

allow enough space for traffic lanes and the work site.

· All works are subject to weather and on-site conditions.

· The bus stop in front of Countdown may need to be closed

at times. A temporary bus stop will be available in front of 51

Rolleston Drive during these times.

Opus International Consultants Ltd have designed the new

intersection layout, with Fulton Hogan Ltd awarded the construction

contract. The total project cost, including design, construction and

other work, is approximately $1.4 million.

The upgrade is planned to be completed in June 2018. For more

information go to www.selwyn.govt.nz.

Council services on Waitangi Day

Rubbish and recycling collection will occur as normal on Tuesday 6 February. Bin collection times can

vary from week to week so please have your bins out by 7.30am (or 7am on State Highway 1). The

Pines Resource Recovery Park is open from 10am–4pm.

Selwyn District Libraries and Service Centres, Rolleston Community Centre and Lincoln Event Centre

are closed on Waitangi Day. The Selwyn Aquatic Centre is open from 8am–8pm. Southbridge, Sheffield

and Darfield Pools will be open from 1–7pm.

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780


SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 15



Wednesday 31 January

Arthur’s Pass 11.30am–12.30pm

Castle Hill 1.40–2.15pm

Springfield 3–3.30pm

Thursday 1 February

Prebbleton Playcentre


Giggles & Scribbles Early

Learning Centre 11–11.30am

Council Headquarters


Cat’s Pyjamas Rolleston


Monday 5 February


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

or your local committee at least

three days before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless otherwise stated all of

these meetings will be held at the

Rolleston Council Building.

Property Committee

Wed 7 Feb 12.30pm

Audit & Risk Subcommittee

Wed 7 Feb 3pm

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

Tue 13 Feb 2pm

Lincoln Event Centre

Dunsandel Playcentre


Burnham Montessori


Darfield Playcentre 12–12.30pm

Darfield Primary School


Tuesday 6 February

Waitangi Day: No mobile visits




Free dog microchipping will take

place on Friday 9 February at

· Lincoln: 9–9.30am

· Leeston: 10.15–10.45am

Council Meeting

Wed 14 Feb 1pm

Citizenship Ceremony

Wed 14 Feb 6.30pm



Hororata Reserve

Management Committee

Wed 7 Feb 7.30pm, Hororata Hall

Kirwee Recreation Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 12 Feb 7.30pm

Kirwee Recreation Reserve

Ladbrooks Community

Hall Committee

Fri 9 Feb 7.30pm

Ladbrooks Hall

Leeston Community Committee

Mon 5 Feb 7.30pm, Leeston

Library Community Room

Lincoln Community Committee

Mon 12 Feb 7pm, Fitzgerald

Room Lincoln Event Centre

Lincoln Envirotown Meeting

Mon 5 Feb 7pm

Lincoln Event Centre

· Darfield: 11.30am–12pm

· Rolleston: 12.45–1.15pm

Please note:

· These times may have changed

from previously advertised

· Clinics last for only 30 minutes

· The Rolleston venue is Norman

Kirk Drive (off Rolleston Drive),

other locations are outside


· Microchipping won’t occur if


If you have any questions

regarding microchipping, please

contact Tracey on 347 2800 or

318 8338.


Public Notice is given that Selwyn District Council proposes to stop the road described in the schedule to this

notice under the provisions of Section 342(a) and the tenth schedule of the Local Government Act 1974.

Schedule – Canterbury Land District

Area (hectare) and Description:

3.2925 Adjoining Lot 1 DP 5702, Rural Section 35855 and Rural Section 35671; and shown as Section 1 SO 497083.

The legal road to be stopped is adjacent to 1287 Old South Road, Bankside. When stopped it is planned that it will

be sold to the adjoining owners of Lot 1 DP 5702 and amalgamated with the land in their title.

A copy of SO 497083 is available for inspection at Selwyn District Council’s Rolleston office, during normal office

hours. Any person objecting or submitting to this proposal can do so by Monday 12 March 2018. To make an

objection or find out more about this proposal please email roadstopping@selwyn.govt.nz or visit www.selwyn.govt.nz

Public Notice is given that Selwyn District Council proposes to stop the road described in the schedule to this

notice under the provisions of Section 342(a) and the tenth schedule of the Local Government Act 1974.

Schedule – Canterbury Land District

Area (hectare) and Description:

3.4556 Adjoining Part Reserve 1764; and shown as Section 1 SO 502891.

0.9361 Adjoining Reserve 5092; and shown as Section 2 SO 502891.

0.2698 Adjoining Reserve 5092; and shown as Section 3 SO 502891.

1.9434 Adjoining Part Reserve 1764 and reserve 1765; and shown as Section 4 SO 502891

The legal road to be stopped is at the intersection of Illingworth Road and Saunders Road. When stopped it is

planned that it will be sold to the adjoining owners of Part Reserve 1764, Reserve 1765, Reserve 1765 and Reserve

5092 and amalgamated with the land in their titles

A copy of SO 502891 is available for inspection at Selwyn District Council’s Rolleston office, during normal office

hours. Any person objecting or submitting to this proposal can do so by Monday 12 March 2018. To make an

objection or find out more about this proposal please email roadstopping@selwyn.govt.nz or visit www.selwyn.govt.nz

Selwyn District Council Sister

Cities Committee Meeting

Wed 31 Jan 5.30pm SDC

Rolleston Headquarters Building

Anyone interested in travelling

to China, Japan and Toraja at

your own expense later this year

are welcome to attend. RSVP

to Bernadette Ryan 3472 830 or


Springfield Township


Tue 13 Feb 7.30pm, Tawera Hall

(week later due to Waitangi Day)

Tai Tapu Community

Association Inc.

Wed 7 Feb 7.30pm

Tai Tapu Library

Weedons Residents Association

Committee AGM

Tue 13 Feb 7.30pm

Weedons Domain

Whitecliffs Township &

Domain Committee

Mon 12 Feb 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Water meters installed in Sheffield/Waddington

The Council’s rollout of water meters across the district’s water supplies is continuing in February, with

meters to be installed in Sheffield and Waddington.

Around 90% of Council supply households across the district are already on water meters, and this

project will complete installations at around 120 households, starting this week.

Metering has been shown to reduce water consumption as it links water use to charging – so

households that use less water benefit from lower charges, while those using more pay higher charges.

Households with average water use will find their total charge remains similar to what they currently

pay. Households can help avoid incurring extra charges by monitoring their water use - see

www.selwyn.govt.nz/watermetering for more information and tips on how to read your water meter.

Selwyn Events






















New World Rolleston Picnic

in the Park – Lincoln

5.30–7.30pm, Lincoln Domain

Pop down to Lincoln Domain with the

family for a picnic. Live music, bouncy

castles, face painting, Pedalmania,

entertainment and more! For details

go to facebook.com/summerinselwyn

Jumpstart the Muse –

Two day poetry class

The Laboratory, Lincoln,


Looking for inspiration? Can’t find

the time to write? Want to meet some

other poetry enthusiasts and have

fun writing? A workshop packed full

of writing exercises. Suitable for all

levels. $25 per person, per day.

Waitangi Community

Fun Day!

Darfield Sportsground and

Recreation Centre, 10am–2pm

Celebrate being a kiwi on our national

day. This picnic encompasses Selwyn’s

rural history while providing fun and

entertainment for the entire family.

New World Rolleston Picnic

in the Park – Tai Tapu

Rhodes Domain, 5.30–7.30pm

Pop down to Rhodes Domain with the

family for a picnic. Live music, bouncy

castles, face painting, Pedalmania,

entertainment and more! For details

go to facebook.com/summerinselwyn

Lake Crichton Series

Triathlon and Duathlon

Darfield Domain, 7–9pm

A family-friendly event for all-comers

to finish their working week with a

race. Enter individually or in a team,

with options of short and long courses

available. Visit selwynsportstrust.org.nz

to enter.

Spectrum Lighting and

Sound Drive-in Movies –


Darfield Domain, 7–9pm

Park up at the Darfield Domain and

tune your radio into the special FM

and enjoy Ghostbusters! Hot drinks

and movie snacks will be onsite to

purchase. For details go to


Faringdon Music on the

Green – Rolleston

Rolleston Reserve, 4.30–7pm

Be entertained with live music at

Rolleston Reserve. Bring a picnic and

relax while listening to an outstanding

line-up of our local talented musicians

including Flip Grater, Li’l Chuck the One

Man Skiffle Machine, Joe Oliver and

Alex Hardy. For details go to facebook.


For information on listing a community event visit


Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338



16 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi




29th January - 4th February 2018



On now!

Please drink


29 30



21 79




12 x 330ml Bottles


11 79



Wither Hills 750ml

(Excludes Pinot Noir)

Stoneleigh 750ml

(Excludes Rapaura/Latitude/Wild Valley)

Fresh NZ Tegel Skin On

Chicken Breast Fillets


7 99



3 99


Sweet Juicy



6 99


Fresh NZ Pork Leg Roast

(Excludes Free Range)


1 29


Fresh Cut Broccoli


4 90


Westgold Butter 400g



4 50

Bluebird Original/Thick/Thinly Cut Chips 140-150g


4 90


Tip Top Ice Cream 2L


2 50


The Natural Confectionery Co./Pascall Family Bag 165-260g

FreshChoice Leeston

78 High Street, Leeston.

Open 7am – 8pm, 7 days.

FreshChoice.co.nz FreshChoiceNZ 324 3788

FreshChoice Leeston

While stocks last at FreshChoice Leeston only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied.

Owned and


by locals


SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 17


Programme keeps kids busy


at the Busy Bumbles Holiday

Programme has kept Selwyn

children entertained over the

summer holidays.

Last week Rolleston, Lincoln,

Leeston, Templeton and Burnham

participants tried their

hand at designing their own pillowcases,

took part in a Rainbow

challenge scavenger hunt and

travelled to Christchurch to visit

Orana Wildlife Park.

The week began with a sports

day where children came dressed

in their favourite team’s colours

and competed in challenges and


Throughout the week,

children used a craft kit from

Make Craft to decorate their

bedrooms – making pillowcases

and personalising door hanger


The week finished with a relaxing

games day using giant board

games, human wheel races.

Hot chip sandwiches and DVD

movies were also part of the


FRIENDSHIP: Chloe Andrew and Lexie Martin with

painted faces.


We have over 40 years’ experience

to assist you with…

• Buying and Selling Houses and

Commercial Property

• Wills, Trusts and Estate matters

• All issues facing you

and your business;

• Employment Law


• Traffic matters;

• Advice regarding

Retirement Villages

• General Legal Advice on all matters

Call John, Brendan or Andrew today

03 366 8996

Email. lawyers@mclegal.co.nz

Airport Business Park

92 Russley Road, Christchurch 8042

CREATIVITY: Lincoln girls Stacey Blackmore, Ivy Lange and

Freya King spend time with coloured pencils. ​

ARTY: Samara Dunlop with a dreamcatcher craft.

•More holiday fun photos, page 18

55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston

Ph. 03 260 0866

284-286 Lincoln Road, Addington

Ph. 03 335 0095

Open 7 days - 9am till Late

Bookings recommended






34 Kendon Drive

(Off Strauss Drive)

Woodcroft Estate is being presented by Manor

Group, which has 30 years experience

developing villages in the north island. Some of the

most recent include Waterford Estate in Auckland,

kempton Park in tauranga and roseland Park in

the Waikato.

the concept of ‘own your own’ village is designed

to give residents the freedom and financial benefits

similar to home ownership, so should they need

to move they will still enjoy the capital gain of their

home. the village will be owned via a licence to

Occupy that ensures all proceeds from a villa’s sale

will go to the actual resident.

Once the village is finished, Manor Group will

transfer village ownership into a residents’ company,

enabling residents to contribute to the operation of

their own village, assisted by an on-site manager.

this manager also takes care of the day to day

running of the village - repairs and maintenance as

well as the welfare of the residents, giving everyone

peace of mind.

2 Bedroom Villas

from $400,000

Rolleston’s ReGIsteReD RetIRement vIllaGe


Thursday and Friday,

1st and 2nd February,


Woodcroft Estate brings you all the benefits of living in a

thriving community while retaining all the rewards of owning

your own village.

• 78 villas with Club rooms/ Pavilion and a bowling green

• 2-3 bedroom villas with single or double garage

• On site manager

• Secure lifestyle village

• Emergency call system in each villa

• 100% capital gain


Call Corinne on 021 821 683

Phone: 03 421 7796 | Email: sales@woodcroftestate.co.nz

34 kEndOn drivE, rOllEStOn

18 Wednesday January 31 2018

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

•Holiday fun from page 17


PROUD: Rowan Tarpey, Sam Fearnley, Jackson Fearnley, Riley Christensen, Keira

Christensen and Arnabelle Christensen display their door hangers.

SLUMBER PARTY: Ethan Tuffley, Rhiannon Win, Isabella Kennedy, Kaesyn

Neame, Jessica and Sophie McCarthy, Chloe Andrew, Ryan and Jamie Cridge

dressed up for pyjama day.

STYLE: Sophie and Jessica McCarthy

and Chloe Andrew modeling in tin foil

on the runway.

COLOURFUL: Ben Murray with his

Make Craft pillowcase.

CLEVER: Stacey Blackmore

making the most of arts and


NATURE: The animals at Orana Wildlife Park

provided much entertainment.


early learning

and childcare

published by


The first steps in education are

important for any child.

Providing nurturing, encouragement, support, challenges and a positive learning environment can

aid a child in their development and instill the pathway to life-long learning.

In the Selwyn Times childcare feature we highlight a number of providers who ensure children

have the best start possible as well as care which is provided for older children before and after

school. There are a variety of learning styles offered by these providers so read on to find out

which centre will provide the care best suited for your child.

2 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

92 child restraints

recycled under

SeatSmart recycling


Early childhood

learning in a

spacious country


The SeatSmart recycling

programme is making

journeys safer by removing

potentially unsafe child car

seats from circulation.

The Selwyn District Council partnered

with Seatsmart last March to carry out

a local trial which offered parents the

chance to have old car seats recycled

at a heavily subsidised rate. The three

month trial was deemed as a success

and will continue to operate in Selwyn.

So far 92 car seats have been dropped

off at the Pines Resource Recovery

Park, a total of 322 kg of plastic and 46

kg of metaldiverted from landfill.

Selwyn residents can take their

unwanted car seats to the Pines

Resource Recovery Park for a $5

charge (subsidised from $10).

The seats are dismantled through the

Department of Corrections community

work programmes. The recovered

plastic is recycled into products for the

building industry, metal parts are taken

to metal recyclers, and the harnesses

areused by Karkt NZ and The Green

Collective who make handmade bags.

Selwyn School Road Safety

Coordinator Stephanie Hautler says

all car seats have an expiry date on

them and over time seats can be

damaged from UV light, heat, general

wear and tear or in a crash. You can

find information about how to check

the expiry date at www.seatsmart.

co.nz. Locally, the Council has trained a

number of volunteers as child restraint

technicians and they can check car

seat safety and install seats for free –

see 'Selwyn Car Seat Champions' on

Facebook for details.

Booster and convertible seats can

be recycled through the recycling

programme, along with capsules, but

polystyrene seats are not part of the


The Pines Resource Recovery Park

is located at 183 Burnham School

Road and is open Monday to Friday,

9am–4.30pm, and from 10am–4pm

on Saturday and Sunday.

When children fully engage

with their learning the

experiences become more

memorable, helping lay down

the foundations for school life


At Burnham Country Montessori,

children have enriching encounters

in an extremely unique and spacious

country setting, complete with

the sights, sounds and smells of

agriculture. The children learn about

the world around them with country

walks and connecting with animals

such as feeding lambs, chickens and


The large open and well-resourced

playgrounds at Burnham Country

Montessori have native plantings,

vegetable and flower gardens, and

large decked areas for the children

and their family/whānau to enjoy.

Bright, cheerful and well-resourced

classrooms offer the opportunity for

structure that supports focussed

educational, emotional and physical


In line with the philosophy established

by founder Maria Montessori, children

teach themselves with their teachers

helping to cultivate each child’s natural

love of learning, inquisitiveness and a

complete personality that allows them

to become independent learners.

Burnham Country Montessori is just

a short distance from Rolleston,

Burnham Military Camp and Lincoln.

Their open door policy means you

can feel comfortable calling by to

see this inspiring preschool. You can

also check out their website at:


Published by The Christchurch Star Company Ltd | Phone 03 379 7100




Montessori & Early

Childhood Preschool

• We Offer a Friendly, Fun and supportive

environment – only 5 minutes from Rolleston.

• We believe that Tamariki thrive in a peaceful,

structured and caring environment, full of fun

and challenges.

• We Offer focused, balanced curriculums

that prepare Tamariki for the next step in

their learning journey.

• We value diversity within our Tamariki and

their whānau and this is reflected in our

whānau focused philosophy.

• We have 3 well resourced classrooms,

caring for Tamariki from 6 weeks to 6 years

of age. We are proud of our large, natural

playgrounds that offer challenges for all


Call in to visit us today, meet the teachers

and have a look around our school



FOR 2018

Proudly brought to you by the Road Safety Team


For enrolments please contact Jasmine or Kylie on 347-6161

Visit us at 643 Burnham School Road

Download forms from www.burnham-montessori.co.nz

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare


Early childcare

strong in Selwyn

A diverse range of early childhood care services are

available in Selwyn. Whether seeking home based care or

wanting your child to experience the company of others,

there are a wide range of facilities available, including play

centres, kindergartens and preschools, some also offering

before and after school programmes.

Centres follow the Te Whāriki New

Zealand early childhood curriculum

with some emphasising the Montessori

or Reggio Emilia approaches.

Under the Te Whāriki curriculum,

partnerships are formed between

teachers, parents and families so all

facets of a child’s world are embraced

with a holistic approach taken to their

care and learning.

In Montessori communities, the aim is

to build strong children who accept

diversity, show respect and are

comfortable interacting with others

and their environment, while taking

responsibility for and recognising what

is essential and sufficient.

Support, respect and an enriched

environment that supports family and

community are key factors of the

Reggio Emilia philosophy.

A child’s interests are

explored through selfdirected

learning where

art, drama, crafts and

play are critical elements

to their becoming

independent learners.

Family and the

community are

significant aspects

of all early childcare


Family and the


are significant

aspects of all

early childcare


Discover. Imagine. Connect.

Learning through discovery

Giving each and every child the best possible start for their educational

journey is to the fore at Ako Rolleston.

This early childhood learning centre caters for tamariki from three months

to six years, in three specially designed areas for infants, toddlers, and

young children, in an environment typical of a child’s own home.

Ako Rolleston is a smaller boutique setting with a high ratio of qualified

teachers who focus on respectful care, which ensures that each child is

seen as a unique individual, receiving the personal care they need to allow

them to foster and grow while building strong, trusting relationships with

their teachers.

With sustainability and preserving the

environment part of the philosophy, children

at Ako Rolleston have a strong involvement

in caring for the centre’s vegetable gardens,

chickens, worm farm, budgies and other

visiting animals, which is part of the daily


To learn more about Ako Rolleston, visit

their website at: www.akorolleston.co.nz,

email: akopreschool@gmail.com, phone

03 347 4480, or call into 4 John Street in


4 John Street, Rolleston | 03 3474480 | akopreschool@gmail.com | www.akorolleston.co.nz

4 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

Bright new start for

Bright Beginnings

Exciting changes have taken place at

the family owned and operated Bright

Beginnings Montessori Preschool and


Since purchasing Bright Beginnings

last November, the Irvine family have

added a personal touch along with new

toys and equipment, ensuring a large

well-resourced preschool with further

initiatives planned for 2018.

At Bright Beginnings, family and

community are valued and their role

will soon be enhanced with a new online

learning programme allowing child

profiles and learning stories to be shared

with parents and family who can add

content or upload stories about family


“The learning stories focus on a child’s

learning at Bright Beginnings,” explains

Zoe Irvine, Principal of Bright Beginnings.

Zoe who has a Bachelor of Teaching and

Learning in Early Childhood Education

is supported by Centre Manager, Hayley

Evans who has continued with Bright


Following the Montessori approach,

children gain real life skills in an

environment where independence

is fostered, creating well-rounded

learners who cope at school and

with life. Confidence and emotional

resilience build as children try

new things and learn social skills,

through problem solving, turn

taking and negotiation.

Bright Beginnings Montessori

Preschool and Nursery is located at

183 Brookside Road, Rolleston. You

are welcome to pop in and have a

look around at any time, as they

have an open door policy.

Montessori Preschool

We wish you

all a very

Happy New

Year and look

forward to

seeing you all

in 2018!

• Great child to teacher ratios

• Self help and independence skills

Montessori Preschool

• Fantastic rural outlook

• 27 car parks

We offer high quality care and

education from birth to 6 years

For all enquiries and enrolments:

Contact Zoe or Hayley on 347-4474

or email: bbs.montessori@xtra.co.nz

183 Brookside Rd, Rolleston

• Expansive outdoor area

• Relationships are a priority



us on

Quality flexible childcare

Since opening in March last year, Blossoms

Educare has been a busy early childcare centre

operating a nursery, toddler’s room, and two

pre-school rooms.

The centre’s spaciousness has been appealing

to both the children and parents who appreciate

the play and learning opportunities provided

at Blossoms Educare. Their philosophy, vision

and goals are in line with the Te Whāriki (New

Zealand) early childhood curriculum and promote

relationships with the local community, a

Canterbury spirit and nurturing local leaders

among their staff.

As a neighbour, Blossoms Educare and West

Rolleston Primary School have already developed

a close relationship. Children soon to graduate

participate in a Transition to Schools programme,

visiting the new entrants classroom for an hour

each week.

Blossoms Educare also participates in a support

programme with the school, where some students

visit the centre to gain community skills, designing

games they play with the children and working on

art projects together.

For a family community focus and exciting

learning opportunities, contact Blossoms

Educare on 0800 102 236, email rolleston@

blossomseducare.co.nz, call into 325 Dunns

Crossing Road (the Stonebrook end of Rolleston),

or visit www.blossomseducare.co.nz.

Come meet our team and discuss

your enrolment needs!

325 Dunns Crossing Road, Rolleston, Canterbury

Phone 0800 102 236 or 03 347 0562 | rolleston@blossomseducare.co.nz | www.blossomseducare.co.nz

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare





are limited

so get in


A place

to feel

at home

Prebbleton Nursery & Education Centre is a place where every

child who attends is valued for the unique and special individual

that they are. We see ourselves as a happy family! Our Teachers

love the work they do and this shines through.

We care for and

educate children 3

months to 3 years

Organic gardens,

chickens that lay

eggs, rabbits, guinea

pigs and budgies

Family owned

and operated

by Prebbleton


To find out if Prebbleton Nursery could be apart of your child’s

journey, contact us today!

542 Springs Rd, Prebbleton | 03 349 9970


Prebbleton Nursery caters for

children from three months to

three years.

The nursery follows the Pikler and

RIE philosophy where each baby and

toddler’s needs are respected and

nurtured with full support. Caregiving

activities like nappy changing, kai

time, bottles and nap time increase

the teacher-child relationship and the

child’s sense of security. Teachers

listen and respond to the children

using real words about real things,

fostering their language skills.

As the children’s play choices are

trusted, they build independence

through uninterrupted selfdirected

free play opportunities,

sensitively observed to avoid

needless interruption.

Free play and movement

opportunities help the children

naturally develop their motor

and cognitive skills in line with

their innate timetables, in an enriching

environment that avoids restrictive

structure. Trusted to lead their own

play and choose activities reflecting

their interests, passions and dreams,

the children are enriched and grow,

knowing they are free to express their


Children need confident, empathic

leaders along with clear boundaries

and Prebbleton Childcare provides

this. Their teachers know the power

of modelling, helping children learn

through words, actions about love,

relationships, empathy, generosity,

gratitude, patience, tolerance,

kindness, honesty and respect. The

children learn about themselves –

their abilities, worth, place in the hearts

of their teachers, and where

they fit in the world.

A new Prep School room and a dedicated

before and after school care room at West

Melton were just two of the accomplishments in

2017 for The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery,

where dedicated age specific rooms for children

ensure quality early childcare education.

“It’s wonderful having age appropriate rooms,

higher teacher/children ratios, large dedicated

playgrounds, and a wealth of resources and

equipment where children can have lots of fun

whilst learning,” says Tracy Summerfield, who

with husband Gavin, own and operate The Cat’s

Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery centres in West

Melton and Rolleston.

“We have wonderful teachers, great

family support and really feel part of our


With excursions an important part of The

Cat’s Pyjamas’ programme, the children will

again enjoy pursuing their interests with

unique experiences into the community like

travelling on a bus and visiting places such as

the Halswell Miniature Trains Park and the Isaac

Theatre Royal.

“We love making learning fun and instilling in

children a passion for learning through play,”

adds Tracy.

The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery offers

quality and affordable childcare. All children

over 3 years of age are eligible to receive 20

hours free education with no optional charges.

neW flexible fee


no optional fees

foR 20 HouRs ece

enquire now about our new flexible fee

options for 2018 by contacting

the cat’s pyjamas preschool & nursery:

03 347 9561 (Rolleston)

or 03 741 1785 (West Melton)

or visit www.catspjs.co.nz

Rolleston 10 Beaumont Drive, Phone: 03 347 9561

West Melton 65 Iris Taylor Avenue in Preston Downs, Phone: 03 741 1785

6 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

Selwyn early learning

& ChildCare direCtory

Home based early cHildcare &

out of scHool programmes

Annies Nannies – home based (in your or the educator’s

home). Phone 366 8628

Busy Bumbles – Before, after school and holiday

programmes. Phone 347 3031

CASPA & Papa Jacks – holiday & afterschool programmes.

Phone 349 9260

PORSE – In home childcare & educator training.

Phone 0800 023 456

Selwyn Kids – Home based childcare. Phone 347 9089

Stems from Home – In home childcare & learning.

Phone 0800 783 378


Burnham Country Montessori Phone 347 6161

Burnham Nursery and Pre-School Phone 347 6874

Kidsfirst Kindergarten Phone 347 6707


Annabel’s Educare Phone 318 7943

Annabel’s 3 yr old Kindergarten Phone 318 7948

Annabel’s 4 yr old Kindergarten Phone 318 8843

Darfield Preschool & Nursery Phone 318 8836

Darfield Playcentre Phone 027 627 8993


Dunsandel Childcare and Pre-School Phone 325 4543

Dunsandel Playcentre Phone 0274 863 169


Hororata Playcentre Phone 027 407 8969


Active Explorers Phone 324 4115

Children First Pre School Phone 324 3396

Leeston Playcentre Phone 324 4161


Busy Bumbles Phone 347 3031


Prebbleton Childcare Phone 349 9970

Prebbleton Playcentre Phone 027 538 7752


ABC Rolleston/BestStart Educare Phone 347 9850

Active Explorers, Rolleston Phone 347 4400

AKO Rolleston Phone 347 4480

Blossoms Educare Phone 0800 102 236

Bright Beginnings Montessori Preschool and Nursery

Phone 347 4474

Edukids Faringdon Phone 550 2076

Kidsfirst Kindergarten Phone 741 4620

Lollipops Phone 347 3511

Paradise for Little Angels Phone 347 2054

Rolleston Playcentre Phone 347 0935

Selwyn Kids Phone 347 9089

The Cats Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery Phone 347 9561

Three Trees Early Learning – (Opening Oct)



Southbridge Playcentre Phone 324 2713

tai tapu

Active Explorers Phone 329 6507

Tai Tapu Playcentre Phone 329 6210


Templeton Nursery and Preschool Phone 344 1220

West melton

Annabel’s Educare Phone 347 1603 or 318 7942

(opening soon)

The Cats Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery Phone 741 1785

West Melton Nursery, Kindergarten & Learning Centre

Phone 347 4132

West Melton Playcentre Phone 027 265 2702

Giggles and Scribbles Phone 325 3350

Kidsfirst Kindergarten Phone 325 2700

Lincoln Playcentre Phone 325 6158

Lincoln University Childcare & Preschool Phone 325 2287

Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre Phone 325 2870

Lincoln Village Preschool and Nursery Phone 325 7356

Melodies Preschool Phone 325 2227

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre Phone 325 2677

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

Lincoln University offers

great childcare


Lincoln University offers early childcare from two centres on its campus. Lincoln University Early Childhood

Centre and Lincoln University Childcare and Preschool provide care and education for whānau/families

connected to the university, nearby research organisations and the wider community.

Lincoln University Early Childcare Centre

Lincoln University Childcare and Preschool

Children at the Centre are forming a

special relationship with nature.

Through Arboretum Adventures (forest

schools), they are developing skills and

knowledge for navigation through life’s

pathways and challenges.

They have experiences in the natural

environment that link with Te Whāriki

(the Early Childhood Curriculum)

child outcomes of: te turangawaewae

(taking part in caring for this place)

and te whanaungatanga (making

connections between people, places

and things in their world).

They become kaitiakitangi (guardians)

of the arboretum, discovering and

interacting with nature.

Last year the Centre also collaborated

in a joint project with SOLA (Students

of Landscape and Architecture) to

develop natural and intriguing play

spaces, the children and their families

planning, designing and contributing

to a new sandpit and climbing space,

which included river rocks, planting

and water collection.

The Crescent, off Springs Road in

Lincoln, open Monday-Friday,


To learn more, call

Marilyn on 325 2870,



or go to www.lincoln.ac.nz/luecc

or www.fb.com/luecc

Te Whāriki, expresses the centre’s

philosophy, supporting every child

to be confident and competent

learners, strong in their identity,

language and culture, and forming

strong partnerships with families.

This philosophy is important for newly

appointed centre supervisor, Ruta

McKenzie who has worked in early

childhood for 28 years, as an assistant

supervisor, centre co-ordinator and

early childhood facilitator.

Ruta returns to Lincoln University

Childcare and Preschool after

working at the UC Education Plus

and CORE Education providing

professional development for teachers

in mainstream and Pasifika early

childhood services.

She is passionate about early

childhood care and education and

loves working with diverse cultures

in Aotearoa, bringing considerable

experience and knowledge as an early

childhood facilitator to her new role.

The Lincoln University Childcare and

Preschool currently has spaces for

infants and toddlers (1 month-2 years),

and limited spaces for 2-5 year olds.

Please visit the centre to meet its

experienced trained teachers

who share a passion for working

with children and families from

diverse cultures.

79 Ellesmere Junction Road in Lincoln,

open Monday-Friday, 8.00am-5.30pm.

To learn more, call

Ruta on 03 325 2287,

email ruta.mckenzie@lincoln.ac.nz

or check www.childcare.lincoln.ac.nz

Early development is fundamental to

Curiosity starts here.

the growth of your child.

At Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre we can offer you

• Small group sizes with qualified teachers.

• Meaningful experiences in a nurturing environment.

• Friendly nursery guided by the principles of RIE and Pikler.

• Exciting preschool offering inquiry-based learning.

• A participant of both Enviroschools and the Lincoln

Envirotown Trust.

• Located in The Crescent, off Springs Road in Lincoln.

Lincoln University

Early Childhood Centre

New Zealand’s specialist land-based university.

Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

For further information or to arrange a visit,

please contact Marilyn at:


or phone 325 2870.


starts here.

• Caring environment for children aged 0-5.

• Qualified staff with excellent teacher-to-child ratios and an

educational and development-based programme.

• High value placed on family/whānau involvement in the preschool.

• Part of the Lincoln Envirotown Responsible Business Award.

• 20 hours of Early Childhood Education for three-and-four-year-olds.

• Located on Ellesmere Junction Rd, just down from Lincoln University.

Lincoln University

Childcare & Preschool

New Zealand’s specialist land-based university.

For further information, please contact Ruta at

ruta.mckenzie@lincoln.ac.nz or phone 325 2287.

Open Monday-Friday, 8.00am-5.30pm.

8 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare


‘We believe in educating with care’

We’re a community based, not-for-profit centre offering -

• Friendly, motivated and caring staff

• Excellent staff/child ratios

• Separate building for the Preschool and Nursery with their own

wonderful outdoor play areas

• Healthy nutritional meals prepared and cooked on site daily

Open : Monday to Friday 7.30am-5.30pm

3 Nursery Lane, Burnham • Ph 347 6874

Website: www.bnp.co.nz - Email : bnpreschool@xtra.co.nz

West Melton Kindergarten,

Nursery & Learning Centre

Early childhood centre for

children aged up to 6 years

• Four separate sections,

Nursery, Kindergarten, Learning Centre

Before & After School Programmes

• Age appropriate programmes

• Large outdoor grassed playground & bike track

• ECE hours available for 3, 4 & 5 year olds

• Qualified, experienced, registered teachers

Open 7.30am-5.45pm Mon-Fri

Phone Penny for more information

03 347 4132

or visit the centre at any time,

opposite the Primary School

info@westmeltonkindergarten.co.nz | www.westmeltonkindergarten.co.nz

Working with families

Burnham Nursery and Preschool is a community-based, not

for profit centre that believes in providing quality care and

education for all learners.

“We value whānau involvement and

believe that parental aspirations are

paramount,” says Centre Director, Cilla


“We work collaboratively alongside

families to ensure the best outcomes

for all learners.”

This centre has a well-equipped

kitchen that provides healthy and

nutritious morning, afternoon tea and a

cooked lunch.

There are two large outdoor spaces

Primary caregiving by key teachers

ensures Nursery children develop

strong, secure relationships giving

them the confidence to explore

the environment and develop their

independence. Throughout the

centre, key teachers plan for individual

children’s interests and needs.

Teachers nurture and support each

child as they travel on their Learning


that provide plenty of opportunities to

reconnect with nature.

To find out more, visit www.bnp.co.nz.

Spacious ECE Centre offers

excellent care and education

Fully qualified, caring teachers at West Melton Kindergarten,

Nursery and Learning Centre ensure your child experiences

a positive, respectful, fun learning environment.

We encourage families to visit anytime

to see what we can offer in our

purpose-built centre with large outside


Empowering children with a holistic approach

Providing a supportive environment where tamariki are

encouraged to develop confidence by being able to take

risks, and are affirmed as capable learners, is the key for

learning at Paradise for Little Angels in Rolleston.

Owners Marianna and Michael Inch ensure that tamariki

within their centre are empowered and encouraged to

reflect on their own learning process. All learners and their

learning are seen as competent and respected, making

a valued contribution to our local schools and wider


“It’s all about quality care and education, where tamariki

are free to run, have fun, burn energy and just be kids”.

says Marianna who adds that outdoor play is important to

a child’s development and Paradise provides this with its

1500 square meter natural environment.

Children’s cultures are highly visual in the environment.

Teachers acknowledge the cultural skills and expertise

that parents bring to the service and use these well in the

programme. Teachers encourage tamariki to develop

their social competence through a range of meaningful

contexts such as problem solving and creative play (ERO


Since 2016, Paradise for Little Angels has adopted a

Reggio Emilia approach to their learning and their tamariki

have loved exploring projects on their own interests. The

centre also works closely with local school who share their

passion for this learning philosophy.

Infants and toddlers have time and space to freely

explore the well-resourced and inviting environment.

(ERO 2017). If you want your child to explore nature at its

best, experiencing trees and adventure gardens, water

slides, and have your 4 year old experience a sleepover

at preschool, feel free to have a look at Paradise for Little


“A child’s


is like the

opening of a

flower bud”


now for 2018

Open 7.30am-5.30pm

Children enjoy a physical environment that

offers challenges & interests & invites them

to explore and become fully involved in a

wide variety of activities. (ERO 2017)

Come along meet the teachers, view the

preschool, nursery and playground.


• Primary Caregiving

0-6 years

• 20 Hours ECE Winz


• Experienced qualified staff

• Low teacher/child ratio

www.paradiseforangels.co.nz | 41 Marlowe Place, Rolleston | Phone 347 2054

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare


10 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

Award winning before

and after school care

Your children will be safe

and happy at a Busy Bumbles’

before and after school or

holiday programme.

This award winning, out of school

hours’ provider has 11 venues across

Selwyn, with nearly 50 staff who pride

themselves on offering a truly high

quality programme catering for all ages.

Busy Bumbles especially enjoys

participating in local events like the

Lincoln Santa parade, West Melton

sports day and various school fetes.

“I feel privileged to be able to offer

this care to local families,” says Busy

Bumbles owner and manager, Rebecca

Scott who is a trained teacher and local

Selwyn person.

Check Busy Bumbles’ Facebook page

and website, www.busybumbles.co.nz

where you can enrol your child online.

Find out more or enrol by visiting

our website today!


OSCAR & CYF approved, WINZ subsidies

Winner of Best New OSCAR Programme

in New Zealand AND Most Outstanding

OSCAR Programme



Melodies Preschool is a small boutique

preschool of only 30 children per day nestled in

the heart of Lincoln township that provides high

quality care and education for boys and girls

aged 2-5 years.

Our unique daily programme incorporates

specialist music, dance, gym and art sessions

using the Carl Orff approach and Gill Connell’s

Moving Smart programme.

The children enjoy discovering, creating and

exploring our indoor environment which includes

a spacious music room and art room.

The natural outdoor environment is designed

with your child’s creativity and physical

development in mind. Static equipment is limited

so that children are able to create their own

huts, games, obstacle courses and always be

physically challenged. Every day the outdoor

environment is different.

Our low child to teacher ratio of 7 children to

1 teacher (Ministry Regulations are 10:1) provides

a nurturing attentive atmosphere where children

are engaged in meaningful play where there is

always a teacher to care, support and extend on

your child’s interest.

It also allows teachers to provide amazing

activities, lessons and interactions that would

not otherwise happen in a higher child to

teacher ratio environment. We also provide an

exceptional Transition to School programme for

4–5 years olds that is highly regarded by local

New Entrant teachers and Principals.

Children at Melodies become happy creative,

confident, innovative learners. 90% of a child’s

brain develops in the first 5 years. Quality

experiences and interactions help shape your

child’s future during this time. Music develops

a separate part of the brain that is linked to

memory and awakens the senses, develops

language and promotes confidence and

creativity. Children learn through movement and

real sensory experiences.

High Quality Preschool Education is the smallest

most important investment you could make to

your child’s future.


03 325 2227 | info@melodiespreschool.co.nz | www.melodiespreschool.co.nz

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare


Loving learning

and life

Active Explorers Leeston inspires a lifelong love of learning

and empowers enquiring minds to reach their greatest


The busy, vibrant hum that greets you when you enter Active Explorers Leeston

lets you know you are in a place where children are engaged, absorbed and

loving it.

“The learning journey our children take is everything to us. We respect their

abilities, encourage their interests, and we recognise their individuality. Respect

for each other and our environment underpins everything we do at Active

Explorers Leeston,” says Janene Prendergast, Centre Manager.

Parenting...it's it's often often described described as the as the hardest, yet wider most community rewarding, experience organisations a person that can can

hardest, have! An yet opportunity most rewarding, to nurture experience from infancy a - promoting support and supporting empower you all the to fulfil physical, your role

person emotional, can social have! and An intellectual opportunity needs to nurture of our children, aided with and empowering the skills, resources them into and contacts

from adulthood... infancy and - promoting yes: it sure and can supporting be a busy rollercoaster that you of need. incredible moments, euphoric

all highs, the and physical, of course emotional, more challenging social and and tougher times too.

As we settle into 2018 we welcome you to

intellectual needs of our children, and

follow us on our various digital platforms

empowering Selwyn Parenting them Network into adulthood... (SPN) was and born from a desire and belief that all families should

(including our social media accounts on

yes: have it access sure can to active be a busy support, rollercoaster resources of and understanding. We know that parenting can be

incredible tough, but moments, we also know euphoric that with highs, the and 'right of help Facebook at the right & time' Instagram) the lives where of parents, you can keep

course carers and more children challenging can be up to date with all that we are planning

and transformed. tougher times

within the community; access links to


The purpose of our work is to strengthen Selwyn valuable communities resources by providing and informative support to articles; local

Selwyn parents and Parenting caregivers Network of children (SPN) of any was age. We book are fast places becoming for one-off a local guest 'parent speaker advice

born bureau' from within a desire Selwyn: and a belief network that that all families can facilitate evenings, your needs and as of a course parent/caregiver attend our and annual

should put you have in touch access with to the active many support, specific service providers showcase and events wider including community Family Fun Day,

resources organisations and that understanding. can support and We empower know that you and to fulfil Children’s your role Day with NZ. the skills, resources

parenting and contacts can that be you tough, need. but we also know

To this end, we warmly invite you ALL to be

that with the 'right help at the right time' the

a part of our 5th Birthday celebrations at our

lives As we of settle parents, into carers 2018 we and welcome children you can to be follow us on our various digital platforms

annual SPN Children's Day FREE Event

enhanced (including our and social transformed. media accounts on Facebook & Instagram) where you can keep up to

date with all that we are planning within the community;

on Sunday





to valuable

(12pm -


3pm) where

The and informative purpose of articles; our work book is to places strengthen for one-off guest we encourage speaker evenings, you and and the whole of course family to

Selwyn attend our communities annual showcase by providing events support including Family pack Fun your Day, drink and bottles, Children’s sunhats Day NZ. and picnic

to local parents and caregivers of children rugs, and head on down to enjoy a wide

of To any this age. end, We we warmly are fast invite becoming you ALL a local to be a part range of our of 5th fun Birthday free activities celebrations and entertainment

at our

'parent annual SPN advice Children's bureau' within Day FREE Selwyn: Event a on Sunday at our 4th new March venue (12pm of choice: - 3pm) Foster where Park, we

network encourage that you can and facilitate the whole your family needs to as pack a your Rolleston. drink bottles, Lock sunhats in the date and picnic now, rugs, as and

parent/caregiver head on down to and enjoy put a wide you in range touch of with fun free activities we cannot and wait entertainment to see you at our there new for a

the venue many of choice: specific Foster service Park, providers Rolleston. and Lock in the fun date filled now, day as to we celebrate cannot wait our children. to see

you there for a fun filled day to celebrate our children.

Selwyn Parenting Network

Selwyn Parenting Network

Community Group For Parents Caregivers of Children Any Age

A Community Group For Parents & Caregivers of Children Any Age

Contact: Kate Webb, Coordinator

Contact: Kate Webb, Coordinator on 027 229 2001

027 229 2001

www.spn.org.nz SelwynParentingNetwork selwyn_parenting_network






Foster Park | Rolleston

12:00pm – 3:00pm


▪ Face Painting

▪ Pony Rides

▪ Hula Hooping

▪ Farmyard Friends

▪ Sports Activities

▪ Vintage Fire Engine

▪ Community Fundraiser Stalls

▪ Free Sausage Sizzles

▪ Bouncy Castles

▪ Pedalmania

▪ Magic Show

▪ Music & More!!

Quality care and education from 3 months to 6 years

• 20 Free ECE hours for all three to six year olds • Our new nursery is open ready to welcome Under

• An experienced, committed team with a strong Two’s into the warm and enriching environment.

knowledge of Te Whariki, the Early Childhood

• Our opening hours are 7 - 5.30pm


• Our programme is influenced by a Reggio

• Our older children are enjoying their own

Amelia approach

classroom, getting involved in project work, being

• An extensive outdoor environment with space creative in their dedicated art studio and building

to ride bikes and explore nature.

social and emotional skills with their peers.

Visit us at 20 Leeston Lake Road, Leeston

Enquiries to Janene (Neeny) Prendergast 03 324 4115 • neeny@activelearners.co.nz

Visit our website www.activelearners.co.nz

Will be Cancelled if wet.

Thanks and acknowledgment to our key community funding partners:



12 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare

With nature we live,

through nature we learn.

Innovative nature based childcare

centre coming to Rolleston

A state of the art early childhood education centre is soon to

be built in Rolleston.

Due to open in October, the Three Trees Learning Centre

has been architecturally designed to optimise learning on its

3,050 square metres of land, next door to Foster Park.

Children at the centre will be able to explore and develop in a

fun yet nurturing environment with the freedom to lead their

own learning through uninhibited discovery with an on-site

forest and strong nature/outdoor focus.

“Children learn most effectively when connecting deeply with

nature through play experiences,” advises Jenny who with

business partner, Libby will operate the Three Trees Learning


Drawing on popular early childhood philosophies, the Three

Trees Learning Centre’s uniquely holistic way will integrate

the best learning practices of the Reggio Emilia approach.

Respectful relationships and primary care giving will be

important factors while taking learning out of the classroom

and into a natural environment will offer amazing experiences

that aid each child’s physical and intellectual growth, social

and emotional skills, and general health and well-being.

The Three Trees Learning Centre’s philosophy emphasises

respect for its tamariki. This includes the children’s unique

attributes and origins while trusting them to investigate,

explore and be curious so they become resilient, persistent


Primary care giving and respectful relationships with their

peers, along with freedom to explore through natural

discovery will be key principles. With low ratios ensuring small

group sizes, the teachers/kaiako will work with the children

in a nurturing, encouraging and inspiring way, sharing their

discoveries and forming strong bonds with them.

Registered teachers, Jenny and Libby worked with the

architects, bringing their knowledge of early learning

and vision of a dream centre to life. The result will be

an award winning quality early childhood education


“It’s taken considerable thought and planning.

Children at our early childcare centre will have an

amazing experience,” adds Jenny.

The centre will be well-ventilated and acoustically

designed, supporting the health and well-being of the

children and staff. With it opening to the outdoors whether

rain or shine, the children will have freedom to play outside

(dressed accordingly).

There will also be flexibility in transitioning so each child can

progress at their own pace, with a collaborative approach

taken where the child, their whānau and their primary

caregiver are involved and there is smooth transition from

the beginning.

The Three Trees Learning Centre will cater

for babies and children from 0-6 years of

age, providing all meals and items such

as nappies and wipes and will be open

from 7.30am until 6pm, weekdays.

If you would like to learn more about

Three Trees Learning Centre, go to


co.nz and check their Facebook

page where you can follow the

centre’s progress and share in its

emerging story.


www.threetreeslearningcentre.co.nz | learning@threetreeslearningcentre.co.nz

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Wednesday January 31 2018 31


New studio takes

pooch pampering

up a notch

The new ‘doggy’

grooming studio.

A new especially designed dog grooming

studio has just opened at Luxe Doggy Day

Spa in Rolleston. Their spacious new building

has state of the art features along with special

areas so your dog can look out the window or

chill on the couch while being pampered.

“Our new studio’s great,” says Loretta who

owns and operates Luxe Doggy Day Spa,

a popular boutique offering a one-on-one

grooming service for dogs.

Loretta is so proud of her new studio she

wants to show it off so on Saturday, 3rd

February from 2-4pm you can call by and

view for yourself where your dog will be


The new studio is a great addition for this

dog grooming service, which is sought after

by people throughout Selwyn and beyond.

Dog owners appreciate the personal service

and care Loretta gives to all her canine clients.

Necessary to ensure good dog comfort and

health including avoiding matted hair which

can cause issues, regular grooming at Luxe

Doggy Day Spa is a completely enjoyable

experience. Cuddles and a loving groom are

the norm for all dogs and just the answer

where a pet suffers from anxiety.

“Many of our clients book their dog for a six

weekly spruce-up,” adds Loretta who reminds

that regular clients receive their pooch’s 5th

groom at half price.

Also in high demand is Luxe Doggy Day

Spa’s ‘puppy first groom’ package. This offers

an even gentler introduction to a puppy’s

first groom with lots of breaks and cuddles;

something Loretta emphasises is important

for an animal to become familiar with the

grooming process.

Appointments are spaced out so each dog

receives Loretta’s full attention, making for

a pleasurable time for your treasured pet,

and with service and client satisfaction high

priorities Luxe Doggy Day Spa receives

considerable positive feedback and great

reviews on Facebook.

Quality natural products and top-of-theline

equipment are used along with a quiet

stand up blow dryer so a dog can be brushed

dry, leaving them smelling just fine.

Loretta is experienced with all breeds of dog

and has three pets of her own; Mac (a Maltese),

Oscar (a Shih Tzu) and the very affectionate

Bella (a Spoodle). She understands that each

dog has their very own personality offering

clues as to how they should be handled.

For a professional, friendly and caring

canine pampering service, contact at

Loretta on 021 688 803, email: loretta@

luxespa.co.nz. Appointments are available:

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. You can also

sign up for a chance to win a monthly gift

pack at: www.luxespa.co.nz and check out

Loretta’s Facebook page.

Remember: Luxe Doggy Day

Spa’s Open Day

Pop by and have a look at their new

studio this Saturday, 3rd February,

2-4pm at 217 Brookside Road

in Rolleston.

Inside the ‘doggy’ grooming studio.

The new studio has state of the art


Pet Boarding

dog grooming

doggy daycare

Dogs, Cats


Guinea Pigs

& Birds.




• Small cattery,

quality not quantity

• Large warm

spacious individual units

• Outdoor enclosures

• Lots of cuddles

• Located 5 minutes

from Lincoln, Prebbleton, Halswell,

Tai Tapu and Greenpark

Is your dog in need of a

Wash or Groom?

Mobile • Prompt • Caring • Reliable

Jill Smolenski, a Jim’s

Mobile Dog Wash

and Groomer, is now

working in Selwyn

No Need to wait

weeks for a booking!

• Wash & Blow Dry

• Clipping & Full


• Nail Trimming

Wagging Tails

Country retreat & doggy daycare

We are a small boutique country retreat

for your special family member

providing an enjoyable, fulfilling and

stimulating rural boarding experience

“Everyone Loves a Holiday

in the country”

554 Jones Rd, Templeton

P: 03 347 8835 E: bunnylodge@xtra.co.nz


Please contact Jan or Tony

322 6245 or 021 203 4710

Email: ton.jan@xtra.co.nz

Ellesmere Rd Ladbrooks, Chch


0800 454 654


Contact Diane on

0210 292 6588

Telegraph Road,

near Burnham,

10mins from Rolleston

Your local vet right here in the heart of Selwyn!

Selwyn Vet Centre

is a modern, purpose-built totally independent veterinary practice.

Nick and Yolande Howell have a total of 43 years veterinary

experience between them.

How can we help your precious pet? Call us today!

Phone: 03 347 7419 - Visit: 829 Jones Rd, Rolleston

Email: info@selwynvet.com - Web: www.selwynvet.com

32 Wednesday January 31 2018

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Bates breaks Olympian’s record

• By Gordon Findlater

PROMISING young Lincoln

swimmer Hannah Bates has

broken one of Canterbury’s

longest standing records in the


Bates, 17, set the fastest time

ever recorded at the Swimming

Canterbury West Coast championships

in the women’s 200m individual

medley. The open record

was previously held by three-time

Olympian and Commonwealth

Games bronze medallist Helen

Lesslie (nee Norfolk).

The Aquagym swimmers time

also broke the 17-year-age-group

record which was also previously

held by Lesslie.

Hannah swam the evening session

in a scorching 2min 17.29sec

shaving .06sec off Lesslie’s open

record of 2min 17.35sec which

has stood since 2000.

“After my first race in the

morning my coach told me he

thought I could get the record,”

said Bates

“He was poolside smacking his

programme against his

hand while I was in the pool.

When I came up he was clapping

and cheering. I looked over at

mum and she was almost in tears

so I knew I had broken the


After the accomplishment

Lesslie commented on a Facebook

post by Swimming Canterbury

West Coast to congratulate

Bates. The 17-year-old then messaged

Lesslie privately to show

her appreciation.

RECORD BREAKER: Hannah Bates has broken one of

Canterbury’s longest standing records in the pool.

COMPARISON: Helen Lesslie

reached the 200m individual

medley semi-final at the 2004

Athens Olympics.

“It was really cool. She didn’t

have to take time out of her day

to do that,” said Bates.

“She told me she had been

keeping an eye on me since youth

Commonwealth Games and I

could talk to her if I ever needed


Lesslie’s best performance in

the 200m individual medley

came at the 2004 Athens

Olympics where she qualified for

the semi-final. In the semi-final

she swam in a time of 2min


At the Canterbury West Coast

championships Bates also competed

in breaststroke, freestyle,

backstroke and butterfly events

and won seven gold and one

silver medal in total.

For the seventh year in a row,

the championships were held in

Dunedin due to Christchurch not

having a 50m pool.

It was also a successful event

for Christchurch club JASI which

won the club points competition

at Otago-Canterbury-West Coast


The Jellie Park-based club

finished on 3806 points ahead of

Dunedin’s Neptune Swim Club,

3391pts, Wharenui, 2615pts,

QE II, 2505pts, and Aquagym,



(above) and Rolleston Warriors

(below) were crowned

champions at the Rolleston

Nines on Saturday.

The Knights reached the final

by defeating last year’s winner,

the Linwood Keas, 11-10 in

the last play of their semi-final


They then claimed the

title with a 17-10 win over the

Halswell Hornets, who finished



Knights, Warriors win

Rolleston Nines

runner-up in Rolleston for the

second consecutive year.

The women’s competition was

taken out by the Warriors who

defeated the Celebration Lions


The Warriors’ men’s team recovered

from a first up 0-29 loss

to the Keas to eventually finish

the tournament in fourth. They

will now turn their attention to

the Crosbie Nines tournament at

Crosbie Park on Saturday.

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Wednesday January 31 2018 33



February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

March 6th, 13th

South Hagley Park

(by the netball courts)

Meet at 6.15pm, run at 6.30pm

Free entry, all welcome

Are you up for it?


34 Wednesday January 31 2018

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PUSH: Alister

Collins and Chris

Warner turn for

a quick second


GONE: Leeston-


celebrate after

taking Warner’s


PUSH: Darfield-South

Malvern’s James Ferris

eyes up a full toss.


Darfield-South Malvern rattle Leeston-Southbridge

DARFIELD-South Malvern

handed country premier one-day

competition leader Leeston-

Southbridge their second loss of

the summer on Saturday.

The home side, Darfield-South

Malvern, were bowled out for 174

inside their allotted 45 overs.

Nick Jenkins batted well to

top-score with 45, with handy

contributions from Sean

Carston, 21, and James Ferris, 20.

Leeston-Southbridge’s Will

McFarlane picked up three

wickets, as did Toby Doyle who

rolled his arm over after wicketkeeping

for the first 35 overs.

In reply, Jenkins and Patrick

Reardon ripped through Leeston-Southbridge’s

batting lineup.

They went from being 37/3, to

all out for a paltry 39, losing by

135 runs. Jenkins accomplished

the rare feat of taking more

wickets than runs conceded –

the right-arm medium-quick

finished with figures of 4/1.

Meanwhile, as the pre-

Christmas competition leader’s

faltered, Cheviot continued their

fine season back in the top flight


The Cheviot Magpies snuck

past defending one-day champion,

the Sefton Seals, in a thriller

at Sefton Domain.

On a difficult wicket, Sefton

were rolled for just 113 in 42

overs, with only Lance Taylor

making it to 20 off 68 balls.

But the small total looked like

it might have been enough when

Cheviot were eight wickets down

with 40 runs still required.

But captain Harry Fitzpatrick

then backed up his three

wickets with the ball to make

an important 34. Solid support

came from Scott Burnett who hit

the winning runs, with Cheviot

nine wickets down. Sefton’s

Matt Rowe produced career best

figures with his first five-wicket

haul in the losing cause.

At Dudley Park, Oxford-Rangiora

notched up 168/9 in their 45

overs against Weedons.

Dave Fulton led the way with

27, but several other batsmen

chipped in, as did some loose

deliveries from the Weedons’

bowlers, who gifted 15 wides.

Defending the average total,

the home side’s bowlers dug in

and chipped away at the powerful

Weedons batting line-up.

Rising stars Mitch Power and

Josh Mariu knocked the top

off the order, while veteran offspinner

Mark Murphy cleaned

up the tail as Oxford-Rangiora

won by 26 runs.

Meanwhile, Southbrook were

no match for Lincoln at their

home ground on Saturday.

Batting first, the ‘Brook’ only

made 72 after being reduced to


Lincoln chased the tiny total

down with five wickets in hand.

FIELDING: Jack Dawson

makes a catch in the outfield.

ACTION: Leeston-Southbridge’s Tim Field bowling

to Darfield-South Malvern’s James Ferris

FOCUSED: Andrew Inch

looks to cut the ball fine.


•Sefton: 113 (L Taylor 20, T Harrison 18; H

Fitzpatrick 3/35, J Hyde 3/31) lost to Cheviot

117/9 (H Fitzpatrick 34, J Harris 20; Rowe


•Darfield-South Malvern 174 (N Jenkins 45,

S Carston 21, J Ferris 20, P Reardon 20no; W

McFarlane 3/15, T Doyle 3/16) beat Leeston-

Southbridge 39 (N Jenkins 4/1, P Reardon


•Oxford-Rangiora 168/9 (D Fulton 27, J

D’Arcy 25, M Power 22; J Richards 3/30,

L Stove 3/45, D Nightingale 2/28) beat

Weedons 142 (S Wilson 29, T Inness 22, B

Nightingale 20; M Power 3/17, M Murphy

3/19, J Mariu 2/31).

•Southbrook 72 lost to Lincoln 73/5.

This year, make it

Falcon exciting!

Come and see our new sections at Falcon’s Landing. Pop in to our sales and

information office, 17 Branthwaite Drive, this Thursday or Friday – the office will

be closed Sunday 4 February for the long weekend. Or call 03 741 1340 or email

enquiries@yoursection.nz anytime.

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Wednesday January 31 2018 35

Sale excludes Manchester

and Accessories. Sale on from

January 30th to February 6th, 2018

Athens 7 Piece

Outdoor Dining Set

Sleek, minimal, easy maintenance,


was $2249

now only



Sydney Sofa – Dark Grey

Contemporary, sturdy, design, durable wooden frame,

available in Light Grey and Teal

Accessories not included.

was $599 now only






Fiori Outdoor Lounge Set

Coastal design with durable teak accents, laid back, comfortable

Accessories not included.

was $2499 now only






Line Desk – Black

Minimal, clean, crisp, glass

top, also available in white

Accessories and

chair not included.

Tulsa Dining Set

Spacious seating, contemporary

armless design, comfortable

was $649

now only



was $699

now only



Jimmy Single Captain Bed

Space saver, abundant storage,


Accessories and

mattresses not included.




was $199

now only









Scout Outdoor Lounge Set

Durable aluminium frame, beautiful teak,

handwoven wicker, easy maintenance

was $2239

now only



500 DAYS



*Minimum purchase $499.

Finance offer expires 28th February 2018.

See below for terms & conditions.

Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch Ph: 0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Shop with us online at: targetfurniture.co.nz

Offers and product prices advertised here expire 06/02/18.

Sale excludes Manchester and Accessories.

*No Payments and No Interest for 500 days (“Payment Holiday”) is available on Q Card Flexi Payment Plans for in-store purchases only until offer ends 28th February 2018. Minimum spend $499.

Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. New Q Cardholder fees - $55 Establishment and ($3 PPSR - Q Card only. Existing Q Cardholder fee - $35 Advance. Q Card Standard Interest Rate, currently

25.25% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of Payment Holiday. Payment Holiday period may vary depending on Cardholder’s payment cycle dates. Q Card lending criteria, fees, terms

and conditions apply. Rate and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change.

36 Wednesday January 31 2018

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Here are the top tasks

for taking care of your

existing flower gardens.

• Deadhead any spent flowers to

promote new growth

• Add a layer of compost around

the base of the plant. Adding

vital organic nutrients will help

to keep the plant healthy

• Water regularly to keep the

plant hydrated enough for it to



with the lawn?



Keeping the lawn green isn’t going to be an easy feat, but with

these ideas you can certainly keep it healthy.

Keep the mower on a high cut setting. The longer the grass is the

more it is going to shelter the weeds from direct sunlight, giving

them more opportunity to germinate. It also reduces evaporation

and drying out.

A deep water twice a week is more beneficial than a light

watering every day. The reasoning behind this is it encourages

the grass roots for establish further down. This is beneficial for

drought tolerance and keeping a well-established lawn.

If you feel that it needs some more nutrients, grab some

Intelligro Lawn Fertiliser. This is best done on a cloudy, overcast

day (and if rain is forecast, even better!). Make sure you follow all

instructions, and water well after application.

If you have planted strawberries,

give them a bit of a spruce up by

removing the long runners and

adding some fertiliser. Keep on top

of harvesting and watering too.


Waitangi Hours

Saturday 3rd Feb

Sunday 4th Feb

Monday 5th Feb

Tuesday 6th Feb

8am – 5pm

9am – 4pm

8am – 5pm


Intelligro will be closed on Waitangi

Day. If you are wanting to get out

and about in the garden and need

some of our great products, we will

be open for you to collect these

over the weekend prior, or on the


Can’t get to us? We can deliver

to your home on the morning of

Saturday 3rd, or any time during

opening hours on Monday 5th. We

thank you for your understanding in

us being closed to allow our staff to

enjoy the public holiday too.

Have you got a

question about


Send it through to enter our fortnightly

Q&A draw for a $50 Intelligro voucher!

All questions will be answered, and

then entered into the draw to win

the prize. The winner will also have

their question published in the

Selwyn Times the following week.

For more information,

check out our website:


or visit our facebook page:




261 Manion Road, Weedons

Access to Intelligro from Manion Road is now available from both the

Weedons Ross Road end, and Curraghs Road entrances. Manion Road

is the new road built between Weedons Ross Road & Jones Rd

For more information www.igro.co.nz | Phone 03 347 9415

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Wednesday January 31 2018 37





Be wise and don’t waste water

Fire rages, homes at risk

WITH THE hot weather and

sunshine, it’s a pleasure to be

outside in the garden.

But this time of year can be a

real challenge and you will need

careful planning and proactive

measures to ensure your garden

survives the height of summer.

Water and mulch are your top

weapons to help keep your garden

lush, healthy and productive.

The best mulch is a form of

organic matter that is applied as

a layer on top of your soil in your

garden, around plants, trees, and

especially in pots.

Organic mulches aid water

retention by hindering water

evaporation, keeping the moisture

in the soil. Valuable nutrients are

also added as mulch breaks down

over time. It improves the soil

quality and structure by encouraging

micro-organisms and worm

activity. You can purchase bulk

or bagged mulch from your local

garden centre.

A thick (50-100mm) layer of

mulch around your plants will

help suppress weeds. This means

your plants are not competing for

BE SENSIBLE: Water your garden little and often, or else use mulch to retain moisture.

root space and nutrients. When

mulching around trees, don’t

apply it up to the trunk – think

donut shape around the trunk


Make sure you mulch new

planting areas too as soil left exposed

to the hot summer sun will

lessen in goodness in and have

reduced water content.

When it comes to watering,

regularly check irrigation systems

if you have them and make sure

all sprinkler heads are operating

well and the timer has been set to

suit the summer weather.

Be regular when watering your

garden, little and often is best,

avoiding the hottest part of the

day when plants are heat stressed.

Once a day in the early morning

or evening up to three times a

week should be plenty, but increase

this if the heat is extreme.

Some plants such as roses and

trees require deep watering to encourage

deep root development,

so apply extra water to those plant

types in the early part of the day.

Water until it begins to puddle

on top of the soil which means

the soil has reached its water

holding capacity. Avoid getting

foliage wet as this can promote

the spread of disease on plants

like tomatoes and roses – aim for

the root zone instead. Don’t over

water – too much of anything is

not good.

If there has been plenty of rainfall

you will not need to water as

regularly. With many plants (trees

and shrubs particularly) if they

are not watered well and regularly

over the hotter summer months,

they will stop growing.

Check your indoor plants.

Increase watering and if necessary

and reposition plants by avoiding

placing them too close to sunny

windows. Don’t forget about

plants in pots or containers, keep

them well watered and remove

any weeds.

If you apply mulch and maintain

a consistent watering regime

then you can expect excellent

results with continued growth

through the hot summer months.

This is critical when establishing

a new garden as you want plants

to grow to maturity as soon as


Get your leeks growing – they need heat

• By Henri Ham

LEEKS ARE another of those

plants that I often get people telling

me they struggle to grow.

Instead of producing solid,

large leeks, these frustrated gardeners

talk of shrivelled, spring

onion-look-alikes. Leeks are not

a set and forget type of plant, they

require a little love and attention,

and if looked after will be a handy

and tasty vegetable to have in the


And now is a really good time

to plant them. They take a long

time to grow, so in order to be

ready during winter they need to

be in the ground soon.

Now is also a good time because

even though they need cold

weather, they like to get started

while the weather is still warm.

Find a good place to plant.

They need to be grown in full sun

and the soil needs to be welldrained.

So if your soil is dense

and compact, break it up with

a garden fork and dig in some

compost and well-rotted manure.

This will help improve the quality

and drainage.

Leeks also prefer the soil to



Leeks like it

warm and

sunny when


They need



be a neutral to slightly sweet

pH - around 6.5 to 7.5pH. So if

you’ve had a bit of rain (which

can make the soil sour or acidic)

I recommend adding some lime

to the soil a few days before you

plant to help raise its pH level.

I also suggest digging in a

good general fertiliser to help

give your seedlings the right head


When you’ve got the soil all

sorted dig a small trench. Next

place the seedlings in the trench,

approximately 20cm apart. Leeks

need space to expand, and grow

best when planted in rows.

Fill in the trench with soil to

the top of the stems, leaving the

leaves at the top exposed. Now,

give your leeks a light water. Try

to keep the soil constantly moist,

without being too wet.

The tricky part of growing

leeks is they need constant moisture

but can’t stand water-logged

conditions. So, for the first few

weeks after planting, you will

need to check on the soil every

couple of days until they are well


As your plants grow, regularly

fold in the soil around the

stems. Doing this will ensure they

increase in size and will help to

achieve white, chunky, stems.

As I mentioned at the start,

leeks like the soil to be welldrained

and lose. Hoeing the soil

gently on a regular basis will keep

the soil light and fluffy and your

leeks happy.

It will take around three to four

months for your leeks to be ready

to harvest.

The easiest way to tell when

they’re ready is just to keep checking

the size of the part that sticks

out of the soil. When that part is

looking nice and thick, pull one

up and have a look.

A successful harvest will produce

leeks approximately 15cm

tall and 5cm wide. And trust me,

nothing beats home-grown leeks.



growing with you

SprIng Is here –

It’S Sow Time

how to get the best results from

seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In

The capItal

Unravelling the secrets of

Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand

landscape awards

The people behind

the projects

$7.90 incl. GST

ISSN 2423-0219

Save our roSeS

How a rose register is protecting our heritage

September 2016 | 100%

It’s time

to grow!

New look and more

content than ever!

MeeT LeSTer Brice

A Garden coach

auckland Botanic GardenS

Why we love our public grounds

now bigger than ever

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty

SubScribe from

$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10





T H Retaining


Timber Wall Timber & Hardware


Retaining Wall Timber



Landscaping Timber





Residential and Piles



Poles and


We are H4




Dressed H3 and H4



Dressed Timber



7am - 5pm


8am -12pm

Mon Fr



Mon - Fr


Visit us via our new entrance on Manion Rd

Weedons Ross Rd

Weedons Weedons Ross Ross Rd Rd

to Rolleston

to Rolleston

Your Local Timber Your Local Timber M

Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Chr

jason@cthl.co.nz Jason Pester 1304 Main 03 3477465 South Road, Chr 03

jason@cthl.co.nz P 03 3477465 F 03

Your Local Timber Merchant

Jason Pester 167 Manion Road, Rolleston

jason@cthl.co.nz P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032





38 Wednesday January 31 2018

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continuing education


New programmes

at the Christchurch

School of Music

The Christchurch School of Music has

introduced some great new programmes in

2018. Recorder is a wonderful way to begin

a musical journey and this year a beginner

recorder player can learn for just $1 a week!!

For $52 the student will get a group class for

34 weeks, a good quality recorder and a tutor


For players of wind, brass and percussion

there will be a big band in 2018 and we

are launching it with a weekend workshop

run by big band legend, Rodger Fox. The

workshop will be held from 23-25 February

and is being held in the Catholic Cathedral

College Hall.

For singers there will be two new choirs,

the Christchurch Children’s Choir, an allcomers

choir for 8-12 year olds and the

Christchurch Girls’ Choir, an auditioned

choir for girls aged 10-15. Auditions for the


Raewyn Clegg

Registered Teacher of

Piano and Theory of


29 Lancewood Drive


Ph 322-9377

Girls’ Choir will be held on Wednesday 7

March and audition packs are now available.

The Christchurch School of Music is

a family-oriented community aimed at

providing quality music education in and

around Christchurch.

On a Saturday morning the whole family

can find something to suit. Children from

2-7 years old can join in our experiential

“Take Off with Music” while older children

and adults may opt for group or individual

lessons on a specific instrument (including

voice). Weekday lessons are also available.

Those who already play are welcome to join

in one of the great ensembles which all take

part in regular concerts.

Please contact us via our website www.

csm.org.nz and let us start you on a

musical journey that will bring pleasure

for a lifetime.

Papanui High School

Term 1 2018 night classes

It is nearly time to make those New Year

resolutions so why not begin 2018 by taking

some time for yourself and joining one of the

wide range of nightclasses that are on offer at

Papanui High School.

The start of a new year is the ideal

opportunity to get inspired to get out and

learn something new and meet some new

people. Classes for Term 1 begin from

Monday 12 February and the options are

extensive from Art to Yoga and everything

in between we are sure regardless of your age

or interest you will find something to tempt

you. Classes at Papanui High School are held

in a warm, friendly relaxed environment and

our tutors are supportive and well qualified

in their chosen fields.

We have a range of new courses on offer

for Term 1, if you are particularly interested

in crafts then you will be spoilt for choice as

we offer Mosiacs, Crochet at both beginners

and a more advanced level, Paverpol

Sculpture, Quilting, Silk Embroidery, Soy

Candle Making, Furniture Restoration and

Polishing, Upholstery, Cake Design and

Cheese Making.

For further information and enrolment

in any of our courses please visit our website

www.papanui.school.nz or telephone our

office on 3520701.









Enrol now for 2018

csm.org.nz | 03 366 1711

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Wednesday January 31 2018 39

continuing education

adult and community

education at Risingholme

community centre

Risingholme Community Centre wish

everyone a very Happy New Year! We also

would like to remind you that now is a good

time to enrol in one of our exciting 2018

classes. There are still spaces available and

we are pleased to have some new classes

for 2018. The term starts on Monday 12

February 2018 and all class information is

available via our website. www.risingholme.


Our new classes include Print Making,

Art of Motion and Dance, Art of Creativity

and Motion, Coding and Electronics using

Arduino, Zentangle and Drawing and

Sketching . We are continually developing

new courses based on the information that

we gather from the community, so please

check our website regularly for updates.

Risingholme’s traditional base of art and

craft courses continues to flourish with a

full range available at a number of venues.

They include fabrics, woodwork skills, cake

decorating, health & fitness and well-being,

computing, guitar and photography, cooking

as well as many others.

Have you ever considered learning a new

Language we have a number of these that

will run throughout the year including NZ

Sign, Te Reo Maori, ESOL, Russian Italian,

Arabic, German, Spanish and Italian.

Language classes run at a variety of levels

from Beginners to more advanced.

If you can’t find what you are looking for –

“Tell us what you would like to learn”

For more information on classes at

Risingholme, Riccarton High School,

Christchurch Girls High School, Shirley

Boys High School and Hornby High School,

contact Risingholme Community Centre at

332 7359 or email info@risingholme.org.nz

The full programme for Term 1 is on our

website at http://www.risingholme.org.nz

New classes

at Canterbury

WEA (Workers



The Canterbury WEA may be over one

hundred years old and be based in a character

building in the city but that does not mean it

has old ways of thinking or that the courses

it offers are old fashioned.

This term we are offering a number of new

classes to tweak your minds and bodies. Belly

dancing for beginners is a cultural experience

as well as a gentle form of exercise and it is

not just for women. Men are very welcome.

The Nordic walking course begins a bit later

in the term and will be making the most of

Hagley Park and the gardens which are so

close. Kazuko is a multi-talented addition

to our tutor list and her Japanese Culture

course will include music, drums and harp

included, food, Ikebana, calligraphy etc.

the music theory class is for beginners but

is also for those who think they may need

a refresher to help then regain skills and

confidence in reading music.

The Social issues soapbox is a series

of one off sessions with speakers on the

Environment, Housing, new Science,

Politics, Economics etc and speakers we

have include Sam Mahon, Dr’s Sylvia Nissen,

Susannah Finlay, Libby Caygill and others.

People who know what they are talking

about and want to be involved in discussion.

Check our website at cwea.org.nz and

enroll online or call or email us.

Adult and Community

Education Term 1, 2018

Come learn with us

Risingholme Community Centre offers

a wide range of short courses, each term,

at a range of venues.

Risingholme Community Centre

Art (Create with Pastels & Paints, Mixed Media, Watercolour, Painting with

Acrylics), Mindfulness, Cake Decorating, Drawing & Sketching, Embroidery,

ESOL, Fabric & Craft Skills, Guitar, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Upholstery, Using

your Overlocker, Weekend Sewing classes, Yoga, Wood Sculpture, Woodwork,

Woodwork for Women, Zentangle, Weaving, Printmaking.

Christchurch Girls’ High School

Dressmaking, Embroidery, Te Reo Maori, Watercolour Painting, Drawing &

Sketching, Preserving Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs.

Hornby High School

Sewing Skills, Thai Cooking.

Riccarton High School

Calligraphy, Level 3 ESOL IELTS, ESOL Business English Intermediate.

Indian Cooking, Italian Language, NZ Sign Language (a range of levels),

Russian Language, Sewing Skills, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori, Arabic, A

taste of Egyptian cooking, Picture Framing.

Shirley Boys’ High School

Painting with Acrylics, German Language, Photoshop, Reiki Level 1, Spanish

Language Level 3, Te Reo Maori, Thai Cooking, Website Design, Woodwork,

Yoga (range of classes). Art of Creativity & Expression, Intro to Coding &

Electronics using Arduino, Art of Motion & Dance.

Full details available on www.risingholme.org.nz

Risingholme office at 99 Hawford Road

Phone 332 7359 | Email info@risingholme.org.nz


40 Wednesday January 31 2018

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14 - 31 JANUARY 2017


LS 2WD - 7 Seats










GLX-R 2WD Manual



$15,500 +


XLS 2.0L


ex-short term

lease returns

with low kms



$8,500 +

TL Model



GLX-R 4WD Auto



$16,000 +

BL Model


All new Mitsubishi vehicles (excluding Outlander PHEV) come with a 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty, a 5 year or 130,000km New Vehicle Warranty and 5 years Roadside Assist so you can experience worry-free motoring well into the future.


Savings are based on RRP and including On Road Costs and delivery charges. Offer valid only while stocks last.

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch.

Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588

The Ultimate

Driving Machine



Find your ultimate driving machine at the BMW EXPO Sales Event.

Enjoy 15% of all new BMW Sedans and Hatches* along with other

outstanding opportunities across a wide range of BMW models.

Visit Christchurch BMW today to find out more.

Christchurch BMW

30 Manchester Street, Christchurch, 03 363 7240. chchbmw.co.nz


15% saving applies across the BMW Sedan and Hatch range only and is based on Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price excluding On Road Costs for new vehicles ordered, registered and delivered between

February 1st and March 31st 2018, or while stocks lasts. Offer excludes pre-owned and demonstrator vehicles, the BMW X Range, the BMW i3 and the BMW M5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Wednesday January 31 2018 41


• By Ross Kiddie

IT’S A time of significant change

for Mitsubishi Motors New


The company’s long-serving

and faithful Lancer sedan is

coming to the end of the road

here, its run-out coinciding with

the release of a new sport utility

vehicle, the Eclipse Cross.

I’ll be sad to see the end

of Lancer, it’s a car I’ve often

recommended to buyers simply

because of its price point and the

value associated with it, and it

has been an honest and reliable

model for the company.

However, times have changed,

and today buyers are after SUVs.

The Eclipse Cross is something

special from Mitsubishi, it looks

special, too, with edgy styling that

is almost funky, while it features

an interior which is trendy but

totally functional. The Eclipse

Cross in XLS form lands at

$34,990, while a high-spec VRX

sits at $45,590.

If you are thinking in order

to reach that price point the

Eclipse Cross lacks specification,

that’s certainly not the case, it is

loaded with kit with many of the

electronic functions operated by

a clever touch pad mouse-like

device mounted on the centre


This evaluation focuses on the

range-topper and it gets leather

trim (heated front seats), headup

display, dual zone climate

control, active cruise control with

speed limiter, keyless entry and

ignition, electric sunroof and

paddle-shift eight-step automatic


The Eclipse Cross sits squarely

in the mid-size SUV segment.

At 4.4m it allows for a spacious

in-cabin environment; the seats

are beautifully supportive and

comfortable, while rear seat head

and leg room is appropriate, the

latter not compromised by a

healthy rear load space area. Bear

in mind, though, it is a five-seater


At the other end sits a

turbocharged four-cylinder

engine of 1499cc. That capacity

is about the norm for vehicles

of this type these days, and it’s

clear to see that Mitsubishi has

developed this unit with a high

degree of engineering skill. It is

state-of-the-art in terms of design

and it has healthy figures to

support that statement.

Mitsubishi claims 122kW and

254Nm power outputs, the latter

realised flat across the torque

curve spreading from 2000rpm

to 3500rpm. If you add in its

pairing to a continuously variable

automatic transmission then

the ingredients are in place for a

smooth transition of power and

responsive throttle application,

although it does like the driver

to utilise the manual sequential

gearshift functions.

Mitsubishi has long persevered

with CVT, and that background

has certainly helped with

its application mated to a

turbocharged engine with the

result being a free-flowing spread

of power and good economy and

performance figures.

The Eclipse Cross is rated

with a combined cycle average

of 7.3-litre per 100km (39mpg).

My first drive of the newcomer

was a little shorter than usual,

but given the importance of this

car in the market and its recent

arrival, I leapt at the opportunity

to have an unscheduled drive,

even though it is in my diary for

an extended period in April.

That being the case, most of

the time I spent in the vehicle

was at highway speed and I had

no problem meeting Mitsubishi’s

fuel usage claim with the readout

constantly listing at 7.6l/100km

(37mpg). That was helped by a

tantalising 4l/100km (70mpg)

instantaneous figure sitting at

a steady 100km/h, the engine

loping over very relaxed at just


In terms of acceleration, the

Eclipse Cross will cut out a

standstill to 100km/h time of

9sec. These are all impressive

figures which would make a

buyer quite happy with his/her


The Eclipse Cross is also

rather tidy when it comes to

tackling a tricky corner or two.

Like most SUVs of this ilk, drive

is channelled just to the front

wheels, although there will fourwheel-drive

options available

from April.

The newcomer is fitted with

high quality Toyo tyres (225/55

x 18in), there is a lot of rubber

on the road and they travel

quietly, yet they also provide

extensive information back to the

steering wheel as to how they are


That’s a key ingredient for

me, I like informative steering

systems and the Eclipse Cross

is very accurate into a corner.

While it’s an exaggeration to say

it has a soft ride, there is a lot




Mitsubishi goes hi-tech with Eclipse Cross

MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS: Edgy exterior styling combines with a functional, intuitive interior.

COMFORT: The Eclipse Cross is available in two high

specification models. Four-wheel-drive will be an option from


Fire rages, homes at risk

• Price – Mitsubishi Eclipse

Cross, $45,590

• Dimensions – Length,

4405mm; width, 1805mm;

height, 1685mm

• Configuration – Fourcylinder,


1499cc, 112kW, 254Nm,

eight-speed automatic.

• Performance –

0-100km/h, 9sec

• Fuel usage – 7.3l/100km

of compliance within the fully

independent front-strut/rearmultiple

link system and

for that reason the Eclipse Cross

is a fabulous traveller at all


Even though the design of the

Eclipse Cross is youthful, I can

see it appealing to a wide crosssection

of buyers. By the sheer

nature of its cheeky, youthful

looks it oozes appeal, and by

delivering a purposeful driving

experience it’s hard not to be

lured to it.

Buyers will also be rewarded

with a new retail experience.

For as long as I can remember

Christchurch Mitsubishi has

operated from its St Asaph St

site, but the company is moving

soon to new premises in

Moorhouse Ave.

For those who do make it there

they will be buying a modern

SUV from a fresh dealership.





WeedonS Road, West Melton

Adults $20

Pensioners $15 with gold card

Family $40 (2 adults & 4 children under 15)

Accompanied children under 15 years $10.

Infants under 5 FREE. (Sorry, no EFTPOS)

Info line Ph 021 070 3140



The South Island’s leading motoring

publication FREE every Friday at

hundreds of locations around the

South Island, and it’s available online!


For Advertising Enquiries,

Ph Lea Godfrey 021 277 3086

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A Star Media Event



Sunday 18 March


EntEr NOW!

Entry $25 (children 10 and under free)

Available online now from city2surf.co.nz or at these outlets from 1st February

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Email georgia.oconnor@starmedia.kiwi

by 5pm each Wednesday

Meditation and Buddhism

Lincoln Classes

Wednesday, 7.30pm–9pm

This event is a weekly drop-in

class. Each class consists of a

guided meditation and a talk

based on Buddhist wisdom.

Classes are suitable for everyone.

Join in any week, bookings not

required. With Buddhist nun

Kelsang Luma, this week’s class

will focus on changing attitudes

from negative to positive. All

ages welcome and the suggested

donation for the class is $12.

Lincoln and Districts

Community Care, 16 Lyttelton St,


Selwyn Gallery Summer


Until Thursday, 10am-4pm

A summer collection from

artist members showcasing all

mediums of art from regular

artists as well as some new

artists’ works. This diverse range

of work will have something to

appeal to everyone. For more

information, call 021 235 0954.

17 South Terrace, Darfield

Clay, Ink, Oil – Down by the

Liffey Gallery

Open Wednesday-Sunday,

10am-4pm, runs from Wednesday

through to February 18

Go along to Down by the

Liffey Gallery’s first exhibition of

the year. It features the

work of Yi-Ming Lin, Jill

Goddard and Linda Hart.

Three different mediums, three

different perspectives. This

diverse exhibition, in which

three different artists express

the ideas that move them to

make expressive imagery, should

appeal to a wide range of people.

Lincoln’s Community Art

Gallery, 1 James St, Lincoln


West Melton Market:

Saturday, 9am-noon. St Paul’s


Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft

Market: Saturday, 10am-1pm.

Gerald St, Lincoln.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

9am-1pm, opposite Challenge

Darfield, South Tce.

Edendale Car Boot Sale:

Sunday, noon-3pm, Edendale

Cafe, 888 Sandy Knolls Rd, West


Running Groups

Lincoln Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.30pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts at Lincoln

University. Gold coin


Malvern Road Runners:

SUMMER SUNSHINE: Go along to the New World Rolleston picnic in the parks to be held at

the Lincoln Domain, Meijer Drive, Thursday, 5.30-7.30pm, and at Tai Tapu, Rhodes Domain,

Thursday, February 8, 5.30-7.30pm. Take part in fun family activities with the Selwyn Events

Trailer, live music, Go-Jump bouncy castle hire, face-painting by Beyond the Faerie Tree,

Pedalmania, entertainment, and more. There will be activities for all ages to get involved

in and prizes up for grabs. Free sausage sizzle, and coffee available for purchase. You are

encouraged to pack a picnic and make an evening of it. Complete the survey during the

event and go into the draw to win a $30 Rebel Sport voucher announced on the night.

For postponements, cancellations and more information, go to www.facebook.com/

summerinselwyn ​

Tuesday registration from

5.40pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts from Malvern

Netball Centre.

Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45pm starts at 6pm. 3km or

6km walk or run. Starts from

Leeston Physiotherapy.

LiQUiD LaUnDroMatS

47 CarMen roaD, hornBy

GaSoLine aLLey Site,

Cnr CarMen & WaterLoo roaDS

7 DayS: 6am-7.30pm

WaSh & Dry aLL yoUr

LaUnDry in aBoUt 1 hoUr

$4.00 WaSh

$4.00 Dry

Wash 2 Mink Blankets, Duvets

or Woolrests for only $8

Dry UP to 3 LoaDS in

onLy 25 MinUteS! $4

Save tiMe & eLeCtriCity

‘Famous for their roasts!’



Two courses


Two courses


We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area.

Soup/Roast or


Special available lunch only

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm


• Fast Dryers

• Sports Gear

• Duvets

• Mink Blankets

• Bedding

• Washers

• Domestic Laundry

SeLF ServiCe

other Locations: 289 Colombo Street, Sydenham • 345 Stanmore Road, Richmond

17 Halswell Road, Hoon Hay • 713 Ferry Rd, Woolston • 261 Burwood Road, Burwood • 319 Pages Rd, Aranui


Start your

day with us

We are open from 6.30am




Check out our extensive

breakfast menu from

Continental to Cooked



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150
















Ceasar Salad

Thai Beef Salad

Steak Sandwich


GF & V options available





Chalmers Restaurant







The Hornby Club | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Rd | Hornby

www.hornbywmc.co.nz | Members, guests & affiliates welcome


Wednesday January 31 2018

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25th March, 2018

25th March, 2018

10am – 3pm

10am – 3pm

Air Force Museum of NZ

Air Force 45 Harvard Museum Ave, of Wigram, NZ

45 Harvard Christchurch Ave, Wigram,


2x Fashion parades showcasing

All the experts the latest under Bridal one styles. roof.

www.withthisring.kiwi All the experts under for one roof.


www.withthisring.kiwi for tickets

a honeymoon prize of

5 nights in Fiji

With proud support from:

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Classic Cars & Motorcycles



fOr SAfE, dAmAgE frEE


“SpEcIAL cArE fOr



0800 8698294

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

Community Events



want to have a drink thats

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757



Fashion Designs & Colours

Discontinued Designs

End of Lines Bargain Prices

Call at Our Shop


71 Hawdon St Sydenham

Ph 366-5026



Burnt pine shelter belts for

removal.Rolleston area.

Ph 0274 329405








• Air Conditioning • Alternators

• Starter Motors • Wiring Repairs

• Diagnostics • Lighting • Batteries

Mobile Auto Electrician

022 644 9664

Farmlands Card Accepted

For Sale



– vARiOuS SizES

225 dia x 2.4 long - $55.00 ea

225 dia x 1.8 long - $35.00 ea

300 dia x 2.4 long - $70.00 ea

375 dia x 2.4 long - $85.00 ea

375 dia x 1.2 long - $50.00 ea

450 dia x 1.2 long - $120.00 ea

Contact Sharon Carrick

(Johnston Civil Ltd)


or (03) 324-3744

Pick up Leeston


& Supplies


For Sale

Ellesmere Lions

have pea straw


Small Bales

at $6.00

Medium Squares

at $50

All a delivered price

in the Selwyn Area

Ph for orders

324 3580

Lost & Found


Black & white, 18 mths

old from 2 Chain Rd.

Reward. Ph 325-3378

Select Services

Need a hand?

✤ Lawns & Edges

✤ Landscaping

✤ Gardening

✤ Hedge Trimming

✤ Handyman Jobs

✤ Casual or One Off

Phone Mike Lineton

022 341 8848

Your local

Selwyn District





• Spider proofing &

fly control

• all other pest


• Industrial &

domestic pest


Rob & Scott WaRloW

Servicing Selwyn Area Since 1987

Qualified & Experienced Professional

office: 03 337 9553

Rob: 027 436 1169

Scott: 021 168 6118

Member of Pest Management

Assoc. of NZ

Select Services





Shelterbelt Trimming


Call Tony Dempsey

Ph 03 325 3256 Mob 0274 323 943

Call Dynes Transport

027 620 0730

Select Services

Hedge tRimming

& gaRden


• Hedge Trimming

• Small Trees and Shrubs Topped,

Shaped or Removed

• Trenching and Digging Buckets

• Garden Maintenance

• Landscaping

• Cleanups Available

• Wood Splitter for Hire

JuSt Small



Phone: (03) 325-4664 | Mobile: 021-500-519








$35 pw. 350 Brookside

Rd, Rolleston. Brookside

Storage on Trademe. Ph


carpet layer




Repair, Uplifting, Relaying,


*Selection of underlay available

All preparation work undertaken


Phone John 027 208 7383


• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Lifestyle Blocks

• Site Clearing

& General


Mark 021 345 571

or Paul 021 705 996

Email harrisbull@xtra.co.nz


All Work Guaranteed

Please phone for a free quote

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required thiS month

Fully insulated and

double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes

from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m,

Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website

www.justcabins.co.nz for

display cabin locations.



To Let

ROLLESTON. 5 bdrm , 2

bthrm, large living modern

looking house with gge

in rural area but close to

Rolleston. $500 per/wk..

Ph 325-3378




Don’t let electrical

problems worry you

For all electrical

repairs & service


027 492 8971

or ah 344 6202


To Let

ROLLESTON. 5 bdrm , 2

bthrm, large living modern

looking house with gge

in rural area but close to

Rolleston. $500 per/wk..

Ph 325-3378

Mt Cook Day Trip

Departs 10th March 2018


Perth and Margaret River

Departs 6th May 2018

13 days - $5995pp twin share

Cairns and North Queensland

Departs 23rd June 2018

12 days - $4995pp twin share

Call Reid Tours 0800 446 886


Trades & Services

• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways

• Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works

• Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H







Free Measure & Quote

• Asphalt

• Driveways

• Kerb

Quality Workmanship -

Over 10 Years Experience

• Chipseal

• Chip

PH 0800 081- 400 • 980-1123

Mob 0274 325 457

vinyl laying





Selection available or

customer supply

All floor preparation


Contractors rates

Phone John 027 208 7383


Trades & Services



wanted for

firewood or

sawmilling grade.

Ph Kent

021 325 661




Roof & Property


Ph: 03 347 2635


Silicone Sealing

Pest Controls

Roof Repairs


Cell: 027 584 7980

Email: apisl2008@slingshot.co.nz





• Shelter Belt & Trimming

• Tree Topping

• Root Racking

• Full Hedge Removals

• Stump Removals

• Excavations

Sam 027 918 5155

Bill 027 433 7869






For all painting and

decorating services.

Fully Qualified

• Interior &

Exterior Painting

• Wallpapering

• Roof Painting

All work guaranteed


Contact Udi Aale

Ph. 021 074 2075

Lawn mowing

Hedge trimming


Weed eating

Spraying and so

much more

Call Todd





• Shelter Belt & Trimming

• Tree Topping

• Root Racking

• Full Hedge Removals

• Stump Removals

• Excavations

Sam 027 918 5155

Bill 027 433 7869




46 Wednesday January 31 2018

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100



• Driveways

• Car parks

• Demolition

Locally owned & operated

with over 10 years


• Shingle Deliveries

• Truck hire

• Digger hire

027 240 7030



• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Site Cleaning

• Demolition

• Farm Tracks

• Drain Cleaning

• Stump & Hedge


• Ashpalt Concrete

Trades & Services


Concrete Removal

& Trucking

Driveways, paths, sheds, garages, site clearances.

We also deliver and spread landscaping supplies –

topsoil, bark chip, shingle etc.

3 Tonne Digger and operator available for hire.

For fast friendly service phone

Nick on 0274 324 124


Wide range

oF TruckS

• Tennis Courts &

Swimming Pools

• Chip Seal Driveways

• Diggers – 2 Ton

up to 20 Ton

• Excavators

• Bobcat & Drilling

• For Posthole &

Fence hole

For a Free Quote

on your next project

Phone Steve on 021 338 247

or 325 7922







we are NOT in

Parkhouse Road

Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd)

P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS

nO GREEn wastE In anY OF OUR COMPOst

Trades & Services



Construction and

Garden Maintenance

You can have your gardens, trees,

shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their best

all year round, for a great price.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

• Maintenance • Pruning • Reconstruction & Rejuvenation

• Rental Property and Commercial Maintenance

• Pre-Sale Tidy-Ups

New Home Landscaping

Lawns • Gardens • Decks • Paving • Water Features

• Quality • Value for money • Experienced • Punctual

• Professional • Flexible • Knowledgeable • Reliable

Call Ross Legg - 027 222 0388

Email ross@revivelandscaping.co.nz


William Ross

Painting &

decorating services

Rolleston, Christchurch

Qualified Tradesmen

Painting & Wallpapering

• EQC opt outs

• Insurance work

• Free Quotes &

Prompt Service

• Distance no object

Contact Billy on 0226413530

Email: williamross@xtra.co.nz


Garage Doors, Auto Openers,

EQC Quotes, Repairs and

Maintenance, One off Custom

Made Designs...

Showroom at

Larcombs Road and

Home Ideas Centre,

Mandeville Street

The genuine custom made

garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

Phone: 0800 661 366 • Fax: 03 347 8363

Factory: 276 Larcombs Road, R.D. 8 Weedons,



Trades & Services



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864

Trades & Services




Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629

Trades & Services

CARPET & Vinyl


Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching,

E mail jflattery@xtra.


ph 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416


Affordable Concrete

Cutting with Quality, and

removal work. Free quote.

No job to small. Phone 027

442-2219, Fax 359-6052

a/h 359- 4605



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624

Trades & Services


Paving, Lawns, Irrigation, Garden,

Decking, Fencing.

Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

Landscaping on facebook.


Arthur 347-8796, 027

220-7014 Edwin 027 220-




MASONRY?? Rock and

Blocks Work Ltd for all

your brick, block and tile

laying needs. Friendly

service Licensed Building

Practitioner phone Devon

on 021 375-888 or 03 329-


RJB PlUmBing

Renovations, New Houses,

Hot Water Cylinders,

Kitchens Bathroom

Upgrades, Laundries,

General Maintenance

Phone Mark 0278690026

SPiDER & Fly


Fully certified professional

service. Call Zero Pests

022 507 3787 or 03 595



Quality jobs done on time.

All aspects of tiling. Reg

Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027

334 4125




laundry, incl mosaics, ph

027 334 4125

Vehicles Wanted

Trades & Services



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400

Wanted To Buy



Do you have an

Old Stamp or Coin

collection tucked away

somewhere? It could

be worth a fortune!

We are currently Buying

old collections in the

Christchurch area to stock

our retail shop in Riccarton.

Free Appraisal and Cash

Offers on most items.

Call Matt Power

0800 39 24 26

The Stamp Exchange

134a Riccarton Road. Opposite

the Mall carpark.

Wanted To Buy



mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045










We use world class vehicle

depollution systems

0800 8200 600


Public Notices

Springston Netball Club

AnnuAl GenerAl


Wednesday 7th February, 7:30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion

Springston Domain

Ellesmere Junction Road


Nicole Bennett 0273 013 065



1 – 4 FeB 18

The general public is to be advised that Royal

New Zealand Air Force live fire training will be

conducted at West Melton Range over the

period 1 – 4 Feb 18

The exercise will involve Junior Officer

Induction Course personnel from, RNZAF Base


Training will involve airmen carrying out night

firing on the West Melton Range from 2000-

2300 hours on 1st to 4th February 18

Live small arms rounds will be used.

For more information please call

03 363 0099


6 Feb 18

The general public is to be advised that a NZ

Army Activity will be conducted in the West

Melton Area.

The activity will involve personnel of Depot

Company, 2/1 RNZIR from, Burnham Military

Camp. The exercise will involve up to 110


Training will involve soldiers conducting Night

Shooting on the 6th Feb 18.

For more information please call

03 363 0099

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Sporting Notices

Sporting Notices

Situations Vacant

Springston Netball Club


Springston Domain,

Ellesmere Junction Road

Thursday 8th February

Year 7/8 Pre Season Squads 6pm

Thursday 15th February

Year 7/8 Pre Season Squads 6pm

Sunday 18th February

Year 7/8 & Senior Trials 3.30 - 5.30pm

Thursday 22nd February (if required)

Year 7/8 & Senior Trials 5.30 - 6.30pm

A fee of $20 is to be paid before Trialing and this will be

deducted from your registration fee.

Enquiries: Nicole Bennett 0273 013 065


Come and join our fabulous club


Netball Club


Tues 13th Feb Broadfield Hall

• 7pm

Senior Trials

Sun 11th Feb Broadfield courts

• 10am-11am for those trialling for Prem 1-4

• 10.30am-12noon for all others (year 9+)

Weds 14th Feb Lincoln Events Centre

• 6-8pm

Primary Trials

Sun 4th March Broadfield courts

• 10am-11am year 7/8

• 11am-12noon year 5/6

Tues 6th March Broadfield courts

• 4-5pm year 7/8 if required

Please register at our website

www.sporty.co.nz/broadfieldnetballclub prior to

trials, and bring your $10 trial fee

Rendering Plant Operator

Wallace Group LP is recognised as a leader in the primary industry with major

investments in service rendering, hides and skins processing and composting.

The Company wishes to employee a person to fill the position of Rendering Operator

with in the Rendering division, which is situated at Hororata near Darfield. This is a

fulltime position and does include shift work.

The desired candidate would possess the following attributes but the successful

candidate will be given full training to achieve the required skills:

• Forklift license

• Loader license

• To be able to work


Situations Vacant

• Rendering experience

would be preferred but

not essential

Applications close 2nd February 2018.

Please apply in writing with curriculum vitae and references to:

General Manager Operations

Wallace Group LP, PO Box 11

Waitoa 3380

Email: gordon.henderson@wallace.co.nz

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence

• Boiler ticket would

be preferred but not

essential as full training

will be provided.


Relief Teachers Wanted

(to cover sickness and annual leave)

More details available from:

Antony French Acting Assistant Principal

Email frencha@ellesmere.school.nz

Phone 324 3369

To apply please send a CV and

covering letter to:

Teacher In Charge of Relief

Ellesmere College

P O Box 52

Leeston 7656

Warehouse Storeperson

Motorcycle related products

Company Forbes and Davies Ltd

Location: Rolleston Type: Full Time

Forbes and Davies Ltd is a leading motorcycles Tyre and

Accessory Importer/Wholesaler.

We are seeking the services of a enthusiastic person to fill

the role of Warehouse storeperson.

Whats involved?

• Load and devann containers

• Be physically fit as the job has some heavy lifting

involved up to 30kg

• Able to work in a team and well as being self motivated.

• Preferably you will have some previous experience in

warehousing, with a knowledge of motorcycles and

their related products would be beneficial.

We are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to get stuck

in and do what ever to get the job done to provide a on

time service to our customers no matter what it takes.

Primary role is to support all warehouse operations on a

day to day basis.

• Pick and pack orders

• NZ residency or citizenship

• Good written and verbal skills

• Own transport as the role is based in the I zone

Rolleston Industrial Park.

• Accurate data entry/computer skills using SAP system.

• Forklift drivers license would be a advantage

• Contactable references from previous or current

employers (these will be checked)

Send through your CV telling us why you’re the right

person for the job.

Email to: trevor@forbesanddavies.co.nz

By 08/02/18


Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

Public Notice

Public Notice

Public Notice

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anytime, anywhere!

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Fire rages, homes at risk


48 Wednesday January 31 2018

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Four Seasons Realty

Deadline Sale

Deadline Sale

Monday 26th February (USP)

Deadline Sale

7th February 2pm (USP)

3 2 2 2 2

1129 Greendale Road Darfield

The Good Life Enjoy country living within walking distance to Darfield, spacious three bed, two lounge

with two bathrooms.

2.006ha, so room for everyone’s country dream whether it’s a horse, motor bike or enjoying the good life.

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#RL1821

Fergus Spain - 027 608 4768

Deadline Sale

13 February 3pm (USP)

3 1 1 1 2

17 Strathean Avenue Avonhead

Fantastic Family Home In Sought After Street Features 3 double bedrooms (all with

robes), separate sunny lounge with Heat pump, formal dining room, updated kitchen with

dishwasher, huge master bedroom and double garage plus great off-street parking.

So close to Avonhead Mall, Burnside park, airport etc.

Just a fantastic location, be quick on this one!

View at: fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#HR4819

Nicholas & Lyn Martin - 027 434 5792

4 2 2 1 2

19 Dunlop Crescent Rolleston

Enjoy All of the Benefits of Their Hard Work This impeccable property represents a superb

opportunity in this popular location. The interconnecting living areas with a sleek and stylish kitchen

including a walk -in pantry. are complemented by the seamless indoor/outdoor flow. Extensive patios,

well fenced garden and the stylish landscaping completed. Built in 2017 by Pringle Homes and designed

for modern living with minimal maintenance.

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#RL1811 | Shona Robb - 027 229 3657

For Sale


3 1 1 1 2

5 McCarthy Street Hoon Hay

Great Starter in the 300’s This is your great opportunity to secure an affordable home in this handy and

sought after area. With a GV of $350,000 only, it’s a convenient location to shops, bus stop, schooling and other

amenities makes this property a steal. Built in 1970’s this permanent material, 3 bedrooms home is sited on a

622m2 section. It offers a large interconnecting lounge to dining area and a separate kitchen, private courtyard

and a large double garage partly converted to a studio with power. In addition, it has been installed with HRV

and heat pump. Vendor has the next project inline and a sold sign is required ASAP. With this property being

full of potential for further enhancements to add value to it, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#RL1768 | Richard Tait (Taitie) - 027 777 8080

For Sale

3 1 1 1 1 1 2

11 St Albans Street St Albans

2 Minutes’ walk to Merivale If location and school zoning is top of your list do not look past this

opportunity! Located in the heart of St Albans and hidden down a tree lined driveway this well-established

3 bedroom property is the perfect family oasis. Inside you will find a highly-functional kitchen with open plan

dining and a large separate lounge offering plenty of versatility. There’s definitely scope for the new owners

to enhance the décor and add their own style to the property. You can relax in the sun bathed living room

while the easy-care section offers plenty of privacy when it comes time to relax and unwind.

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#RL1822 | Nyressa Vincent - 027 515 7045

For Sale

3 1 1 1 2

2/10 Cardiff Avenue Somerfield

Calling All Investors & First Home Buyers! Great location (handy to town and Port

Hills), easy care section, good tenants! Beautifully presented 3 bedroom townhouse,

sleek, modern kitchen, spacious open plan living, Heat pump. It offers a shower and bath,

separate toilet and laundry. Generous double garage and good off street parking.

Viewing will certainly impress!

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#HR4821

Kayleen Woodgate - 027 4348 178 | Jeremy Andrews - 021 969 425

4 1 1 1 2 2

12 Carbine Place Upper Riccarton

4 Bedrooms - 2 Toilets! With 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms, permanent materials and

outside entertaining in a great school zone, what more can you ask for.

A Modern kitchen further enhances the desirability and make viewing an absolute must.

View at fourseasons.harcourts.co.nz ID#RL1820

Richard Tait (Taitie) - 027 777 8080



395 Main South Road S13, Rolleston Square

P 349 9919 P 347 4711

Property Management.

379 Halswell Road

P 322 1197

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008


Week commencing WeDneSDAY, 31St JAnUARY 2018

Lifestyle on City Limits - 2 hectares

Very seldom does a property come along that by its

immaculate presentation, handy location, bountiful

living spaces and exceptional character, needs very

little introduction.

This freshly renovated 4 bedroom home situated

close to both West Melton and the city boundary is a

rare find indeed.

This is a simple easy managed 2ha block not digging

into your precious weekend relaxation time.

In fact after feeding your chooks and ponies why

not sit by the pool and admire your private park like

setting with a nice glass of wine while your children

cool off in your very own fully fenced pool.

With 2 large living areas, an impressive kitchen

with oversized gas hob and an elevated master

bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe to make your

friends envious, this family friendly home needs to

be explored to be fully appreciated. Early viewing


Price: $969,000

Open Home: Saturday 1-1:30pm

Four Seasons Realty

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Richard Tait (Taitie)


Mobile: 027 777 8080

Phone: 03 347 4525

Email: richard.tait@harcourts.co.nz

Address: 1/842 West Coast Road, West Melton


Cramped living


We’ll find you the extra space.

Talk to our team today and see what our business can do for you.

your local home for property

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd | Licensed Agent REAA 2008


Looking for a Property?

What really counts

You are in the market for a new property,

scrolling the Internet, examining

properties for sale and zeroing in on

those with potential. They might be

in locations that offer cheaper land,

larger houses, or convenience to work

or school. You may have visited show

homes and open homes becoming

confused, overwhelmed or swept

away with emotional factors like having

everything new, or extra features such

as three car garaging.

To be happy with your choice, list the

features that you need, considering:

; Family space – Is there room for

the children to play indoors and

for television and entertainment

units? Should this be open plan or


; Kitchen – What needs to be in your

kitchen? How serious are you about

a butler’s pantry? Is it a whim or

something that offers a practical

solution to the way you use your


; Bedroom sizes – What are optimum

sizes? Smaller bedrooms may

translate to slightly lower building

costs while extra space can be

useful. When looking at existing

homes, consider whether the size of

each bedroom is sufficient.

; Garaging – A standard double

garage once two cars are parked

there offers little space for the toys.

What toys do you have and could

they live with the lawnmower in a

garden shed, a cheaper option to

three car garaging? If the budget

allows and a larger garage with

workshop is important, make it a

selection priority.

; Size of land – Lifestyle properties

offer space for children, pets,

hobbies, an expansive garden and

perhaps a home-run business but

they require work so are not for

everyone and a compact section

might be more sensible if a tight

budget or busy lifestyle.

; Bathrooms – Second and third

bathrooms are great in homes with

teenagers and a wet shower room is

ideal for young children. A bath might

be fashionable though is often not

used and its absence could mean a

more spacious bathroom.

; Laundry – Would a laundry in the

garage do the job?

; Storage – How much storage do you

need? Weigh up what can truly be

stored in the garage once vehicles

are in, a preference in winter.

Garages vary in size so check the

size to ensure your vehicles will fit.

Look also at where else the house

offers storage capacity such as in

hall cupboards, a large hot water

cylinder cupboard, wardrobes (check

their width and depth), walk-in robe,

attic storage trusses, as well as the

potential for hooks and shelving in

the garage for bikes, tools, garden

equipment and even kayaks.

; Off-street parking – How many

vehicles can be parked on the

driveway? Will this space be


; Garden - Is there sufficient space

for your children to play or for


A checklist will allow you to determine

what will suit your needs, the point of

the exercise, saving you time looking at

properties or potential house designs

while assisting you to decide whether

to buy a new or existing home with

both options having advantages and



15D Marlowe Place, Rolleston


OFFERS OVER $519,000

Family Sized Value!

Your search is over! This could be the home you’ve been looking for! Sitting on a family sized 704sqm this

stylish and contemporary 174sqm home is a great choice for family living. With 3 double bedrooms, 2

bathrooms and a lovely open plan kitchen/dining/living area this home is sure to tick a lot of boxes. Tucked

away in a lovely cul-de-sac, the fully fenced grounds feature an easy-care garden, well-proportioned lawn,

planter boxes and a garden shed, perfect for those with green fingers. The large back yard is perfect for

the kids and pets to burn their energy, while the two patios offer enough space for alfresco dining and

entertaining on those warmer evenings. A short walk will get you to supermarkets, the new shopping area

as well as Rolleston School. We anticipate high interest in this lovely home, so don’t delay – call Mike today

for your chance to view.

5 Providence Place, Redwood

DEADLinE SALE : 5Pm 15th FEb


5 Hardwell Way, Rolleston

by nEgOtiAtiOn

A Picture on Providence!

Located in the sought after Providence Place, this beautifully

presented 3 double bedroom plus study home is a pleasure to

present! From the moment you step into the light filled entrance,

you will be struck by the spaciousness on offer. A central modern

kitchen is at the heart of the open plan living, dining and family

area. Three double bedrooms provide ample accommodation,

with the master boasting an ensuite and its own patio access. A

separate study or playroom off the living area gives even more

options. Outside, the manicured and fully fenced grounds are

both private and relaxing. Surrounded by other executive homes,

and being conveniently close to Northlands Mall, The Airport and

St Bedes College, we anticipate high interest. With new plans

underway, our vendors are motivated so don’t delay as homes of

this quality, in this location are snapped up quick. Call Stephen

or Mike today for your viewing options.

A Smart Decision for Easy Living!

Delivering the perfect combination of contemporary style

and low-maintenance living in the flourishing Farringdon

community is this three-bedroom home which presents an

appealing opportunity for home buyers and investors alike.

The open plan living space flows seamlessly from the

modern kitchen to allow for family interaction and effortless

entertaining, and your choice of two patios and the easycare

grounds provide the perfect setting for unwinding


Each of the bedrooms is well-sized and feature built-in

storage, with the master enjoying the convenience of an

ensuite. This property offers laid-back living and excellent

levels of comfort and is sure to tick a lot of boxes for buyers

who want to settle down in style. Contact Mike today for

more information.

mike goatley

027 249 5561

Chris Finnerty

021 274 6041

trevor mcivor

027 444 2814

Stephen Ferguson

021 224 2000

Fraser mackintosh

027 286 8161

nicola Curtis


Julz Sibbe


68 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

0800 645 346


Real Estate Specialists Ltd Licenced REAA (2008)



Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 rolleston@pb.co.nz 03 929 0306

Compact yet spacious




5/24 Walter Place

Well appointed modern villa designed for easy care

living, set on a private section of approximately 500m2.

This low maintenance brand new home is perfect for

those wanting to downsize without the downgrade.

Featuring 3 double bedrooms, open plan living, walk in

robe and ensuite off master bedroom, as well as

separate family bathroom. Double garage encompasses

the custom built laundry. Currently under construction

and due for completion mid 2018.

View By Appointment

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306








26 Beaumont Drive

Positioned on an ideal 1048m2 section in the highly

sought after Mayfair subdivision (think wide

streets...quality homes...) here's an opportunity for a

lucky buyer to secure a large home for an unbelievable


* 5 bed, 2, living, 2 bathrm

* Kitchen with double oven

* LED lighting

* 3 heat pumps + log burner

* Separate laundry

* Additional 10m2 garden shed

VIEW Sunday 4 Feb 1.00 - 1.30pm

Sarah Yeates

Mobile 027 447 2719

Office 03 929 0306


BUYERS $629,000+











Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections

in the Selwyn District



The showhome scene in Selwyn has been

evolving over the last year with some of

the more familiar homes moving on to

become private residences as new ones are


People in the district now have a

generous supply of show homes to

view with what may well be the largest

showhome village in New Zealand at

Faringdon in Rolleston, along with a good

line-up at Lincoln’s Flemington and Te

Whāriki. You will also find showhomes

representing the work of building

companies in West Melton’s Wilfield.

Lincoln – Flemington:

• Fraemohs Homes, 16 Craig Thompson


• Green Homes, 14 Craig Thompson


• Homes by Maxim, 10 Craig Thompson


• Homes by Parklane, 6 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Mike Greer Homes, 15 Craig Thompson


• Online Design & Build, 4 Craig

Thompson Drive.

• Onyx Homes, 1 Oak Drive.

• Orange Homes, 12 Craig Thompson


• Versatile Homes & Buildings,

5 Sunline Ave.

Lincoln - Te Whāriki:

• Bainbridge Homes, 51 Vernon Drive.

• Benchmark Homes, 53 Vernon Drive.

• Faye Homes, 41 Vernon Drive.

• Fraemohs Homes, 55 Vernon Drive.

• G J Gardner, 47 Vernon Drive.

• Hallmark Homes, 49 Vernon Drive.

• Trident Homes, 39 Vernon Drive.


• A1 Homes, 2 Carpenter Drive

(Open Friday-Sunday by appointment).

Rolleston - Faringdon:

• Artisan Homes, 566 East Maddisons


• Benchmark Homes, 1 Lemonwood


• BOS Construction Limited, 98 Ledbury


• Compass Homes, 102 Ledbury Drive

(opening soon).

• Faye Homes, 560 East Maddisons Road

(opening around end of April).

• G J Gardner Homes, 584 East Maddisons


• Golden Homes, 580 East Maddisons


• Green Homes, 3 Lemonwood Drive.

• Hallmark Homes, 7 Lemonwood Drive.

• Jennian Homes, 7 Lemonwood Drive.

• Mike Greer Homes – two showhomes,

2 Ragley Way & 16 Shillingford Boulevard.

• Milestone Homes, 5 Lemonwood Drive.

• Peter Ray Homes – two showhomes,

572 & 574 East Maddisons Road.

• Pringle Homes, 570 East Maddisons

Road (open Thursday-Sunday).

• R&B Builders, 91 Ledbury Drive.

• Signature Homes, 97 Ledbury Drive.

• Stonewood Homes – two showhomes,

93 & 95 Ledbury Drive.

• Today Homes – two showhomes,

576 & 578 East Maddisons Road.

• Trident Homes, 568 East Maddisons


• Versatile Homes, 100 Ledbury Drive.

West Melton - Wilfield:

• G J Gardner Homes, 14 Kingsdowne


• Pringle Homes, 2 Silver Peaks Drive

(open Thursday-Sunday).

Showhomes are generally open for

viewing from Friday through to Sunday

from 12 noon until 4pm with many also

open by appointment at other times.

Brent loves reading

the newspaper.

So we designed an extra wide bench for him

to stop his paper falling into the sink.

Start your own story

03 348 1994 | www.peterrayhomes.co.nz


Key reasons

to buy new

Buying new has many advantages. No one has

yet lived in your brand new home and it has that

new home smell and feel.

That doesn’t appeal to the villa crowd.

But many people dream of a home in a

new suburb.

There are many other advantages -- such

as being able to customise the home before

it’s built. Buyers love it that their build

guarantee covers most things and there’s

little maintenance to do for the first 10


There are a long list of reasons some

people dream of buying new.

They include:

• Current Building Code requirements

specify a higher standard of insulation

and glazing than you can expect in an

older home, which makes your new home

warmer in winter and cooler in summer,

meaning cheaper to run. In addition there

has been a vast improvement in the quality

and technology of construction materials

over the last decade.

• New homes are designed for modern

lifestyles with walk-in wardrobes, double

or triple car garaging, en suites and heat


• Internal access garaging.

• Indoor-outdoor flow. Home builders

before the 1970s rarely thought about this.

• Automatic pool covers and electric

curtains are included in a lot of new

homes, he says.

• In a new subdivision you’re not going

to have five cross-leased small homes next

door to your architecturally designed fivebedroom

dream home, he says.

• New purpose-built shopping and

service centres cater for the modern life.

• New schools can be popular. New

schools are being designed with “Modern

Learning Environments”, which are

considered better layouts for 21st-century


Another important factor is it’s easier

to get a mortgage. New Reserve Bank of

New Zealand loan to value (LVR) ratio

restrictions from October 1 don’t relate

to new homes. Likewise the KiwiSaver

HomeStart grant is doubled for first time


When it comes to new apartment

buildings they’re built to a higher standard

of earthquake/fire proofing and, hopefully,

are no longer leaky.

There are, of course, disadvantages to

buying new. Not everyone wants to wait

six or 12 months to move into their home.

Other downsides include:

• Borrowing to cover the progress

payments is more complex than taking out

a mortgage on an existing property.

• Builders and developers can go broke,

leaving the buyer in an awkward position.

• With some new homes the buyer

effectively needs to become a project


• You have to deal with council for

building and sometimes resource consent.

• The location may be further from the

centre than you wanted.

• If it’s infill housing you might have a

cross lease situation that some people find


• There are often teething problems with

a new build.

• You won’t get a quaint tree-lined street.

• Your section will most likely be smaller

than that of an existing home.

• Fences, paths and landscaping might

need to be added at a cost.


Our Onsite

Office is Open

Wednesday to Sunday, 11-4pm.

Call in for the latest information

on available sections.

Visit one of our showhomes and find your perfect house and land

package within a well regarded community. Each home site has been

created to enjoy the best possible aspect situated amongst Lincoln’s

rural outlook.

First National Real Estate

Sue Mullins

027 244 1325

Visit Us Onsite Corner of Birches Road and Craig Thompson Drive, Lincoln.

Barry O’Neill

021 364 422


3 brand new showhomes, in 3 locations

(off Carrs Rd)

Lot 435 Faringdon

Lot 69 Falcon’s Landing

FROM $546,000














A Christchurch Star Company

Community Newspaper


(Nestor Notabilis)

Ladbrooks, Tai Tapu, Leeston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Prebbleton, Halswell, Rolleston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pass

LARE A 2 08

proident, sunt. Excepteur sint.

Lorem Ipsum


Proudly loca ly owned

500,000 light show

LARE A 2 08

est laborum."

proident, sunt. Excepteur sint.

500,000 light show

Sti l


at 74

– p4, p5

W edons

Dragons win

–p14, p15

Lorem Ipsum


Proudly loca ly owned

9 Masefield Drive

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

(Nestor Notabilis)



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)

ro lestonsquare.co.nz

Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited


No Limit


9 Masefield Drive

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

(Nestor Notabilis)

Sti l


at 74

– p4, p5


Dragons win

–p14, p15



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)

ro lestonsquare.co.nz

Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited


No Limit





Homes by Parklane

“Standout Homes for an Outstanding Price”

Flemington, Lincoln

6 Craig Thompson Drive

Wed to Sun 12pm - 4pm


2 Harvard Avenue

Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Master Builders House of the Year 2017

Gold Reserve Award Winning Showhome

(03) 341 3000 or 029 201 2453


David Reid Homes


New showhome coming soon!

2 Glenturret Drive


80 Farthing Drive

Fri, Sat, Sun 12pm - 4pm

Ph Jason 021 514 424

or Lynda 021 335 707


Tips On Buying A Bach

Having a place to get away from it all is an

attractive prospect at this time of year. It’s

easy to fall in love with the thought of your

own slice of paradise, particularly if it’s in a

popular spot. But buying a holiday property,

whether it’s a bach at the beach or a rural

idyll, is every bit as complex as buying a

home that you live in full-time. That means

you need to do your homework first to avoid

any hassles – and that you engage a lawyer

to help you through the process.

Once you’ve found a property you like,

it’s essential that you and your lawyer look

at all the relevant documents, such as the

legal title and any information that the

council has about the property, as recorded

on the LIM. A title search will reveal any

‘invisible’ issues relating to the boundary

or access. You should also check with the

council whether there are any proposed

developments in the area that could

have an impact on the property and the


It’s a good idea to get the property

thoroughly checked by someone who can

identify significant defects, future or urgent

maintenance issues and problems caused by

gradual deterioration. It’s not uncommon

for a coastal holiday property to have a

few more maintenance issues than you

might expect from a city townhouse. We

recommend using a qualified and insured

building inspector to do this work.

If you get a DIY guru friend in to have a

look instead, ask them to look for structural

problems, any evidence that the property is

a leaky building, issues caused by deferred

maintenance (such as weatherboards rotting

due to peeling paint)

and areas where there is

damp or mould. Simple

things like aged electrical

or water supply fixtures

may also create headaches

later on if not managed

up front. Don’t forget to

factor in costs for fixing

any identified problems

that may be significantly

more involved to manage

than town repairs and

maintenance, as well

as plan for long-term


Depending on where the property is,

you also need to be hard-headed about the

risk of natural hazards such as tsunami or

coastal erosion. Earlier this year, a report

commissioned by the Deep South National

Science Challenge pointed out that nearly

44,000 homes in New Zealand are less

than 1.5 metres above the current average

spring high tide mark. With rising sea levels

and increasing likelihood of storm surges

and king tides predicted, many of these

properties are at serious risk of frequent

inundation. Unsurprisingly, insurers are

nervy about this, with some companies

already raising premiums or excesses for

properties that have been identified as highrisk,

or putting restrictions on what they

will cover. It can be difficult to get finance

approved if a property cannot be insured, so

it pays to investigate this closely.

If you get through all those steps and the

property still looks like a good bet, think

about the long-term. Are you thinking about

using it to earn an income when you’re

not in residence, such as renting it out or

putting it on AirBnB or a similar platform?

Be aware that some councils are tightening

up restrictions on homeowners doing this,

which could affect your plans and costs.

Take a moment to think about security as

well. Getting settled in your new holiday

home is one thing, but consider what

happens when you’re not there.

Finally, if the property you are keen on is

being sold privately, be aware that you may

have fewer protections under the Consumer

Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act if

things go wrong. While no one enters into

a sale thinking that problems are going to

arise, issues can often crop up. Nothing

will dim your holiday glow like the lasting

memory of a poorly researched property


For independent advice on buying or

selling property, check out www.reaa.govt.nz.

Versatile Homes and Buildings

Flemington, Lincoln

8 Craig Thompson Drive

Open Thursday to Sunday,

12.00pm to 4.00pm or by appointment


3 Springs Road

Open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to

5.30pm or by appointment



Selwyn Times



FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 71 0


Selwyn Times

FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 71 0

Selwyn Times

A Star Community Newspaper Kea



A Star Community Newspaper Kea


Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s

Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s

Peter Ray Homes


28 & 30 TeRito Street

Wigram Skies, Wigram

32 & 34 The Runway,12pm to 4pm

Faringdon, Rolleston

572 & 574 East Madisons Road


EVERY TUESDAY inside Selwyn Times

Get your messages into homes throughout the Selwyn District.

Delivered to every home & rural letterbox

(also available at selected pick up points).

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Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

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Price: $ 000,000

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)


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BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready to open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready to open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

Price: $ 000,000

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)




events, was due to be held over a 2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn

fortnight next year in March award for community impact.

One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next

However, a lack of both volun-

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman

year but an organiser says she is

hopeful this is no th end.

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn, It has b en run every two years registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event.

which promotes local exhibitions, since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In “It was te ribly disa pointing for


events, was due to be held over a 2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn a l art of studios, us, especia restaurants, ly myself,” gardens Mrs and

fortnight next year in March award for community impact. Rockhouse said.

One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next

Wendy Rockhouse said organisers place in the calendar because there

However, a lack of both volun-

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman “I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

year but an organiser says she is

have had to a cep they didn’t have the is so much diversity out here but

hopeful this is no th end.

manpower to try and get more groups it wi l n ed to have people that are

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn, It has b en run every two years registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event. hundreds of hours myself - and you

prepared to work at it. I have put in

which promotes local exhibitions, since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In “It was te ribly disa pointing for n ed to. • Turn to page art studios, restaurants, gardens and


t ers and expre sions of interest

from groups wishing to be involved

means it has now b en ca ned.

Wendy Rockhouse said organisers

have had to a cep they didn’t have the

manpower to try and get more groups

Phone: 021 000 0000

email: loremipsum@lorem.co.nz

a l of us, especia ly myself,” Mrs

Rockhouse said.

“I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

place in the calendar because there

is so much diversity out here but

it wi l n ed to have people that are

prepared to work at it. I have put in

hundreds of hours myself - and you

n ed to. • Turn to page 2

More than a shopping centre!

More than a shopping centre!


t ers and expre sions of interest

from groups wishing to be involved

means it has now b en ca ned.

Phone: 021 000 0000

email: loremipsum@lorem.co.nz

Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm




70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston


Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm




‘The Experts’

70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston

Committed to exce lence, service and the local community.

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

ROLLESTON P: 03 347 9949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www. marealestate.co.nz

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high impact




‘The Experts’

Committed to exce lence, service and the local community.

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

ROLLESTON P: 03 347 9949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www. marealestate.co.nz


To advertise in

The Showhome Guide

Contact Elaine: (03) 364 7436


For full information on placing your advertising call:

Lynette Evans

Ph 021 222 7831 | email: lynette.evans@starmedia.kiwi



Elaine Moon

Ph 021 079 3339 | email: elaine.moon@starmedia.kiwi

Selwyn Times dedicated to getting you outstanding results & making our district a better place to live.


thiS WEEk’S


2.00pm – 2.30pm


730 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Tai Tapu

Ray White Lincoln

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

41 Durrell Way, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

31 Cassidy Avenue, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

8 Cognac Drive, Yaldhurst

Matson & Allan Rolleston

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

21 Moore Street, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

156D Horndon Street, Darfield

Farmlands Real Estate

2 Johnston Street, Leeston

Farmlands Real Estate

12.00pm – 12.30pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

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11.15am – 11.45am

11.15am – 11.45am

11.30am – 12.00pm

11.30am – 12.15pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm


8/90 Edgeware Road, St Albans

Harcourts Rolleston

19 Dunlop Crescent, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston


8/90 Edgeware Road, St Albans

Harcourts Rolleston

123 Port Hills Road, Heathcote Valley

Ray White Lincoln

12 Carbine Place, Upper Riccarton

Harcourts Rolleston

1/337 Hendersons Road, Hoon Hay

Ray White Lincoln

1/842 West Coast Road, West Melton

Harcourts Rolleston

196B Sharps Road, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

20a Kopara Street, Templeton

Ray White Rolleston

37 Globe Bay Drive, Templeton

Harcourts Rolleston

69 Boston Avenue, Hornby

Ray White Rolleston

1 Fiona Place, Hei Hei

Ray White Rolleston

19 Dunlop Crescent, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston

101a Avonhead Road, Avonhead

Ray White Rolleston

3 Dalwood Drive, Wigram

Ray White Rolleston


73 Turners Road, Ouruhia

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Canterbury

3 Simms Lane, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

83 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

8 Kendon Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

22A John Street, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

8B Pemberton Drive, Darfield

Farmlands Real Estate

8C Pemberton Drive, Darfield

Farmlands Real Estate

25 Brittan Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

8 Tapanui Place, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

56a Hoon Hay Road, Hoon Hay

Ray White Rolleston

1/265 Selwyn Road, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston

10 Heaphy Court, Rolleston

Ray White Lincoln

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30om

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.15pm – 12.45pm

12.30pm – 1.00pm

12.45pm – 1.15pm

12.45pm – 1.15pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

1.15pm – 1.45pm

1.15pm – 1.45pm

1.15pm – 1.45pm

1.30pm – 2.00pm

1.45pm – 2.15pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

28 Lydiard Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

24 Shillingford Boulevard, Rolleston

Ray White West Melton

18 Castleton Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

45 Liffeyfields Drive, Lincoln

Harcourts Rolleston

1/10 Parr Place, Ilam

Harcourts Rolleston

15A John Street, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

17 McCauley Street, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

1621 West Coast Road, West Melton

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Canterbury

56 Te Waikare Street, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

138 Levi Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

81 Edward Street, Lincoln

Matson & Allan, Rolleston

60 Newman Road, Rolleston

Once Agency Rolleston

11 Kilkenny Close, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

1/337 Hendersons Road, Hoon Hay

Ray White Lincoln

66 Bailey Street, Templeton

Ray White West Melton

1744 Hoskyns Road, Kirwee

Harcourts Rolleston

15 Whitewood Crescent, West Melton

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Canterbury

2 Tweedy Court, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

4 Ford Mews, Springston

Ray White Lincoln

31 Rembrandt Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

27 Tiny Hill Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

7 Dylan Close, Rolleston

Mike Pero, Rolleston

4 Emerson Lane, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

3 Emerson Lane, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

105 Knights Road, Weedons

Ray White West Melton

79 Newman Road, Rolleston

Mike Pero Real Estate, West Melton

191 Larcombs Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

48 Masefield Drive, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston

27 Everest Way, Springston

Matson & Allan Rolleston

73 Dynes Road, Rolleston

Matson & Allan Rolleston

15D Marlowe Place, Rolleston

One Agency Rolleston

73 Ledbury Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.15pm – 2.45pm

2.15pm – 2.45pm

2.30pm – 3.00pm

2.30pm – 3.00pm

2.30pm – 3.15pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.15pm – 3.45pm

3.15pm – 3.45pm

3.15pm – 3.45pm

3.15pm – 3.45pm

3.30pm – 4.00pm

3.30pm – 4.00pm

3.45pm – 4.15pm

14 Warhol Place, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston

574 Birchs Road, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

20 Lowes Road, Rolleston

Mike Pero, Rolleston

730 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Tai Tapu

Ray White Lincoln

56 Shadbolt Lane, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

42 Riverstone Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

7 Rotherham Drive, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

30a Delamare Way, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

90 Ledbury Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

23B Jozecom Place, Rolleston

Matson & Allan Rolleston

38 Burnham School Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

1129 Greendale Road, Darfield

Harcourts Rolleston

11 St Albans Street, St Albans

Harcourts Rolleston

19 Dunlop Crescent, Rolleston

Harcourts Rolleston

58 Shillingford Blvd, Rolleston

One Agency Rolleston

26 Rotherham Drive, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

15a Mila Haven, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

73 Lowes Road, Rolleston

Matson & Allan, Rolleston

14 Riverside Lane, Tai Tapu

Ray White Lincoln

5 Glen Oak Drive, Kirwee

Farmlands Real Estate

44 Rossall Crescent, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

31 Sherborne Drive, Rolleston

Mike Pero, Rolleston

58 Rossington Drive, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

64 Kathleen Crescent, Hornby

Ray White Rolleston

59 Selwyn Street, Leeston

Ray White Rolleston

22 Hungerford Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

47 Shepherd Avenue, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

5 Westview Crescent, West Melton

Ray White West Melton

43 Masefield Drive, Rolleston

Matson & Allan, Rolleston





For full details of all

Open Homes, please

contact the Real Estate



ROLLESTON 03 347 9988


WEST MELTON 03 347 9933


LINCOLN 03 325 7299


FARMLANDS www.farmlands.co.nz





03 347 4711, www.harcourts.co.nz

MATSON & ALLAN www.marealestate.co.nz

ROLLESTON 03 347 9949 • DARFIELD 03 318 8204

LEESTON 03 324 3704

MIKE PERO ROLLESTON 03 347 1111, www.mikepero.com

PGG WRIGHTSON CANTERBURY 03 318 7850, www.pggwre.co.nz

ONE AGENCY ROLLESTON 03 347 3393, www.oneagency.res.co.nz










Rural Property

Licensed REAA2008

ROLLESTON - 44 Park Lane


• Built in 2015

• Substantial 274sqm home

• 4 double bedrooms

• 2 large living areas

• Log burner and heat pump

• Walk in pantry

• Great indoor/outdoor living

• Secure and private 792sqm section

Price: $629,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/293

ROLLESTON - 43 Masefield Drive


• New build

• 5 double bedrooms

• Master with ensuite and WIR

• Quality fixtures and fittings

• 2 x heat pumps

• 2 living areas

• Separate lounge

• Sleek modern kitchen

• Large section

• Double internal access garage

Viewing: Sun 3.45 – 4.15pm

Price: Neg Over $649,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/269


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576


ROLLESTON - 23B Jozecom Place


• Spacious 270m2 home

• Three spacious living areas

• Modern kitchen with stone bench tops & Butler’s pantry

• Four double bedrooms

• Large master bedroom with WIR

• Log burner & Heat pump

• Opulent tiled bathrooms with underfloor heating

• Separate laundry & ample internal storage

• Triple car garage

• 1228m2 section

Viewing: Sun 2.15 – 2.45pm

Price: $765,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/296


ROLLESTON - 5 Thames Drive


• GJ Gardiner build home

• 4 double bedrooms

• 2 separate living areas

• Log burner and heat pump

• Beautifully specified bathrooms

• Sleek modern kitchen

• Walk in pantry

• Attic storage

• Reticulated gas

• Landscaping complete

Price: Neg Over $635,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/289

Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576


ROLLESTON - 80 Shillingford Blvrd


• Due to be completed in July 2018

• Well designed brick four bedroom home

• Walking distance to Faringdon South Point shops

• Walk-in pantry, quality Westinghouse appliances

• Separate living area

• Ensuite & walk-in robe

• Separate laundry

• Sits nicely on section to maximise sun

• LED lighting & heat pump

• Double glazing & insulation

• Fully fenced with patios & landscaping

Price: Neg Over $549,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/291

Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576


LINCOLN - 81 Edward Street


• 232m2 four bedroom high-end show home on a

664m2 section

• Spacious open plan living, dining & kitchen, including

additional lounge

• Four generously sized bedrooms - master with large

walk in robe & stunning ensuite

• Smart lock system & keyless entry ensures convenience

& safety

• Features such as ‘MaxRaft’ & ‘EcoMaster’ optimizing

ultimate comfort & warmth

• Capacious outdoor living area, plenty of room for

family activities

Viewing: Sun 12.00 – 12.30pm

Price: Neg Over $735,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/278


Charlotte Bellew Mb 027 532 5931


ROLLESTON - 16 Broomleigh Drive


• Generous 241m2 home on 719m2 section

• 2 separate living areas & dining area

• Centrally located kitchen

• North facing living & outdoor entertaining

• 4 double bedrooms – Master with tiled bathroom,

underfloor heating & walk in wardrobe

• LED lighting throughout

• Built in gas fireplace

• Separate laundry, heat pump & gas hot water

• Exposed aggregate driveway & patios

• Spray lawn & internal privacy fencing

• Soon to be completed

Price: Neg Over $660,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/274

Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576



- 174 Two Chain Road


• 4-5 large bedrooms, ensuite, bathroom, separate toilet

• Open plan kitchen, dining, living area, separate lounge

• Double glazed, log burner, heat pump, thermal slab

• Gas hot water & hob, engineered stone bench, hi spec


• Internal large double garage, separate laundry/

mudroom with shower & toilet

• 4 ha with 101sqm implement shed – 3 open bay & 2

lockable with power

• Consented for irrigation till 2038


Price: $970,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/306

Jo Barrett Mb 021 859 006

Andrew Taylor Mb 0274 355 930

ROLLESTON - 15 Seymour Drive


• Near new home (under 2 years)

• 3 bedrooms

• 2 bathrooms

• High quality fittings and fixtures

• Separate laundry

• Alarm & LED lighting

• 2 car internal access garage

• Fully fenced section

• Excellent street appeal


Price: Neg Over $499,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/254

Andrew Taylor Mb 027 435 5930


LEESTON - 12 Carston Street



• Permanent material two bedroom home (could be


• Conservatory (currently used as a bedroom)

• Spacious kitchen opening out onto the dining area

• Adjoining living room

• Standalone log burner & attached garage

• Positioned for all day sun

• Landscaped surrounds with park right next door!

• Located at the end of quiet Carston Street

• Landscaped 608m2 section

• Perfect starter package or tidy investment


Viewing: Sun 1.45 – 2.15pm

Price: Neg Over $319,000

View: www.marealestate.co.nz/297

Stephan Knowler Mb 027 229 9522



ROLLESTON PH: 03 347 9949 LEESTON PH: 03 324 3704 DARFIELD PH: 03 318 8204 www.marealestate.co.nz

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Paul Robinson

021 277 2690

Sue Robinson

021 409 050

Charlotte Bellew

027 532 5931

Jo Barrett

021 859 006




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