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Selwyn Times: January 31, 2018

18 Wednesday

18 Wednesday January 31 2018 Latest Christchurch news at •Holiday fun from page 17 SELWYN TIMES PROUD: Rowan Tarpey, Sam Fearnley, Jackson Fearnley, Riley Christensen, Keira Christensen and Arnabelle Christensen display their door hangers. SLUMBER PARTY: Ethan Tuffley, Rhiannon Win, Isabella Kennedy, Kaesyn Neame, Jessica and Sophie McCarthy, Chloe Andrew, Ryan and Jamie Cridge dressed up for pyjama day. STYLE: Sophie and Jessica McCarthy and Chloe Andrew modeling in tin foil on the runway. COLOURFUL: Ben Murray with his Make Craft pillowcase. CLEVER: Stacey Blackmore making the most of arts and crafts. NATURE: The animals at Orana Wildlife Park provided much entertainment.

selwyn early learning and childcare published by & The first steps in education are important for any child. Providing nurturing, encouragement, support, challenges and a positive learning environment can aid a child in their development and instill the pathway to life-long learning. In the Selwyn Times childcare feature we highlight a number of providers who ensure children have the best start possible as well as care which is provided for older children before and after school. There are a variety of learning styles offered by these providers so read on to find out which centre will provide the care best suited for your child.