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Selwyn Times: January 31, 2018


10 Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare Award winning before and after school care Your children will be safe and happy at a Busy Bumbles’ before and after school or holiday programme. This award winning, out of school hours’ provider has 11 venues across Selwyn, with nearly 50 staff who pride themselves on offering a truly high quality programme catering for all ages. Busy Bumbles especially enjoys participating in local events like the Lincoln Santa parade, West Melton sports day and various school fetes. “I feel privileged to be able to offer this care to local families,” says Busy Bumbles owner and manager, Rebecca Scott who is a trained teacher and local Selwyn person. Check Busy Bumbles’ Facebook page and website, where you can enrol your child online. Find out more or enrol by visiting our website today! OSCAR & CYF approved, WINZ subsidies Winner of Best New OSCAR Programme in New Zealand AND Most Outstanding OSCAR Programme ‘THE BEST LITTLE PRESCHOOL IN LINCOLN’ Melodies Preschool is a small boutique preschool of only 30 children per day nestled in the heart of Lincoln township that provides high quality care and education for boys and girls aged 2-5 years. Our unique daily programme incorporates specialist music, dance, gym and art sessions using the Carl Orff approach and Gill Connell’s Moving Smart programme. The children enjoy discovering, creating and exploring our indoor environment which includes a spacious music room and art room. The natural outdoor environment is designed with your child’s creativity and physical development in mind. Static equipment is limited so that children are able to create their own huts, games, obstacle courses and always be physically challenged. Every day the outdoor environment is different. Our low child to teacher ratio of 7 children to 1 teacher (Ministry Regulations are 10:1) provides a nurturing attentive atmosphere where children are engaged in meaningful play where there is always a teacher to care, support and extend on your child’s interest. It also allows teachers to provide amazing activities, lessons and interactions that would not otherwise happen in a higher child to teacher ratio environment. We also provide an exceptional Transition to School programme for 4–5 years olds that is highly regarded by local New Entrant teachers and Principals. Children at Melodies become happy creative, confident, innovative learners. 90% of a child’s brain develops in the first 5 years. Quality experiences and interactions help shape your child’s future during this time. Music develops a separate part of the brain that is linked to memory and awakens the senses, develops language and promotes confidence and creativity. Children learn through movement and real sensory experiences. High Quality Preschool Education is the smallest most important investment you could make to your child’s future. 27 WEST BELT ROAD, LINCOLN 03 325 2227 | |

Selwyn Early Learning & Childcare 11 Loving learning and life Active Explorers Leeston inspires a lifelong love of learning and empowers enquiring minds to reach their greatest potential. The busy, vibrant hum that greets you when you enter Active Explorers Leeston lets you know you are in a place where children are engaged, absorbed and loving it. “The learning journey our children take is everything to us. We respect their abilities, encourage their interests, and we recognise their individuality. Respect for each other and our environment underpins everything we do at Active Explorers Leeston,” says Janene Prendergast, Centre Manager.'s it's often often described described as the as the hardest, yet wider most community rewarding, experience organisations a person that can can hardest, have! An yet opportunity most rewarding, to nurture experience from infancy a - promoting support and supporting empower you all the to fulfil physical, your role person emotional, can social have! and An intellectual opportunity needs to nurture of our children, aided with and empowering the skills, resources them into and contacts from adulthood... infancy and - promoting yes: it sure and can supporting be a busy rollercoaster that you of need. incredible moments, euphoric all highs, the and physical, of course emotional, more challenging social and and tougher times too. As we settle into 2018 we welcome you to intellectual needs of our children, and follow us on our various digital platforms empowering Selwyn Parenting them Network into adulthood... (SPN) was and born from a desire and belief that all families should (including our social media accounts on yes: have it access sure can to active be a busy support, rollercoaster resources of and understanding. We know that parenting can be incredible tough, but moments, we also know euphoric that with highs, the and 'right of help Facebook at the right & time' Instagram) the lives where of parents, you can keep course carers and more children challenging can be up to date with all that we are planning and transformed. tougher times within the community; access links to too. The purpose of our work is to strengthen Selwyn valuable communities resources by providing and informative support to articles; local Selwyn parents and Parenting caregivers Network of children (SPN) of any was age. We book are fast places becoming for one-off a local guest 'parent speaker advice born bureau' from within a desire Selwyn: and a belief network that that all families can facilitate evenings, your needs and as of a course parent/caregiver attend our and annual should put you have in touch access with to the active many support, specific service providers showcase and events wider including community Family Fun Day, resources organisations and that understanding. can support and We empower know that you and to fulfil Children’s your role Day with NZ. the skills, resources parenting and contacts can that be you tough, need. but we also know To this end, we warmly invite you ALL to be that with the 'right help at the right time' the a part of our 5th Birthday celebrations at our lives As we of settle parents, into carers 2018 we and welcome children you can to be follow us on our various digital platforms annual SPN Children's Day FREE Event enhanced (including our and social transformed. media accounts on Facebook & Instagram) where you can keep up to date with all that we are planning within the community; on Sunday access 4th links March to valuable (12pm - resources 3pm) where The and informative purpose of articles; our work book is to places strengthen for one-off guest we encourage speaker evenings, you and and the whole of course family to Selwyn attend our communities annual showcase by providing events support including Family pack Fun your Day, drink and bottles, Children’s sunhats Day NZ. and picnic to local parents and caregivers of children rugs, and head on down to enjoy a wide of To any this age. end, We we warmly are fast invite becoming you ALL a local to be a part range of our of 5th fun Birthday free activities celebrations and entertainment at our 'parent annual SPN advice Children's bureau' within Day FREE Selwyn: Event a on Sunday at our 4th new March venue (12pm of choice: - 3pm) Foster where Park, we network encourage that you can and facilitate the whole your family needs to as pack a your Rolleston. drink bottles, Lock sunhats in the date and picnic now, rugs, as and parent/caregiver head on down to and enjoy put a wide you in range touch of with fun free activities we cannot and wait entertainment to see you at our there new for a the venue many of choice: specific Foster service Park, providers Rolleston. and Lock in the fun date filled now, day as to we celebrate cannot wait our children. to see you there for a fun filled day to celebrate our children. Selwyn Parenting Network Selwyn Parenting Network Community Group For Parents Caregivers of Children Any Age A Community Group For Parents & Caregivers of Children Any Age Contact: Kate Webb, Coordinator Contact: Kate Webb, Coordinator on 027 229 2001 027 229 2001 SelwynParentingNetwork selwyn_parenting_network SelwynParentingNetwork selwyn_parenting_network SELWYN PARENTING NETWORK INC. SUNDAY 4 TH MARCH 2018 Foster Park | Rolleston 12:00pm – 3:00pm FREE FAMILY EVENT ▪ Face Painting ▪ Pony Rides ▪ Hula Hooping ▪ Farmyard Friends ▪ Sports Activities ▪ Vintage Fire Engine ▪ Community Fundraiser Stalls ▪ Free Sausage Sizzles ▪ Bouncy Castles ▪ Pedalmania ▪ Magic Show ▪ Music & More!! Quality care and education from 3 months to 6 years • 20 Free ECE hours for all three to six year olds • Our new nursery is open ready to welcome Under • An experienced, committed team with a strong Two’s into the warm and enriching environment. knowledge of Te Whariki, the Early Childhood • Our opening hours are 7 - 5.30pm Curriculum • Our programme is influenced by a Reggio • Our older children are enjoying their own Amelia approach classroom, getting involved in project work, being • An extensive outdoor environment with space creative in their dedicated art studio and building to ride bikes and explore nature. social and emotional skills with their peers. Visit us at 20 Leeston Lake Road, Leeston Enquiries to Janene (Neeny) Prendergast 03 324 4115 • Visit our website Will be Cancelled if wet. Thanks and acknowledgment to our key community funding partners: