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Selwyn Times: January 31, 2018

4 Wednesday

4 Wednesday January 31 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES News Rolleston mum swims Taupo • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding A ROLLESTON swimmer has glided her way through her biggest challenge yet – successfully swimming across Lake Taupo. Hannah Drury, 39, swam from the south to the north end of the great lake – covering 41.5km in the marathon swim. She is the latest and first swimmer of the year to achieve the FortyPointTwo Lake Taupo Marathon Swim. Mrs Drury completed her swim in 14hr 9min – starting at 5.30am and finishing at about 7.39pm. “I just wanted a challenge really. I had taken up open swimming in January last year. “I was really enjoying it because I am normally a pool swimmer. I heard (about) people doing this and thought maybe I could train for that and do it myself,” she said. Mrs Drury said the conditions for her swim on January 20 were perfect with 5 knot winds, no waves and 20 deg C. The rules of the marathon say Mrs Drury could stop to eat and drink, but could not touch the boat of her support crew or she would be disqualified. “At about six hours, I remember saying to my support crew DETERMINATION: Rolleston mother Hannah Drury back in the water at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre after her 41.5km swim across Lake Taupo. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER ‘do you think I can really do this?’. They were like ‘yes, yes, yes you can’ and they gave me things to think about for the next half hour,” she said. After conquering Lake Taupo, Mrs Drury said she was “absolutely exhausted. I collapsed into a heap on the floor but then I was fine after a minute or two.” Leading up to the event, she spent about 10 months training at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre and in oceans and lakes. From November last year, Mrs Drury started training in open water, including Lake Hood, Lake Pegasus, Corsair Bay and Cass Bay. She said she had great support from her husband, and her two boys aged 5 and 7 were at the beach waiting for her at the end of her marathon. “My boys were quite excited about me doing it . . . they said ‘you did good in your swim mummy, well done’”. Since 1955, swimmers have endured their way across Lake Taupo after Margaret Sweeney, of Auckland, became the first person to successfully cross the lake. Chips on the shelves •From page 1 The idea was first formed when the students were in their last year at Lincoln High School in 2016. They were taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme – a high school competition aiming to teach young people about the risks and rewards of going into business. As part of the competition, the students legally registered their company as Parareka Ltd before approaching Heartland about creating their own chip flavour. “We were sitting eating chips . . . we thought: ‘Oh what would happen if we made some chips and try to scenario it,’ and it sort of blossomed from there,” Miss Jones said. While the students learnt it would be unrealistic to meet the Young Enterprise Scheme’s competition deadlines for creating their product, they were determined to carry through on the project. Ms Bowan said the students put a comprehensive proposal together before she invited them to Heartland’s Timaru factory to see how chips are made. An even further descriptive proposal was presented to Heartland’s flavour house before the students undertook market research within their networks using a sample product to ensure the consumers liked the flavour. After nearly two years of designing the flavour, the students had their final product. Miss Jones said Heartland was “amazing” to work with and she cannot give them enough credit. Ms Bowen said it was cool the students could come up with this unique idea which the company embraced. New Zealanders spent $157 million on potato chips in 2015. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Will you be trying the new hangi flavoured chips? Email your views to georgia.oconnor@ Our gorgeous range of.. sandwiches, paninis, bagels, scones, slices, muffins, quiches, sausage rolls & pies, coffee and more! CATERING AVAILABLE! Gorgeous Food specialist bakery OPEN SATURDAY 7am - 1.30pm 66-68 Springs Rd Ph: 344 6044 Email: Open Monday-Friday 6am-3.30pm

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday January 31 2018 5 News Spate of thefts from cars • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding POLICE ARE pleading for residents to remove valuables and to lock their vehicles after a spate of thefts in Rolleston. Police received 15 reports of cars being broken into between Thursday night and Friday morning in the west area of Rolleston. Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said the thefts were likely to have happened between 3am and 4.30am and police were aware there are some break-ins unreported. He said police want to make a plea with people to lock their cars and remove valuables. “We are pretty disappointed because we are still finding people are leaving their vehicles unlocked with valuables in inside including car keys and house keys,” he said. Senior Sergeant Stills said there was even a fairly new utility truck which was left unlocked with the keys in the glovebox. It was stolen and dumped nearby. Police were uncertain if one or more people were involved in the thefts. Senior Sergeant Stills said inquires are progressing with police chasing up a couple of leads BREAK-INS: Several vehicles in west Rolleston were damaged last Friday when they were broken into by thieves. and have already spoken to one person of interest. He said as far as he was aware nothing of significant value had been stolen. •Any suspicious behaviour can be reported to Rolleston police by phoning 347 9248 or report anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you noticed anything suspicious around vehicles in Rolleston? Email your views to georgia.oconnor@ •From page 1 The Water Safety Plan was last reviewed in April 2015 and due for a review in early 2020. Castle Hill, Malvern Hills Dalethorpe, Springfield and rural water supplies in Glentunnel and Dry Acheron already has its water chlorinated. A district council spokesman said the schemes chlorinated are generally rural supplies or supplies where water is taken from a river or near river intakes. Mr England said the district council is also awaiting the Government’s decision on the recommendations from the Havelock North drinking water inquiry. Mayor Sam Broughton would not give his view on on chlorination, saying it was dependent on what residents and the Canterbury District Health Board have to say along with direction from central government. District councillor Pat McEvedy said the district council must protect people’s Local News Now Council to consult on chlorination Sam Broughton Fire rages, homes at risk health if it is at risk. He said he thinks it will be a policy driven by central government. “I am not a fan of chlorination because if we have clean drinking water and it is secure and safe, then I really think in general New Zealanders support non-chlorination,” he said. District councillor Craig Watson said it is about science leading the conversation rather than emotion. “A lot of councillors in Christchurch were dead against chlorination which was fair enough too because we like our fresh unchlorinated water. But at the end of the day it was a health and safety risk and the science said they needed to chlorinate in a temporary fashion and that is the same way we work in Selwyn,” he said. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you think Selwyn’s water should be universally chlorinated? Email your views to georgia. ROLLESTON LAW GET CONNECTED WITH Scorch Broadband 0800 726 724 Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace W: T: (03) 374 2547 M: 021 148 6221 E: E: E: Brent loves reading the newspaper. So we designed an extra wide bench for him to stop his paper falling into the sink. Start your own story 03 348 1994 |