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drink, you’d have to go to the

milk bar. There are so many

wonderful coffee shops and

cafes in Avalon now, two great

bookshops, and a modern library

and community centre.

But many things are still the

same like the relaxed atmosphere,

the sun-bleached hair,

the scruffy kids, the surfers.

A great mix of new, and the

way it’s always been.

PL: Any plans to move back?

PJ: As a matter of fact, my

family is house hunting in the

area at the moment! My husband’s

a little worried about

the commute…

HORSING AROUND: Penelope Janu used to ride her pony Fudge (top left) at

Hitchcock Park and swim him at Careel Bay. ABOVE: Growing up in Pittwater.

PL: What does Tamsin think

about your new career?

PJ: Tamsin was published and

winning literature prizes for

her children’s books when she

was 23! It took me a little longer

to get going. We are very

supportive of each other’s

writing and truly understand

how difficult it is to find the

time to write. I am so proud of

all she has achieved. This year

I have one book published,

and she will have two more.

It’s wonderful.

PL: What’s your opinion on

climate change?

PJ: I’m not a scientist but

I read a lot… there is an

abundance of accessible

scientific evidence that links

environmental degradation

to global warming, and the

implications of the relationship

between the two are

frightening. We have to look

critically at the evidence that

is out there, support further

research, and make calls on

how we can change the way

we behave, so that we can

preserve the planet for future


PL: Any advice for aspiring


PJ: If you don’t finish the novel,

or short story, or article,

it can’t be published. So keep

writing. Also, write what you

love to write. It’s a precious

thing to be transported to a

world that you, as a writer,

have created. Enjoy it as much

as you can.

PL: Do you have another

book in you?

PJ: I’ve completed two other

manuscripts and hope one of

them, set in Terrey Hills, will

be ready for publication next

year. I might even be back on

the northern beaches by then!

– Nigel Wall

* In At The Deep End by

Penelope Janu, published by

Harlequin MIRA; RRP $29.95.

Mona Vale

benefits as

record interns

hit hospitals

A record 992 interns will

begin work in NSW

hospital’s this year as part

of a $107 million funding

commitment by the NSW

Government – with 10 new

medical graduates slated

for Mona Vale Hospital.

“With such dedicated

and highly skilled medical

staff at Mona Vale Hospital

– these new graduates are

in great hands,” local MP

Rob Stokes said.

He said transitioning

from university to a

clinical setting was

an essential step in

developing professional

skills and experience.

“Work is continuing on

essential infrastructure

improvements at Mona

Vale Hospital – but a

boost to our community’s

medical workforce is

equally important,” he


“The upcoming

introduction of higher-level

medical services on the

northern beaches means

improved opportunities will

be available for graduate

doctors to train and develop

their skills locally.”

Eight new medical

graduates have also been

allocated to Manly Hospital.


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