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Feed citrus

Although it is not

recommended to fertilise the

garden in hot weather, to

avoid new growth suffering

from sunburn, citrus trees

are the exception. Late

summer is a time

for citrus food.

Make sure that the

soil is wet before

applying and water

again to wash the

granules in. Gyganic

works magic. Also, watch

out for leaf miner on new

shoots on your citrus trees.

Spray with eco oil.



Some shrubs and plants

have suffered sunburn and

wind damage. Try to resist

the temptation to trim them

back. Wait until the very hot

days are past – the damaged

foliage will act as a protective

cover that will avoid additional


Makes high sense

If the hot weather continues,

let your lawn grass grow

longer than usual to protect

the roots from the very hot

sun. Cutting short will see

your lawn endure stress – and

it could die.



Potted bulbs from last year

should be emptied out of

their pots and put into the

vegetable drawer in the

fridge (not the freezer)

and left there for a

month before being

re-potted into new bulb

potting mix.

Order your bulbs

Spring bulb catalogues are

out now. Apply online for

Tesselaar, Garden Express,

Don’t want a hive but want

to help save the bees? Joel

Seaton from Careel Bay

Honey Co suggests you plant

the following…

Herbs: Anise hyssop, basil,

borage, catmint, chives,

comfrey, coriander, fennel,

hyssop, lavender, lemon

balm, marjoram, mint,

mustard, oregano, parsley,

rocket, rosemary, sage,

savory and thyme.

Fruit: Apple, apricot,

blackberry, black and

red currants, blueberry,

lemons, lime, mandarin,

passionfruit, persimmon,

plum, strawberries.

Vegies: Capsicum, chilli,

cucumbers, leeks and

Van Diemens, Broersens

and many more. Book your

purchases now and the

growers will deliver them

when the time is right. By

ordering now you will have the

full range to choose from. If

you contact the bulb growers

they will advise you of the

varieties that are suitable for

Sydney gardens.

Tips for a bee-friendly garden

onions (if left to go to seed),

pumpkins, squash (pictured).

Flowers: Alyssum,

cornflower, cosmos,

echinacea, echium, forgetme-not,

foxglove, geranium,

marigold, roses, sunflowers,


Other: Banksia, callistemon,

eucalypts, grevilleas,

leptospermum, melaleuca.

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