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men’s and women’s, Tavarua/Cloudbreak, Fiji

The world pro tour enters the back straight with this potentially

epic double-header. It’s been a great season so far on the

Tavarua reefs and it looks like continuing well into the first half

of June, which means the event stands a chance of being the

best of the tour year. Title races in both divisions are pretty tight

and while Fiji won’t decide the world champs – that’ll probably

have to wait till Hawaii in December – we’ll get an excellent read

on the front-runners’ form, which went a bit wobbly in the Brazil

events in May. Check it out at www.worldsurfeague.com


Well I kind of expected it but I’m still a bit dumbfounded. Mid

to late May was so warm and gentle, you might have mistaken

it for a March – in any other year than 2017 that is. In 2017,

everything is running four to six weeks late, and we reckon

June is likely to stick to that script. The cause of this almost

shockingly pleasant weather is said to be the unusually warm

offshore waters, but I dunno; in more turbulent years, those

warm offshore waters feed coastal storms rather than dull

them. Something’s going on elsewhere, maybe in the Indian

Ocean. But leave that for a moment and glance into June.

Sometime during the month, we are probably going to see

the beginning of the end of this script, maybe through a very

powerful Southern Ocean push with associated frigid SW

winds. Things will settle in its wake but a corner will have been

turned. Watch for consistent surf through the month from a

variety of sources, including the Pacific tradewind belt and the

deep lows moving to our south. Oh, and if you’re heading to

Indonesia, happy days! Because it’s pumping.

Barton Lynch, for one

instance, has a robot hip.

Avalonian Graham Wilson

has two. The way Kelly Slater

is moving around right now,

it can’t be forever before he

has some titanium in there

as well.

Tom, being Tom – detailoriented

to the point of

hypochondria – thought

for years about the knee

replacement. He would groan

over the original version,

which he had begun to call

“the coconut” thanks to its

bulbous arthritis-riddled

shape, but was spooked by

the alternative. “It’s weird,”

he’d say, “it’ll change me

forever! I don’t know if I want


He saw doctor after doctor,

looking at the technology,

waiting for a sign. One

eventually came in the burly

shape of Californian ex-pro

Allen Sarlo, who’d had a

total knee replacement and

started posting pictures

of himself kite-surfing and

ripping Sunset Beach in

Hawaii. This helped nudge

Celebrating 25 Years

Nick Carroll

Tom over the ledge.

“I’m 87% there!” Sarlo

wrote on Facebook, in

response to Tom’s surgery.

It’ll be a while before TC is

87% there. But he got a little

hint of the future late that

Wednesday afternoon, when

the nurses got him up and

on a walker for the first step


He moved from the good

leg to the robot version, and

was shocked when it flexed

back into a straight line – a

normal movement denied to

him by the old knee for so

long he’d forgotten how to

do it.

“The muscles weren’t

ready,” he said. God help

the northern beaches surf

community when they are.

Nick Carroll is a leading

Australian and international

surf writer, author, filmmaker

and surfer, and one

of Newport’s own. Email:


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