Tips To Fix HP Wireless Printer Connectivity Issues


A lot can go wrong between router configurations, automatic Wi-Fi network connections or a printer related software updates on user devices that may cause printer wireless connectivity issue. Dial HP printer customer service number +1-877-645-7494 toll-free to fix HP printer wireless connectivity issues.
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Tips To Fix HP Wireless Printer Connectivity Issues

If you are using the wireless printer, then it is just that you come across some

technical issues, a lot can go wrong between router configurations, automatic Wi-

Fi network connections or a printer related software updates on user devices. If

you are also the victim of problems with HP printer, then go with the following

steps mentioned below or contact our HP Helpline for quite immediate help.

Always Try to Start the Printer with a Restart:

Restarting is probably the most common method that can be applied to fix a wide

a range of problems, including ones with wireless printers. It gives code execution

with routers the chance to restart, while also killing any sort of program that

might be the cause of damaging memory. Either your printer has worked on your

network or not, performing a restart should be the first step.

Diving into More Technical Matters:

Despite restarting, you can also perform the next thing that tests the connection

between the printer and the network. On most of the HP printers, you can do this

by pressing the wireless button to print a Wireless Network Test report. Here you

need to pay attention to the points mentioned below-

In HP printers, there should be an area labeled connectivity, here if you see

the word “PASS” in this field, then a connection exists. If it does not happen

when the printer is not connected to a network properly. Here you need to

check router configurations and try to connect the printer again from the


You will find that the Current Configuration area has a field that is known as

Network Name (SSID) which should comprise the name of your wireless

network. If you do not find any such name, not, then directly connect to the

HP Printer Customer Care, where you will have instant support from the


Verify if you find any error message, it can be possible the error message

may provide more information that could explain why the printer has

stopped responding working with the network

VPNs and IP addresses:

VPNs are important to the network security and ensuring high-quality remote

connections, but they are not always good with wireless printer configurations.

Here most of the chances are that if you have an active VPN, it may need to be

temporarily disabled so that you can print wirelessly. Here with IP addresses, any

printer with a dynamic IP address could have its address changed, that can be the

cause of interruption between it and other devices on the network. On Microsoft

Windows, you can easily run the Update IP Address utility to troubleshoot

changes in IP addresses on your printer, or, if it's not available for your model

then you need to try HP Print and Scan Doctor. If you are working on Mac then

the issue can fix by removing and re-adding the printer in System Preferences.

On any other operating system, setting up a static IP address may be your best

long-term bet for heading off IP addresses at the pass. This can usually be done in

several simple steps:

Here you need to print out Wireless Network Test report and Network

Configuration page as well so that you can easily compare the IP addresses

of your printer and network gateway

The printouts could also give you the information either a network

connection is even present or not

Try to type the printer's IP address into a Web browser on your computer

device to access its internal settings

Then you need to find the appropriate menu for changing IPv4 settings on

your printer

After this set an IP address manually and makes sure that it is within your

router's DHCP range.

You can also use the router's IP address as both the gateway address and

first DNS field

At the end, you need to restart both your router and your printer driver

Get in touch with our customer service via HP Printer Customer Service Phone

Number - (+1-877-645-7494). This is a toll-free number available 24/7 round the

clock for the customers of HP printers. Here you will get support and brief

information from the experienced and well-trained engineers who are always

available to help their customers.

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