1-888-909-0535 to Fix Microsoft office 365 not Working on Windows 10


Step to Fix Microsoft office 365 not Working on Windows 10 issues call 1-888-909-0535 Microsoft office 365 Support number.Microsoft Office 365 is a magnificent plethora of tremendous applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Publisher, Skype, Internet Explorer and Access which are now available for your PC both online and offline mode. Visit Blog: http://www.microsoftoffficesupportnumber.com/blog/microsoft-office-365-not-working-on-windows-10/

ong>Microsoftong> ong>officeong> ong>365ong> ong>notong> ong>Workingong> on Windows 10

Call:1-ong>888ong>-ong>909ong>-ong>0535ong> (USA)

Common Issues Faced by MS Office ong>365ong> Users

Users may experience a plenty of technical glitches after the

occurrence of this issue.

ong>Microsoftong> Office ong>365ong> become incompatible ong>toong> Windows 10

•Issues in the installing, upgrading or updating the software

•Uninstalling of MS Office ong>365ong>

ong>Microsoftong> Office song>toong>ps working or activating on Windows 10

•Unable ong>toong> set up the applications

•Problems in downloading and drivers updates

•Issues in Product Registration and Product Key activation

Steps ong>toong> ong>Fixong> the Problems of ong>Microsoftong> Office ong>365ong>

Not ong>Workingong> on Windows 10

Issue 1: Activating the Office Applications

Method 1: Upgrade Office Application

•Open ong>Microsoftong> Office ong>365ong>

•Click on the tab File

•Visit the Account Tab

•Select update option

•Click on the Update Now option

Method 2: With Command Prompt

•Tap on the command prompt option by going ong>toong> the admin account

•Type the command as icacls “%programfiles%\ong>Microsoftong> Office 15”

/grant *S-1-15-2-1:(OI)(CI)RX

•Open the Office ong>365ong> document

For more technical help, please feel free ong>toong> dial our ong>toong>ll-free

ong>Microsoftong> Office ong>365ong> Support Number. Our technical staff would love ong>toong>

hear from you.

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