How Does Professionals Approach Writing a Book Summary


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How Does Professionals Approach

Writing a Book Summary?

The professionals don’t really use a different approach than anyone else when

writing a ​book summary​, it’s just that they have much more experience doing it

and are skilled at writing. The great thing about it is that everyone can learn the

process and apply the same principles leading to similar results.

Writing a book summary process

To help you achieve the same level of success, we’ve come up with the

following procedure anybody can learn and apply:

1. Take notes when writing

If you feel like something is worth jotting down when reading a book, do not

hesitate to do so. This will help you a great deal later on when you’re going to

have to ​write a 500 words research summary​. You should also keep a list of the

main characters and the most noteworthy events they were involved in (as well

as their personality traits).

2. Break down the book in digestible chunks

It’s a good idea to read it piece by piece, then keep track of everything by

breaking it down into a couple of major sections in order to help you ​summarize

text better. Three parts is a good number to aim for. Typically, the beginning

will set the stage, the middle section will deal with the main problem of the

book, and the final section should touch upon the resolution of the said problem.

3. Determining the key idea

Whether you’re ​summarizing journal articles or writing a book report, the main

idea is the same: you need to discern the main idea of the work in front of you

and try to determine the point it tries to make or the lesson it attempts to teach.

4. On writing a book summary

When you get around to writing the book summary or ​summary on article​, you

should always mention key characters and points. Make sure that everything

flows well and make an argument why each and every section is important by

mentioning the main takeaways. The conclusion section needs to address the

main point of the book or article, and if there’s a lesson to be learned, this needs

to be put at the very forefront. Of course, this can be your own interpretation of

it, so just write about what resonates with you as long as it’s supported by facts.

5. On staying objective

When ​summarizing research articles​, you should stay objective and stick to

nothing else but the summary itself, which is a recap of the events that

transpired. This is not the place to express how the text made you feel or

whether you agree with the author or not.

6. Final corrections

Before turning in your work, make sure it’s free of factual and spelling

mistakes. Go over it one more time (even better if someone is helping you do it,

since two pairs of eyes tend to see more than one) to ensure everything is in

order. Then, when you’re satisfied with the result, proceed with confidence!


Now that you know how to correctly summarize every written piece of text you

encounter, you can be reasonably sure that you’re approaching the task the way

it was meant to be handled. Completing the work is the only remaining thing

that needs to be done, so what are you waiting for?

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