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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 2 ı February

the new generation. We must find out how to make the

industry attractive to the younger generation.”

Mr Prozesky said members have asked WANO “to do a

little bit more” on providing support as opposed to just

carrying out assessments of their businesses. He said

another point in the updated Compass document is

associated with putting more energy into leadership

development. “We find in our assessment process across

the world, when looking at corporate organisations and

power plants, that there is a need for WANO to develop

products and services aimed at creating leaders for the

nuclear industry.

“So, we will be putting some energy into that over the

next four years. Particularly again, the focus and emphasis

will be on new entrants and new units, but there is an

overall need for developing leadership in the rest of the

world as well.”



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